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“Kate, what are you doing here?”

“I’m not really sure.” She looked up at me with a pouty face and said, “To apologize, I guess.”

“Apologize for what exactly?”

“I shouldn’t have blurted out the whole ‘you’re adopted’ thing like I did.”

“You think?”

I rolled my eyes as I unlocked my door and stepped inside. She followed me into the kitchen and whined. “Look, I get that you’re mad and all, but I didn’t intentionally set out to upset you.”

“Well, you did.”

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, Mom, Dad ... even Eric are ticked off at me too.”

“Eric?” Remembering his threat, I couldn’t help but be concerned. “What’s he ticked off about?”

“I wish I knew. He hasn’t had much to do with me since the other night when we met you at the bar.” She walked over to the counter and sat down on one of my stools, crossing her arms with a huff. “Whenever I ask him about it, he just blows me off and tries to tell me he’s busy with his renovation. He didn’t even come back to the hotel last night. Just sent me a message saying he was working, and he’s been gone all day today as well. I don’t know what the man is thinking. It was his idea for me to tag along with him on this trip, and now, he doesn’t have any time to spend with me.”

The more she talked, the clearer her true intentions became. Kate hadn’t really come to see me so she could apologize. She was there because Eric had blown her off. It didn’t matter. She was there, and I hoped by some slim chance I might convince her to cut ties with him once and for all. “Maybe you should just leave.”

“What? Why would I do that?”

“You said it yourself. Eric doesn’t have the time to spend with you, so maybe you should just cut your losses and go home.”

She looked at me like I had three heads as she replied, “You can’t be serious.”

“I’m being completely serious. If Eric doesn’t value you or your time, then you should find someone who does.” I knew I was taking a risk. Eric could hear every word I was saying, but I had to try to get Kate as far away from him as possible. I had to swallow my hurt and my pride as I told her, “You’re a great catch, Kate. You should find someone who can appreciate you.”

“Eric is the one who’s a great catch, Marlowe. You don’t just let a man like him slip through your fingers.” She sauntered over to the refrigerator and grabbed a diet soda as she explained, “I’ll just have to find a way to remind him why he brought me on this trip in the first place. I’m thinking some new sexy lingerie might do the trick.”

“I doubt lingerie is going to fix whatever is going on between the two of you.”

Her eyes skirted over me with repulsion as she grumbled, “And how would you know?”

It was moments like these that made me question why I even cared if Eric had threatened her life. She’d been nothing but a pain in my side since the day she was born, but we’d grown up as sisters and it was hard for me to just turn my back on her—even if that’s exactly what she deserved. I shook my head as I muttered, “I don’t know. I just find it doubtful a man like Eric could be persuaded by some stupid lingerie, but—”

Before I could finish my sentence, there was a knock on my door. As I walked over to answer it, I assumed it was Rafe. I was wrong. Instead, it was Eric, and it was clear from his expression, he’d overheard my conversation with Kate. His eyes were burning with intensity as he growled, “Is Kate here?”

“Uh ... yeah,” I didn’t budge from the doorway. I just stood there, preventing him from coming inside. “She came by unexpectedly.”

“Eric!” Kate gasped excitedly as she rushed to peek over my shoulder. “Is that you?”

“Yeah, baby. It’s me.” His eyes never left mine as he said, “I came here looking for you.”

“I’m so glad you did!”

She pushed passed me and lunged at him, wrapping her arms around him like she hadn’t seen him in days. Clearly unmoved by her affections, he grumbled, “I thought I told you to stay at the hotel.”

“I know. I’m sorry. I just got so lonesome sitting there waiting for you.” She kissed him on the neck, then looked up at him adoringly. “Don’t worry, though. I have every intention of making it up to you.”

“That won’t be necessary.” He eased her away from his chest, breaking free from their embrace. “I’m just glad you’re safe and sound.”

Kate glanced over to me as she purred. “Now do you see why I’m so crazy about him.”

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