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“That’s why you brought me inside?”

“That and you were cold,” Max admitted.

“Grace doesn’t mind that Ice comes inside?”

“Naw, he told her he wouldn’t watch.”

“Does he?” Casey gasped as her body began shuddering after Max thrust a long finger inside her.

“What do you think?” Max rubbed his thumb on her clit to extend her climax while he continued to finger fuck her tight pussy. “You can only watch the same tits and ass swing so much before you don’t even notice them anymore. But these little beauties…” Max nuzzled closer to her breasts. “These, I’ll never get tired of.”

“I think I need my head examined because I believe you.” Casey lay limply against him. “Do me a favor. If we ever see the man behind that mirror, don’t tell me.”

“I won’t, but Jackal might.”

Chapter 16

“Can I help you?” The salesman approached as soon as she walked through the large furniture store. Max had told her to take a look around, that he would meet her in a few minutes.

“I need a new mattress.” Casey followed as he turned, leading her toward the side of the huge store.

It had been several years since she had shopped for furniture, and then it had been at a cheaper store in town that had secondhand furniture. She couldn’t bring herself to buy a used mattress, though. Besides, with Max’s discount, if she bought the cheapest one, it shouldn’t put a dent in her savings.

As they crossed the store, they passed a row of chests. One in a rich dark cherry caught her eye. Stopping, she ran her hand over the smooth wood.

“It’s beautiful.”

“It’s one of our best sellers in the store. There’s a six week wait, since it’s made by hand.” The salesman touched the corner of the table where the intricate carving was raised.

Casey couldn’t resist running her hand across the top of it one more time, enjoying the feel of the cool wood against her fingertips before coming to a stop at the price tag. Flipping the piece of cardboard over, she stared down in disappointment at the hefty price.

“I’d love to have it, but I can’t afford it,” she admitted, beginning to move away from the beautiful piece.

She saw Max coming down the aisle toward them.

“Hi.” She smiled when he came to a stop next to her.

“Hey.” Max’s eyes went to the furniture behind her. “I thought you were only shopping for a mattress?”

“I am, but I couldn’t resist stopping at this. It’s gorgeous.”

“If you like it so much, maybe you can talk Max into making one for you.” The salesman’s words had Casey’s eyes going to Max, who shoved his hands into his pockets, looking uncomfortable.

“You made this?” Casey asked in shock.

“Not only this chest, but Max has a whole line of wooden furniture that he sells here at the store.”

“Wow,” Casey said appreciatively. “You’re really talented, Max.”

He shrugged offhandedly. “Not really. I’m good at woodworking, and I’m lucky Pete lets me use his shop. He sells the furniture and gives me a commission. It works out well for both of us.”

“So, why didn’t you tell me? You said that you load and unload trucks all day,” Casey asked in confusion.

“I do. I get bored standing still after a while, and loading the trucks keeps me busy.”

“You made this, too?” Casey moved toward a wooden bench that was made out of oak. The back was carved into delicate tree limbs with birds and flowers sitting on the branches.


Her eyes went to his large, callused hands. She had never dreamed Max was capable of making anything so artistic.

“If I ever have a yard, I’m going to buy this piece. It makes me wish I had a flower garden,” she said wistfully.

“Ready?” The salesman motioned toward the mattress a few feet away.

“Yes.” Casey couldn’t keep her mind off discovering Max’s hidden talent. He must be doing well if there was a six week wait on the furniture he created with his own hands.

Absently, she chose the mattress she had come for that had been an advertised special.

“You can’t buy that one.” Max shook his head.

“Why not? I’ll take it in a full size, please.”

“Don’t write that order, Cory. She’ll take the one against the wall in a king.”

“I don’t want that one. It’s too big, and it’s not on sale,” Casey hissed.

Max motioned toward the mattress she wanted. “It’s not big enough, and it’s too thin.”

“It’s fine.”

“No, it’s not. Cory, write the order up for the Luxury Plush.”

“Cut it out, Max. I’m not buying that expensive mattress. I’m getting the other one.”

“It’s too small. How in the hell am I supposed to fit on it?”

As Casey’s face flooded with color, the salesman shifted his gaze from her to Max.

“I’ll pay the difference,” Max said stubbornly. “There is no way I’m sleeping on that piece of shit you picked out. Go print out the receipt, Cory. We’ll be there in a minute.”

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