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I shook my head, contemplating why these guys were my best friends.

Sawyer lifted a bottle of Don Julio Tequila, pouring five shots into red solo cups and handing them to us.

“Why does mine look like three shots versus one?” Mila questioned, looking in her cup.

Sawyer stated the truth, “Because you can drink like a man.”

Mila could drink like one of the boys, especially when it came to tequila. She’d grown a tolerance to the fiery liquor over the last couple of years.

“Thank you,” she replied. “I think.”

Ashton raised his cup. “Here’s to what’s hard and stiff and comes out soft and wet.”

“Ugh. Gross,” Mila scoffed out. “I’m not toasting to that.”

“I was talking about bubblegum. But I can’t say I don’t like where your mind is at.”

She shook her head at Ashton. “Were you dropped on your head as a child?”

He gasped. “Who told you?”

She laughed, throwing her head back.

“There she is. Now let’s drink!”

We did, and Mila took hers down like the champ she was.

“Oh, by the way.” Ashton poured himself another. “I was talking about my cock. Not bubblegum.”

Of course he was.


The cabin was packed with people. It always was when Leo would throw these parties. He was infamous around these parts for that reason alone. The night went off without any trouble or issues, they always did. It didn’t matter how many people showed up, we were out in the middle of nowhere. This was what made Tennessee the place to live, everyone knew everyone and we were always there for each other. It was that southern soul you felt deep in your bones.

The comradery.

The family.

The support.

I’d miss it.

I’d miss this.

Trying to not let the sad feeling take hold, I finished my fifth margarita at the same time my favorite song, “Lovefool” by The Cardigans, came on through the speakers. This was the second I realized I was way drunker than I thought. My telltale sign was always dancing and singing.

I was that girl.

You know the one…

The cute girl in the movie who ends up with her soulmate and they lived happily ever after. She’d start to dance, and the guys would swarm to her like bees to honey. They’d fall in love with her based on her sexy, spunky confidence. I swear that shit actually happened in real life, I had to beat them off with a stick after I tore up any dance floor. There was something about the way I moved that turned on their Just-in Beavers.

I couldn’t control my body. I didn’t care who was around, I had to sing and dance. Instantly, I was swaying my hips back and forth to the hard, short bangs of the blaring guitar, and the sound of the drum beat vibrantly against my core. Slowly, my hands worked their way up my waist to my head, inch by inch they glided until I was running my fingers seductively through my hair.

I let the music take over, singing the lyrics like I was the artist performing the song in front of my fans. Rocking my hips, I pointed to the first guy I saw which just so happened to be Cain.

Singing, “Love me, love me.”

He immediately started laughing, his charm radiating off of him like the bright full moon above. I didn’t stop my performance, the liquor flowing through my veins wouldn’t allow it.

Shimmying my shoulders, I signaled with my index fingers in a come hither gesture, and he didn’t have to be told twice, except…

Cain started dancing.

And not like white boy dance moves, like he started breaking it down like I was. Singing right along with me. The crowd parted for him and it didn’t take long for everyone to gather around to watch us put on a blatant display of chemistry.

Once the singer belted out the chorus again, I jumped around in a circle before Cain grabbed my hand and spun me into his arms then pulled me to his chest. Both of us dancing together, in sync with our hip and body movements. It was easy and comfortable, our effortless dynamic played well off one another.

With my arms at my sides, I danced my way around to look into his eyes. They were dilated, happy, beaming. It was an amazing sight and I think this was the moment I felt a new, strange connection to him.

I didn’t think he could get any cuter until he put his hands on his waist and began thrusting in a funny dance sequence. I clapped my hands together loving his enthusiasm and together we sang the last chorus. Both of us now with our hands over our hearts, profoundly uttering the lyrics to each other.

I couldn’t remember the last time I had this much fun with someone who wasn’t Leo.

Quickly, the artist’s singing started fading, the song was coming to an end and at the last moment Cain grabbed my hand, spun me into him again, and dipped me. My leg naturally angled to the side of his body, and he left me there until the song was over.

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