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She felt it in her center as the milk let down and began to flow into his mouth, his powerful jaws sucking at her painfully full breast until it was emptied, giving her some relief from the discomfort while also creating a sensation in her core that made her want him even more. She purred against him, watching as he sucked at her remaining tit until he had emptied it, as well.

He pulled her head down toward his, kissing her with the taste of her breast milk still on his tongue. It was sweet and sticky and sharing it with him this way was a huge turn on that she’d never known existed until he’d begun helping her ease the pain of her milk-laden breasts. He was careful not to put pressure on her stomach as they pressed together at the top but allowed some space between their lower halves.

He let his lips trail across her skin as he nibbled on her neck, something he knew she loved, and then sat up on the sofa beside her. She could see that he was rock hard, but rather than being greedy for him to be inside her, she shifted to kneel on a cushion in front of him, pushing his powerful legs apart and slowly dragging her tongue across the heavy head of his cock.

He moaned and leaned back, letting her do what she wanted. She took her time, teasing him with her tongue and mouth, alternately swirling her tongue around the tip of his cock and sucking it into her mouth as he dug his hands into the sofa on either side of him. She moved on to licking the length of him, cupping his balls in her hands as she sucked his cock with the expertise she had gained in the months since they’d first met.

It was hard to think back to the innocent virgin who had first gone out on a date with a stranger and passed out afterward. She had changed into a very sexual creature who couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous Alpha wolf in front of her. She loved everything they shared and knew there was so much more they would do together in the years to come.

“I’m going to come,” he protested as she began sliding up and down the length of him, swallowing every last inch of his impressive cock.

She felt torn. She wanted to please him, wanted to make him come, but she was so horny right now. She wasn’t even sure that the rut had anything on pregnancy hormones. Rather than letting him fill her throat, she stood and turned around, positioning herself above him and letting him guide her down onto his waiting cock.

A moan escaped her throat as he sank into her swollen pussy, pushing her puffy pink center apart and burying himself to the hilt. His hands rested on her hips, guiding her as she slowly rode him up and down, her own hand teasing her clit as she orgasmed with barely a touch. She was so sensitive right now that she could come with very little effort, but not like the powerful explosions he created inside her. Her body bumped up and down against him, riding him as he groaned loudly beneath her.

“Your pussy is so fucking warm and swollen around my cock. It’s like fucking a cloud,” he gasped, his fingers digging into her hips as she rode him.

“Harder,” she begged, letting him guide her down onto him with his hands. He pulled her down hard, his cock splitting her open until she couldn’t hold back anymore and was flooding his cock with an orgasm that sent her into a scream as it built up and shattered against him.

“Fuck. I’m coming too,” he grunted, his hips bucking upwards toward hers as his cum coated the pink velvet pregnant walls of her pussy.

They sat there for a moment. Though there was no knot while she was pregnant, she still enjoyed those moments when they just remained as one, enjoying the afterglow of their lovemaking. After a bit, she stood, smiling as the flood of their cumulative orgasms dripped down her thigh in a sticky river that clung to her skin.

“How about a bath?” Travis asked, standing up beside her and leaning down to kiss her softly on the lips.

“Sounds like perfection,” she replied.

There were a lot of women that believed too many baths would give you infections or that you couldn’t bathe while you were pregnant. In fact, she would probably be one of them if not for the counseling of her doctor and her mother, who assured her neither thing was true. It was a relief, as the tub had helped her through many sore and achy days. Some from just being pregnant and some from being unable to keep her hands off of Travis.

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