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“That’s a good choice.” Penni began refilling the wine glasses, complimenting all the women on their choices.

“You going to buy one?” Gianna asked Penni.

“I’ll take two. The lavender one and the red one like Casey is wearing. It makes her breasts look amazing, and she has small ones, too. No offense.” She lifted her wine glass in apology.

“None taken.” Casey smiled back at the woman.

No one could get angry at Penni. She had the gift of making you notice her when she came into a room, and if everything felt flat, she laughed. She reminded Casey of a bottle of bubbles that you would buy at the dollar store. When you blew the bubbles, they filled the air with their beauty, but if you actually tried to touch one, they flew away beyond reach or exploded. Penni was the kind of bubble that you never knew which it was going to do.

Grace sat down next to Casey after she came out of the bedroom.

“Don’t forget to send the picture,” Gianna reminded them.

“Crap, I forgot.” Casey took her phone out, sending the text with the picture.

“I was getting changed,” Grace said, sending the picture.

Vida wrote Gianna a check for what she had picked to buy then took her phone out of her purse, sending the picture.

Penni leaned forward, picking up the platter of brownies and offering them to the women after taking another for herself. “Now all we have to do is wait and see. You never did tell us what we would win.”

Gianna reached into a discreet pink bag, pulling out a pretty, long, gold evening purse. Opening it, she tilted the purse forward until all the women crowded around, seeing the large vibrator inside.

“I need that in my life,” Penni breathed.

The women all stared at each other then faced Gianna.

Casey spoke for the whole group. “She can have it.”

* * *

Max was eating his second meatball sub when he felt his phone vibrate. Checking his messages, he choked on the bite he had just taken.

“What the fuck?” He heard Ice’s exclamation next to him. Then Colton’s phone went off, and Max knew exactly what the men were staring down in wonder at on their cell phones.

“Give them to me,” Max snapped.

“I’m not giving you my fucking phone.” Ice reared back out of his reach.

“Give it to me!” Max held his hand out to Colton.

“Fuck no.”

Max stood up, his stool falling backward onto the floor.

“Give me the fucking phones!” Max bellowed jealously.

“I’m not buying any more furniture, and I’m not buying them new phones. Why in the fuck would they give you their phones, anyways?” Jackal asked, standing up from his stool at the bar.

Ice leaned sideways out of Max’s reach, showing Jackal the picture.

“Are you nuts? Don’t show him that!”

Jackal’s mouth dropped open, jerking the phone from Ice’s hand and stepping from his reach.

“They at your house?” Jackal asked Max.

“All fifteen of them,” Max said grouchily.

“Later.” Jackal left the clubroom with a glint in his eyes that made Max suspicious, but he relaxed when he saw the brother going down the hallway to the bedrooms.

“Damn, I hope Vida buys the one she’s wearing. Hell, I hope she buys the one Casey’s wearing, too,” Colton murmured appreciatively.

“I’m going to kick your ass!” Max took a step toward him then heard a bike start outside. “That son of a bitch took off!”

Max stormed to the door, seeing Jackal turn onto the road, heading in the direction of his house. “I’m going to kill that motherfucker.”

Max ran to his bike with Ice and Colton hot on his heels. All of them were shoving their phones into their pockets before taking off.

When he got home, he was going to throw everyone out then fuck Casey. She was going to make up in one night for his not fucking her since he had brought her back to Queen City. He wouldn’t be taking her out for breakfast, either. She was going to be lucky if he let her out of bed before lunch.

Chapter 27

A loud bang on the door had Casey answering it, grabbing the robe around herself when she saw Jackal standing on the porch.

“Where’s Penni?” he demanded as if he was out of breath from running.

“She left five minutes ago. She went home with Sawyer when Kaden picked her up. She was too drunk or high to drive. I can’t remember which.” Casey leaned against the door.

“High or drunk?”

Casey giggled. “She made some pot brownies, and I bought the wine. We have some left if you want one,” she said, weaving from the door and going to the coffee table filled with wine glasses and an almost empty platter of brownies. Casey leaned over, picking one up, unaware the thin robe had fallen open, showing the curves of her breasts. She looked up when she heard a large bang from the doorway, seeing Max shaking his hand in front of the closed door.

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