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“I don’t want to hear about the gore,” she said, waving her hand dismissively. “What I want to hear about is how you’ve had enough of this nonsense and are ready to go get some help.”

“Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. I’ll stay clear of those sorts from now on.”

“I’m using the money these guys saved us by cleaning up your mess to put you in rehab,” she told him.

“Now, let’s not be too quick on that rehab stuff. I can get myself straight.”

“You can’t. You’ve proven that. Let’s go to your apartment, pack some things, and get you somewhere.”

“I uh, don’t have an apartment or things,” he replied.


“I got evicted weeks ago, and my things were left outside the door. They got stolen.”

“Lovely. That’s lovely, Mike. Where have you been staying?”

“Here and there.”

“Nevermind. I don’t want to know. Come on. We brought some food.”

Travis sat the bag of burgers and fries on the table. The three men descended on them. Travis hadn’t considered how little food he had left in the house when he’d gone to the hotel. They’d been living on peanut butter sandwiches and water from the tap since they arrived, though the guys who had left earlier had promised to drop them off some groceries later on.

“I’ll show you around while they eat,” Travis said, taking Kat on a quick tour of the house. It wasn’t very big, no more than a large cabin. His mother had moved into it after his father died and they were all grown, so she hadn’t needed a lot of space.”

“It’s not bad. It’s bigger than my place, but you’re right. It could use some fresh paint and a few repairs.”

“You offering?”

“I’m offering to help,” she corrected.

“I can live with a bit of help, especially from you,” he said, cornering her in his bedroom and kissing her.

“As much as I’d like to be tossed across that bed and devoured, I need to get that oversized man child in the next room sorted out. You up for a little trip up the coast?”

“Up the coast?”

“Briarview,” she replied.

“You think he’ll go.”

“Yes. I just need to have a private chat with him.”

“Okay,” Travis shrugged, letting her lead back out to the front room.

Less than thirty minutes later, they were on their way to the rehab facility with Mike sitting in the back seat, sullenly looking out the window.CHAPTER TWENTY-FOURKat

Kat walked into the studio and hugged Travis from behind: at least she tried. Her increasing girth prevented her from even getting close enough to get her arms completely around him. Still, she did the best she could.

“How’s my little penguin today?” he laughed, turning around to face her.

“Round,” she replied.

“Adorably so,” he teased, leaning down to kiss her on the cheek.

It had been a mere six months since they had found one another on Alpha Meets Omega, and here they were, expecting their first litter together and making plans for a wedding soon afterward. Mike moved into her old house beside their parents once he was released from rehab and was doing well, though their dad kept a close eye on him and got him a job with one of his friends that kept him busy for long hours and prevented him from seeking out trouble.

“I think that if you played your cards just right, you might be able to have your way with me.”

“I don’t know. Someone seems to have already had quite a way with you.”

“I know, right? And here I was planning not to have children for at least another decade.”

“How’s that plan working out?” he laughed.

“Perfectly,” she told him, placing a hand on her beach ball belly, and smiling.

“Well, I guess there is no danger of you getting pregnant if you are already in that condition, so why not?”

Travis put down the metal he had been preparing and allowed her to escort him from the large garage-like structure he had built and back toward the house. Even a month ago, they would have fucked right there on the concrete, or he’d have bent her over one of the worktables, but her current condition limited their sex life.

Still, feeling him inside of her when she was all swollen and tender from the pregnancy was amazing. He took his time undressing her, maintaining eye contact as he peeled away the layers of clothing she was wearing to reveal her full breasts and round belly. A lot of women might feel unattractive when they were pregnant, but Travis made her feel like the most desirable woman in the world with the way he doted on her pregnant body.

Kat tossed a blanket across the sofa and sat down, watching Travis as he undressed and lay down on the sofa beside her, his body reclined slightly across hers as he kissed her and fondled her tender breasts. His fingers wrapped around a single nipple and pumped it between them, sending out a light squirt of milk. His mouth enveloped the remaining breast, slowly suckling at it before latching on and pulling at her milk.

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