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When the throes of her climax began spiraling and twisting inside her muscles, signaling its approach, she moved faster, trying to find the elusive note in their symphony that would send her over the precipice.

Her climax stuttered and stalled as Hades cupped her ass, his fingertips digging into her ass cheeks to slow her movements until she was slickly sliding up and down over his cock.

When she felt a wet caress on her nipples, she stared at his smug grin. He was using his abilities to manipulate her breasts with his mind.

Her moans reached a higher pitch, as she finally climaxed, thinking she had at last found relief. She was soon disillusioned when her orgasm didn’t taper off, but began building again with a greater ferocity.

Zerina closed her eyes, concentrating on trying to repress the sensations Hades was provoking. Shaking when the imaginary mouth bit down on her nipples, she couldn’t hold her screams of ecstasy back.

It was like being run over by a herd of wild horses, and you had to run your hands down your body to see if you were in one piece. But before you could thank Mother for surviving, the horses would turn around and run over you again.

It became a process she lived repeatedly as he devoured her breasts and fucked her senseless. Each climax was so hard she was afraid there would be nothing left for her when he was finished with her.

“I can’t take another one. Hades, stop.”

“You can make me stop at any time.”

Disoriented, she shook her wet head.

He dug his hands deeper into her flesh, causing another climax to crash over her.

“I can’t!”

“You can.”

The climax that was building anew frightened her. She was sure it would split her body apart.

“I haven’t killed anyone yet by fucking them,” he taunted.

His gloating over other women was what broke her restraint.

She started fighting him, trying to throw herself off him. The wrestling match had him rolling over so she was the one on the bottom, lying in the swallow water.

With his broad shoulders, he pinned her down as he thrust higher inside of her. Arching her back, she took his thrusts with a mind-bending pleasure that had her looking up at the starry ceiling. With each thrust he pounded into her, she imagined she was nearly touching the stars.

He covered her lips with his. “Come for me, Zerina.” His lust-filled voice had her going limp, letting go of the last of her restraint that kept her mind tethered to him, sending herself to a dark void where he was waiting, conceding victory to him. He had won their battle of wills, just as he had every game they had played.

Not only was he fucking her body, he was fucking her mind until no part of her could escape him. He was enforcing his ownership over her. She was a pawn to his desires, and as king, he took the spoils of their brief battle. Her mind and body were his to do with as he pleased.

She wanted to cry out in grief at the loss of her pride, but then she recognized the gentle movement of his body within hers. He wasn’t making love to her but, as victor, he could be generous.

The earthshaking orgasm he built inside of her had her afraid the cavern would crumble down onto them. It didn’t make it easier after giving so much of herself, but it did make her eager for their next battle, if that was the result.

When she tried to turn her eyes away from him, she realized there was a silky sheet under her cheek. She hadn’t even known that he had transported them to his bed.

Hades tried to pull her down to his chest, but she scooted off the bed, taking the top sheet to wind around her naked body.

“Where are you going?” his low voice called her back to his side.

“To my room.”

“I want you to spend the night.”

A thrill went up her spine.

Tucking the corner of the sheet between her breasts, she picked up the bottom of the sheet so she wouldn’t trip on it. “The best part of being your lover is, I don’t have to follow your orders. My wishes count, too.”

“Zerina …”

“Good night, Hades. Sweet dreams.”

Chapter 27

“You look tired, sister.”

Destiny glanced at her sister as they shut the doorway to the Halls of Death.

The humans and immortals who were waiting for their return were searching their faces for signs of their failure or triumph at finding Zeus.

For the last two moons, they had gone out every day, going to each doorway, searching for the elusive god. Their failure written on their faces when they returned to those who waited.

When her eyes met Rocque’s, disappointment filled his face.

“I wish we had better news for them. Rocque wants to return home. He hates living in the confines of the clubhouse.”

Fate nodded grimly. “I’m surprised he hasn’t made you return home with him. He’s lasted much longer than I thought he would.”

“He’s just as devoted to Mother as we are.” Destiny brushed a weary hand across her brow. “If Achilles and Apollo hadn’t been protecting Mother, her cupid servants would have succeeded in carrying her away.”

All the immortals, gods, and goddesses felt the attack when it happened, reliving the horror and the relief when they were stopped. Afterward, all had gathered and promised to band together to find Zeus and now Merlin, who had disappeared after she had been attacked, then disappeared to their own realms in fear.

Suspicions had everyone distrustful of each other. Destiny knew she could only trust those she was staring at right now in the clubhouse. The biggest surprise to her was Adam. Being mortal, his years in the military had enabled him to maintain control of mortals who had sought sanctuary within the compound’s gates. Even Rocque, Rhys, and Balder had listened to his advice. The women felt protected by the strength of his command that kept them from panicking as the world around them came to a stop and survival came down to what food they had managed to scavenge.

The two women took chairs at a large table.

“No luck?” Adam’s harsh expression showed he already knew the news was bad.

“No.” Destiny laid a hand on Broni’s trembling one. She wished Mother would reconsider her niece’s punishment and send her back to the safety of Fate’s castle.

Adam’s chair scraped across the wooden floorboards as he stood, placing his hands on the table. “If finding Zeus is important, why can’t the woman you say is in charge find him? What are we supposed to do? We have enough food for a few more days, and that’s with us rationing what we have left. What are we supposed to do?”

Those seated at the table who were immortal could sympathize, but they didn’t have any answers.

“We have to go out scouting for food or move our base.” Rhys’s thoughtful voice had Adam shoving himself from the table.

“The women and the children won’t make it.”

Abby came from behind the bar at the angry outburst. “Yes, we will. The women, like me, aren’t as helpless as you think! You have enough guns

and weapons; you and your men can teach us how to use them. Believe me; if someone tries to harm me or Zandra, I won’t hesitate to put a bullet in them.”

Adam snorted. “You couldn’t harm a fly.”

“Try me.” Abby defiantly shouldered her way through Rocque’s men to take the spot Adam had vacated. “We’re not afraid to go out to help search for food, or move bases where food is easier to get. What scares us is you all standing around, twiddling your thumbs and making decisions for us as if we don’t have any say.”

“She’s right; the women should be trained to protect themselves,” Destiny broke into the argument. “If they are going to have to take the repercussions of what the men do, the least they should be able to do is participate.”

Adam and the other men at the table didn’t appear happy at her defense of Abby.

“Rhys?” Adam looked toward Rhys, searching for his advice.

“I agree also. We could use their help in taking turns on watches. I’m not happy with Broni going on scouting missions, and certainly more women will be targeted while trying to gather food. If they see we have more women, they will try to breach our compound even more. But if we train the women, they will be able to protect themselves better when we’re away. It will allow us to take more men with us.”

“You happy with that?” Adam switched his gaze from Rhys to Abby.

“For now,” she agreed. “At least until we learn how to use the guns and can prove ourselves capable of doing more.”

“It’s not that I don’t think you’re incapable. I just don’t want the women put in the position of grabbing a can of carrots or getting raped.”

Abby blanched, moving away from the table, but Adam caught her arm.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean …”

She stiffened, but didn’t pull away. “I know what you meant. It’s okay. I don’t expect you or anyone to walk on eggshells every time the word is used or mentioned. I’m not the same woman who Jace and Broni had to rescue from Tank and the Road Demons. They may have raped my body, but they didn’t break me. I won’t give them the satisfaction of knowing that I spend any part of my day thinking about them or what happened. I was terrified when I was being hurt and humiliated by them, but I have years of loving memories before and after them to not give them that power over me.”

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