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Casey made a face at her as she went into the bedroom. She changed into the slinky outfit, sliding on the silk hose and garters with red silk lines down the legs. Sliding on the robe, she tied it closed before going back into the living room.

The women all stared as she walked in front of the couch.

“Woo! I have to buy that one. Red is Kaden’s favorite color.” Sawyer reached forward, grasping the bottom of her robe, sliding the material through her fingers. “Order this one for me, Gianna.”

Her friend was sitting on a chair with her legs crossed, writing down the orders.

“I want this one.” Rave ran her hand down her curvy body with the black satin booty shorts and corset top. The only color was the thin red cord that tied the top closed.

“Give me that one.” Penni straightened, placing her brownie and wine glass on the coffee table. Taking a lavender nightie, she went into the bedroom.

Casey threw herself down onto the couch, exhausted. It had been a long day getting ready for the party, and she had already tried four items on. She was only going to treat herself to one, and the red was her favorite so far.

Leaning forward, she picked up a brownie from the dish. The women were all devouring them, so she wanted to make sure she tasted one before they all disappeared. It was delicious, but there was a slight taste that she didn’t recognize. She almost choked on the gooey chocolate when she recognized what she thought it might be.

“Penni brought us pot brownies!” Casey stared at the brownie in disbelief.

“No, she didn’t,” Vida said, nibbling on her third brownie.

“Yes, they are. She told us when she set them down on the table. You guys must have been in the bedroom changing when she told everyone,” Grace said, enjoying her second one.

Casey started to set the brownie down yet couldn’t resist taking another bite… or two.

“Max has been bragging to Ice about the chocolate cake you make him. He tells Ice it’s better than the one I made him for his birthday.” Grace said in mock offense. “We might need to have a bake off.”

“You buy yours at the bakery on Main Street?” Casey asked taking another bite of brownie.

“No I make mine.” Grace laughed.

“Then you win.”

Penni came out of the bedroom, strutting around the room in the pale lavender slip that had a plunging vee to her flat stomach, showing the diamond piercing in her navel. The slip grazed the top of her slim thighs.

Casey ate the last bit of the brownie, envious of her body.

“I’ll buy this one,” Penni said enthusiastically, retaking her seat then picking up her brownie and wine.

“How many of those have you had?” Casey asked, noticing the blonde’s pupils were dilated.

“A couple. Don’t worry, we won’t run out. I have another platter of them in the kitchen.”

“They’re really good,” Casey was forced to admit.

Penni emptied her wine glass. “It’s my own secret recipe. I bought the weed from the best weed growers in Kentucky, and I got a brownie recipe from a baker in Treepoint then added the pot, but the piece de resistance is my homemade canna oil I use. It makes them really moist.”

“Yes, it does,” Grace said appreciatively.

“There’s enough weed in this room to get us charged with a felony,” Vida said, taking another one.

“Ice’s lawyer will get us off.” Grace joked.

The whole room exploded with laughter.

Gianna hushed them with a wave of her hands. “All right, it’s time for a game. Everyone has on a piece of lingerie, so I want you all to line up.”

The women all stood, lining up against the wall.

“How do we play?” Rave asked above the loud chattering.

“Okay, so I take a picture of all of you from the neck down, and then I send it to you in a mass text. The fun part of the game comes when you send the picture to your boyfriends or husbands and see if they can pick you out of the group.”

“What do we win?” Penni questioned with a narrow-eyed stare at Gianna, who was busy organizing the women who were all high enough to go along with the game. Casey stood next to Penni, who had Rave on her other side.

“Penni, stand still,” Gianna said impatiently.

“Let someone shorter stand next to me. Rave’s boobs are staring me in the face.”

“Quit complaining,” Gianna said, ignoring Penni’s suggestion.

Penni raised her finger, flipping Gianna off.

“That’s it. I’m sending you a couple of pictures. Take your pick and send one to your other half. All we have to do is wait to see who wins.”

Some of the women began to get changed; others just sat around, giving their orders to Gianna. Casey decided to purchase the red one she was wearing.

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