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“I can make you feel so … good.” Raci brought her hand once again to his dick.

He yanked her hands back, holding them behind her back. “Did I tell you that you could touch my dick?”

Raci leaned forward, running her tongue up the side of his neck before stopping at his earlobe and sucking it into her mouth.

“You want my dick? Ask for it.”

“Can I suck your dick?”

She moaned when he yanked her skirt up, baring her to her waist. He brought his hand between her thighs, and Raci spread her legs as he slid a finger inside her pussy. Raci twisted on his fingers, sprawling her legs wider.

“How long have you been with the Last Rider’s?”

Raci moaned louder. “Several years.”

“That’s a long time.”

Raci frantically nodded as Jackal began to pump his finger into her drenched pussy.

“I bet they took one look at a beautiful girl like you and thought they hit the jackpot.”

Surprisingly, she shook her head. “My cousin had to talk Viper’s brother into letting me join. It’s not easy to become a Last Rider.”

“Where is he? I want to thank him.”

Raci tried to open Jackal’s jeans again, and Jackal saw the flicker of fear enter her eyes.

“She doesn’t live in Treepoint.”

“Where is she? Call her. I’m tired of the Predators. We could meet up. We can start our own club,” Jackal said as he rubbed her tit with his free hand.

“Crystal has an old man.”

“Introduce me to her. I can take care of him.”

Raci shoved her hand down his jeans, taking out his cock. “I haven’t seen a pierced dick since Diamond married Knox,” she whimpered. “Fuck me.”

Jackal pulled his hand out of her pussy. The fact that she hadn’t noticed his dick wasn’t hard showed she wasn’t into fucking him.

Clenching his hand on her thigh, he smeared her juices on the inside of her leg. “I think we need to get Viper down here to enjoy this party.”

“Viper’s busy.”

Jackal jerked back at Penni’s choked voice. He didn’t spare a glance at the woman who was trying to tug her skirt back down as he shoved his dick back into his jeans.

Penni turned and ran up the steps, and Jackal ran across the room, his hand reaching out to try to catch her. Penni dodged his hand, turning to face him.

“Don’t you dare touch me when you still smell like her!”

Jackal jerked his hand back. “Listen to me—”

Penni clenched her hands into fists. “I’m going to walk up these steps and go to Shade’s house, and you’re not going to fucking touch me. Do you understand?”

The fury blasting from her told Jackal she wasn’t ready to listen to anything he had to say. It would end a fight and give her something else to hate him for. Therefore, he would wait until morning to talk to her.

“Yes.” He nodded once.

Raci tried to slide past them.

“We’re not done.” Jackal pulled her to his side. Then he wanted to kick himself at his choice of words as he saw Penni blanch then run up the steps.

“I hate you!” she yelled. With each step she took, more expressions of animosity came out. “God, I hate you!” Her voice became shriller.

Jackal barely had time to move away from the bottom of the steps as a chair came tumbling down.

“Get away from me!” Jackal heard her furious scream from the kitchen, but he wasn’t stupid enough to attempt the steps. It was lucky he hadn’t. Plates came flying down, crashing onto the floor.

“She’s gone crazy. Maybe you should go talk to her?” Raci whispered when a large cookie jar joined the pile.

Jackal looked at Raci as if she had lost her mind. “If you’re so brave, you go up there.”

“Never mind.”

“Shit.” She was pissed off.

“Fuck that asshole!” Penni screamed down the stairs.

A laptop splattered in parts, the screen cracked.

“Come on, Penni. I’ll walk you home.” Winter’s calm voice tried to reason with her over the men telling her to calm down.

“He was fucking her!”

Jackal heard her moving away from the door to the basement and yelled back, “I was not!”

“What the hell did he say!”

He peered up the steps, hearing a struggle. Concerned, he started up the steps.

“FUCK!” Jackal ran back down the steps, taking Raci with him into the hallway, and then he heard shots ring down, sending plaster raining from the wall across the steps.

“Fuck that!”

“She’s pretty mad,” Raci panted, crouching down.

“No shit.” Jackal had his gun to protect himself, but he really didn’t want to shoot the crazy bitch.

Jackal had learned his lesson. This time, he was smart to stay quiet until he saw Train and Viper come down the steps.

“You okay?”

Train’s amusement had Jackal shoving Raci toward Viper. He wanted to spank Penni’s ass red.

“I’ve been better.”

“Did a bullet hit you?” Viper went to the laundry, taking out a roll of paper towels and tearing some off before he handed them to him.

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