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Casey tapped her foot, trying to keep from kicking Max in the leg. She wanted to sink to the floor in embarrassment.

“I can’t believe you did that! You made it sound like you stay at my place.”

“When you buy that fucking mattress, I will be. Come on.” He placed an arm around her shoulders, pulling her close to his side. “Does it really matter what he thinks?”

She shoved her elbow into his stomach. “You’re a jerk. I’ll buy the freakin’ mattress, and I’ll use your discount, but I’ll pay for the rest of it.”

“I’ll—” Her heated glare had him snapping his mouth closed. “Okay. Happy now?”

“Not really,” she said stiffly.

“You going to be mad for a while?”

“Possibly. Why?”

“Because you need to get over it by tonight. I’m going to make sure it gets on the last truck going out today. Tonight, we can break it in.”

“Max, don’t press your luck.”

It didn’t take them long to pay for the mattress. Casey ignored the knowing look in the salesman’s eyes as Max walked out of the store with her.

“I better go on home so I’ll be there when they deliver it.”

“Don’t be a sore loser. You’re going to thank me for it tonight.”

Casey wanted to strangle Max yet found herself trying to hold back her smile. His good humor made it difficult to stay angry with him.

“I need to check in at the clubhouse. I’ll bring a couple of pizzas when I come over tonight.”

“I don’t remember inviting you.”

Max swept her into his arms, pressing his mouth to hers and kissing her until the rest of her temper dissipated.

“Invitations are for pussies. I’ll see you at eight.” He planted her firmly back down on her feet before striding off to his motorcycle.

“Damn, that man knows how to kiss.” It was worth the extra money she had spent on the mattress.

She rushed to her car. The last thing she wanted to do was miss the delivery. That mattress was going to come in handy tonight.

* * *

Max felt a pair of tits pressed against his back as arms circled his waist.

“I need some loving, honey bear.”

Rita’s voice grated on his already frayed nerves. Spending time with Casey that afternoon had his dick hard and his mind in turmoil.

“Piss off, Rita. Go find another brother to fill that greedy pussy.”

Her arms fell away, and Max heard the sound of her high heels moving away. As he lifted his beer to his mouth, his eyes met Ice’s as he leaned against the bar.

“Give me a beer, Crush.”

The woman set one in front of him before going back to the end of the counter with Jackal. The woman considered herself Jackal’s, despite the brother making sure he spread himself among all the bitches.

“How’s it going?”

Max didn’t have to ask what Ice was referring to.

“Good. She believes everything is cool between us.”

Ice nodded, taking a drink of his beer before asking, “She ever give up why she did it?”

“Nope, she’s tighter than a virgin’s cunt on why she tried to snitch on us. I’m working on it. Going to spend the night at her place tonight. I didn’t want to come on too strong and make her suspicious. She’ll tell us what we want when she really believes we’re going to give her a pass.”

“The only pass she’s going to get from us is passing her around the club,” Buzzard joked loudly as he played pool.

Max stiffened, wishing he had kept his big mouth closed when he had first found out about Casey’s duplicity. Then he tossed back the rest of his beer.

“Don’t,” Ice warned.

“Don’t what?” Max wanted to punch Buzzard in the face so badly a muscle in his jaw twitched.

“Let her twist you into knots.”

“I didn’t see you giving a fuck what anyone thought when you decided you wanted Grace,” he snapped then wished he had remained silent.

“You telling us you’ve changed your mind?”

“No. I’m not saying that. I told you and the brothers we’ll get our revenge. Have I ever not kept my word?”


“Then don’t doubt my loyalty. Pussy is pussy. Casey doesn’t have what it would take to tie me into knots.”

“Good to hear.” Ice picked up his beer, moving away to the pool table.

When he moved away, Max realized Mason had sat down on a stool at the bar.

“You want to chime in your two cents?” Max wondered whether the man who had been Casey’s stepfather for several years would try to sway the club from their revenge.

“No. The club don’t give a fuck what I have to say.”

“And if they did?” Max probed.

“I’d tell you to be careful. Casey’s smart. She fooled you, didn’t she? A smart woman can do a lot of damage. The club was lucky Jackal caught her in time. Next time, we might not be so lucky.”

Max stared at the older man, knowing he was right. Casey had made him look stupid in front of his brothers. It still stung his pride when he remembered that night, waking to find she hadn’t cared who she had to fuck to get access to Ice’s office.

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