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Destiny felt a surge of admiration for the woman who refused to see herself as a victim. It was a quality that she admired the most about human women. The pain of her rape hadn’t broken her spirit, instead giving her strength to overcome her fears and the tragedy of losing her family. No, Abby wasn’t a victim. She was a victor.

She didn’t miss the look between the man and woman. She was sending him a silent message that Destiny had no problem interpreting. She was laying her heart out for Adam to see, telling him she was ready to move on and she wanted him to take part of it with her.

When Abby saw that Adam had received her silent message, she went back behind the counter, asking Zandra to help her get something out of the storeroom.

Destiny smirked. “She told you.”

“Yes, she did.” Adam knew when he was beat. “Rhys and Balder can sort through the weapons and make a pile of the ones we can use to teach them how to defend themselves.”

When the men left, Rocque prevented Adam from going with them. “My wolves and I will go out tonight, scouting for the areas where you can find food. We can move faster and save you and your men time from fruitless searches.”

“I won’t turn down your help. Thanks.”

Destiny was surprised at Rocque’s offer. The only reason that he had remained at the clubhouse was because her and Fate had been working together, trying to find Zeus in the different dimensions. She had promised to return each time, and for Mother’s sake, he had agreed.

She could tell he and his wolves were getting restless in their human forms and were ready to return home.

After they ate the sparse meal that the immortals didn’t eat to save the human’s rationing, she went to the bedroom that Adam had given to them. She wouldn’t admit it, but she was ready to leave also. She wasn’t finding it any easier to stay in the close confines of the clubhouse than Rocque did. She was used to being alone, doing her duty to Mother alone. To find herself with Rocque as a constant companion at night was beginning to wear on her nerves. Every movement he made was carried with the sensual beauty of a predator.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she braided her long hair to keep her eyes from straying to him. Looking through her lashes, she saw him remove his jeans and T-shirt as he prepared for bed.

“Did you say something?” Rocque asked as he placed a knee on the mattress.

“No,” she choked out.

“I thought you said something.” Lying down, he bunched a pillow under his head.

“No, I didn’t say anything. When are you leaving?”

Rocque gave a yawn. “In a few hours, if you blow that candle out and let me go to sleep.”

Destiny finished braiding her hair then blew out the candle.

“I want to go with you. It will be faster—”

“No. I want you to stay here until I come back.”


“My wolves and I need to run.”

Hurt washed over her that he didn’t want her tagging along. “Fine.” She rolled to her side, giving him her back.

“Destiny …”

“Go to sleep,” she snapped.

She heard a sigh of frustration, but Rocque didn’t say anything else. She realized he had already fallen asleep. The man could fall asleep at the speed of light. She lay stiff in the dark, counting the minutes, then the hours before he awoke.

When she felt the movement of the mattress, she knew he had woken and was getting dressed. Destiny pretended to be asleep, hearing the creaking of the door when it opened.

“Stay safe, woman. I want you here when I return. When I come back, I want to show you my favorite spot.”

Her pretense of sleep vanished. “I have no desire to see anything you want to show me.”

“Too bad. Get your sleep; you’re going to need it.”

The door slammed shut before she could reply.

Bunching a pillow under her head, she fumed at his arrogance.

Breathing deeply, she inhaled the scent that lingered on the pillow. In her anger, she hadn’t grabbed her pillow but the one Rocque had used. Burrowing her cheek against it, she breathed in his musky scent.

“Be safe, my love.” The whisper filled the room.

Closing her eyes, she imagined herself running with him and his pack in the form of a wolf, doing what she couldn’t do in real life. Dozing off, her imagination turned into a dream of making love to him. Tossing fitfully on the bed, she awoke the next morning just as tired as when she had fallen asleep.

Rising, she saw herself in the mirror over the dresser. She looked just as young and beautiful as she had over centuries, only her eyes reflected the weariness within her soul. Her soul was tired of the responsibilities of mankind’s fate. Now adding the burdens of the fates of the gods, goddesses, and the immortals, she was doubting her ability to find Zeus.

