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“No, that was glass from the cookie jar.”

The men stared at the disaster that Penni was responsible for.

Jackal stepped on a cookie, smashing it with his boot.

“No one is going to want to clean this mess,” Train said as he took a chair from in front of the couch.

“Penni made it; she can clean it up,” Viper said as he pushed Raci onto the couch, standing over her.

“You going to be the one to tell her?” Train arched his eye at his leader.

“Never mind. Raci can do it.”

“Me? I’m not going to clean up her mess!”

“Why? You have something better to do than fucking Jackal?”

“I didn’t fuck him!” Raci denied. “Who are you going to believe, me or Jackal?”

“Penni was the one who was screaming it.”

“We were just messing around. That’s not against the rules. It’s not fair, anyway. The men don’t have any problems fucking anyone they want, so why can’t the women?” Raci began crying. “Besides, I didn’t want to.” Her eyes pleaded with Viper.

“Then why did you? You have plenty of Last Riders to keep your pussy warm.”

Raci’s shoulders began to shake. “I didn’t have a choice. They threatened to kill Crystal.”

Train reached out, taking Raci’s wrist and tugging her onto his lap. “Then we have to stop them, don’t we?”

Train’s gentle words had Raci’s tears drying. “Yes, we do.”

Ice, Hennessy, Max, Stump, Cade, and Rider came downstairs.

“Where’s Winter?” Viper asked Rider.

“Upstairs in your bedroom. She left a blanket and pillow in front of your door.”

Viper’s expression hardened. “Talk!” he snapped at Raci.

“I got a text from Crystal for me to call Deron. When I did, another man answered. At first, I thought I had dialed the wrong number.” Raci shuddered.

“It wasn’t?” Jackal prompted when he saw Viper was getting irritated. He wanted to be with his woman as much Jackal wanted to be with Penni.

“No, but I didn’t know who it was. He told me that he had Crystal and Deron, and if I didn’t do what they wanted, they would kill her. You know how close Crystal and I are. What was I supposed to do?”

“You could have told me or Shade.”

“He said he would kill her if I did. He said someone else in the club was watching me.”

Viper folded his arms across his chest. “He was bluffing.”

“I didn’t know what to do. I was scared. He made me tell him who was in the clubhouse and when they left the house.” Raci gave Viper a terrified glance at that. “I told them Genny was the only one who left the house. I made sure they wouldn’t hurt Willa.”

Jackal looked away. The bitch was excusing herself because she had been willing to get Genny killed instead one of the members’ wives.

Raci had known that, if one of the men had found out, they would have killed her. She had been right.

“How did you talk to them? Shade checked cell phones.”

“They mailed me a disposable phone. Since I offered to check the mail, no one noticed me taking it.”

“Jewell is going to be furious you did it.” Rider’s low whistle had Raci crying again.

“Do we have to tell her?”

“Yes. Where’s the cell phone now?” Jackal’s sharp voice cut through her tears.

“I hid it upstairs in my bathroom, under my sink. It’s at the bottom of a box of tampons.”

Viper motioned for Rider to retrieve it.

“Sorry, Viper. I didn’t think to look there.”

“I wouldn’t have, either.” Viper nodded to Rider to go. “What else did you tell them?”

“I told them that I heard Jackal and Cruz talking about leaving, but I wanted to find out more before I called them back. The last time I didn’t have anything, they made Crystal scream.” Raci buried her face in Train’s shoulder.

Rider came back with the phone, talking into another phone.

“Shade just found out Winter and Penni are missing. He wants to know if you want them to come back or stay in Lexington?”

“Tell them to stay. The kids have to be tired. They can come back in the morning.”

“Why did it take them that long to notice they were missing?” Jackal’s loud voice must have been heard on the phone because Rider winced.

After a few minutes, he hung up the phone. “Shade said that Lily and Willa kept telling them they were in the dressing rooms.”

“It took a long time to say all of that,” Jackal said suspiciously.

“He told me to shove my phone up your ass.” Rider shrugged. “Any other time, I would help him out, but it’s a new phone.”

“What’s our next move?” Ice’s cold gaze went to Viper.

“Raci’s going to make another call. She’s going to tell them the Predators, the Road Kingz, and The Last Riders are going to attack the Unjust Soldiers’ compound. They’ll think our women will be guarded by a small amount of men. When they show up, they’ll have a surprise waiting.”

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