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“Sure, you can ask anything you want.” He cocked his eyebrow. “Doesn’t mean I’ll give the answer you wanna hear.”

“Ha! Nothing new there.” I inhaled a deep breath before asking, “I was just wondering, are the two strip clubs the only businesses the Ruthless Sinners are involved in?”

“Why ya asking?”

“I don’t know. Just curious I guess.” I shrugged. “I figure if I’m going to be involved with Rafe, I should know what I’m getting into.”

“I see.” As he lifted his beer, his eyes skirted up to the security camera, then quickly back to me. He took a long sip, then said, “If you want to know what Rafe or the brothers are into, then that’s something you should take up with Rafe—but I’ll tell you this. Rafe is one of the good ones. Nothing he won’t do for the people he cares about...Kind of like a wolf.”

“A wolf?”

“Hell, yeah, like a wolf.” He stood there for a moment, then leaned over the counter and said, “It’s his nature to be kind and loving, but when it comes to protecting his family ... his mate, you best not fuck with him. The man can be relentless.”

“Just like his brothers, huh?”

“Hell, fucking yeah. There’s a reason why wolves are at the top of the food chain. Live together, hunt together, and protect their own—to the fucking death.” He looked me dead in the eye as he said, “A lone wolf is one thing, but a whole damn pack. Damn. Not a predator around with balls big enough to go up against that.”

“I would guess not.” I knew Country well enough that there was a reason for this entire conversation. In the only way he could, he was trying to tell me he and his brothers would protect me and Rafe at all costs, and I appreciated it more than he could’ve imagined. I smiled as I told him, “Thanks for letting me in on that tidbit of information.”

He shrugged with a goofy smirk. “Just sharing the wealth of my profound knowledge.”

“Well, I’m flattered you’d think to share,” I teased as I motioned my hand out to the crowd. “Now go forth and share that wealth of information with someone else.”

“Yeah, I could, but not everyone appreciates a mind like mine.”

I chuckled as I told him, “That’s such a tragedy.”

“I know!” He gave me a wink, then turned and ventured into the crowd “After while, crocodile.”

Even though it was strange at best, I felt much better after my conversation with Country. He’d always been what the brothers would call a “good ol’ boy”, but he had a way of putting things into perspective, and tonight was no different. Country wasn’t the only one who’d taken the time to show he was there for me. Widow and Lynch also stopped by and shared in a few minutes of idle small talk. It wasn’t out of the norm. The guys were always friendly and did what they could to make me feel like I was part of their crew, but tonight, their support meant more than they realized. While I had no idea how they would handle the situation with Eric, I knew in my heart they would find a way to put him in his place. I just hoped they could do it without anyone getting hurt.

It was a thought that weighed on me as I gathered my things and set out to find Rafe. Everyone was preparing to leave when I found him in the back talking to Menace. I could tell by Rafe’s expression they were discussing something important, and I hated to interrupt but wanted to let him know I was leaving. As soon as I approached, they both became tight-lipped, making it clear they didn’t want anyone knowing what they were discussing. I pretended not to notice as I said, “Hey, guys. I’m calling it a night.”

“We’re about to do the same.” Rafe motioned his head towards Menace as he continued, “We’ve got some things to wrap up here, and then I’ll be heading over to your place.”

“You sure?” He knew about the cameras at my place, so I was surprised he’d want to take the risk. Giving him an opportunity to back out, I said, “I know you’ve had a long day. It’s okay if—”

“I’m coming, Marlowe. Just need to finish things here first.”

“Okay, I’ll see you soon.”

I smiled, then left them to carry on with their heated discussion. Moments later, I was in my car and on my way home. Normally, I’d be excited about finally getting back to my place and crawling into bed. My apartment had always been a safe haven for me, a place where I could just relax and unwind after a long day, but not anymore. Eric had stolen that peace of mind from me, and I was actually dreading going home. It was a thought that had me feeling bitter as I pulled into my driveway. I was just about to get out of my car when I spotted someone sitting on my front step. I was surprised to see it was Kate.

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