How was he escaping her, Fate’s, and Mother’s notice?

She felt as if she were failing them.

Seeing no answer in her reflection, she left her room, finding Fate waiting for her, looking just as tired.

“You ready?”

Fate nodded. “Any ideas where we should search today?”

“No. You?”

“Let’s just pick a door. We can’t get worse luck than we’re having now.”

Destiny stopped, waving her hand when Fate’s words had her thinking out aloud.

“Is it bad luck? Or deliberate? He has the power to change his appearance; could we have seen him and not known?”

“No, we would recognize his soul. We’re not one of the goddesses who can pretend he’s someone else.”

“But would we? What if someone put a spell on him, camouflaging him?”

The women took a seat at a nearby table, upset with themselves that they hadn’t thought of it before.

“So much time has been wasted.” Destiny thought of how many doorways and dimensions they had searched in vain. He could have been right in front of them, a spell concealing him.

“Not necessarily. We know that Morgana is in Hades and won’t have the ability to accomplish hiding him. We had our suspicions that Merlin was involved with Morgana, so Odin was watching him before Zeus’ disappearance. That was how Mother’s attack was prevented. Odin placed extra guards on her.”

“Who’s left?”

“Loki and Jinx. We’ll have to go to Mother to ask permission to speak to Loki.” Fate stood up. “You coming?”

“No, you don’t need me to speak to Mother. Let me know when you get permission, and I’ll go with you.”

“You don’t want to leave him, do you?”

“If I go with you, Rocque will believe I’m breaking my vow. He’ll be back tonight. Hopefully, Mother will give you permission and we can go see Loki and Jinx tomorrow.”

“Sister … we don’t have time to lose. You should come with me before it’s too … late,” Fate tried to give a hint of warning.

“It’s already too late. I thought I was as strong as you.” She shook her head sadly. “I’m weak. I love him. I can’t find comfort in another man’s arms when he’s the one I want.”

At Fate’s troubled expression, Destiny gave a bittersweet laugh. “If anyone can beat destiny at my own game, I can.”

“I’ve told myself that numerous times.”

“Does it work?”

“No.” Fate brushed a kiss on her cheek. “Good luck. And enjoy your night.”

Destiny hugged her sister. “You always could outrun me.”

“It hasn’t been your fate you’ve been running from. It’s been yourself. I haven’t been any braver than you. Perhaps it’s time for us both to quit running.”

Destiny gave a half-smile. “I don’t know how wise it is, but I agree.”

Releasing her, Fate left.

Destiny decided to go back to her room and rest until Rocque returned. However, as she passed Adam’s room, the door swung opened and she came face-to-face with Abby. Looking through the open door, she saw Adam s

leeping naked on his bed.

Abby blushed scarlet, quietly closing the door.

“Have fun?”

Abby’s blush intensified. “I wanted to be back in my room before Zandra wakes.”

Destiny moved aside, motioning her forward. “Don’t let me stop you. We don’t want to confuse an impressionable young girl.”

Abby started down the hallway as if she were on fire, but stopped before entering her and Zandra’s room. “Destiny?”

“Yes.” She went to stand in front of her door across the hall from Abby’s.

“Can I ask you for a favor?”

Destiny’s face became detached. “Yes, but that doesn’t mean I will be able to do it for you.”

Abby bit her lip. “Could you mention to Broni to ask Rhys to keep an eye on Adam when they go scouting?”

Destiny’s face cleared. “Of course, but you’re close to Broni; why not ask her yourself?”

“I don’t want Broni to tell Rhys I asked. He may tell Adam, who would be furious at me.”

“I’ll talk to Broni when she wakes.”

“Thank you.” Abby turned her doorknob, going inside.

Destiny stared at the closed door, falling backward across her own door. Images had flashed through her mind of Abby’s future.

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