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“Why Mr. Roberts!” I exclaimed. “The man can dance.”

He smiled wide, his dimples promptly showed on his cheeks.

Tugging me higher to his face, he whispered in my ear, “I told you I’m full of surprises.”

Making me realize…

I liked Cain’s surprises.

Chapter 9


I hurried up the stairs of the cabin to use the bathroom. I was ready to break the almighty seal. I think I peed for like five minutes straight and it was the best feeling in the world. Once I was done, I washed my hands and walked back into the open floorplan. Leo was pouring himself a drink on the metal island in the kitchen.

We were the only two people inside. Usually everyone hung out around the bonfire, shooting the shit about nothing in particular. As we got older we realized it was easier to have the cabin be off-limits.

“Have fun dancing?”

“Yeah.” I nodded, smirking. “I didn’t know Cain was such a good dancer.”

“Does that mean I’m replaced as your honorary dance partner?”

“Do you want to be replaced?”

“Do you want to replace me?”

“Hmmm… I don’t know. Cain can dance, unlike you and your two left feet.”

“I can dance.”

“Having a chick twerk on your dick while you grind behind her is not exactly dancing.”

“My grinding has never bothered you before.”

“It doesn’t bother me now.”

“Yet here I am being replaced.”

“Oh, well, you know… I have men lining out the door for me.”

“That you do.”

I smiled. “Make me one.”

“I think you’ve had enough.”

“Have I? Since when are you the authority on how much I drink?”

“Since you threw up on me.”


The song “You Don’t know Her Like I Do” by Brantley Gilbert started playing from the speakers, and Leo put his drink down on the island. He grinned in that Leo Hawkins sort of way, his stunning good looks burned a hole into my chest with each precise, calculated step that brought him closer to me.

My best friend was handsome to say the least, he always had been. The older we got, the better looking he became.


“What’s with the determined look in your eyes?”

He didn’t answer my question, instead he grabbed my hand and twirled me toward him. An unexpected gasp escaped my lips when he held me firm against his solid, muscular chest.

Slowly, he began slow dancing with me.

“What girl are we putting on a show for right now?”

“No show.”


“I’m just dancing with my best friend.”

His eyes never wavered from mine when I asked, “Meet any hot girls tonight?”

“Yeah. I’m dancing with her.”

“You didn’t just meet me, so my hotness doesn’t count.”

“You’re the hottest girl here.”

“Just what every girl wants to hear,” I sarcastically replied. “She’s hot.”

There was no hesitation in his response, “You’re beautiful, Lala.”

I could feel my cheeks getting flushed. “Thanks.”

“I’m only speaking the truth.”

My eyes widened, surprised where this conversation had turned. “Are you drunk?”

“A little bit.”

“Okay,” I chuckled as he twirled me in a slow circle. “Buzzed Leo is wasting all his great pick-up lines on the wrong girl.”

He settled me back into his arms, holding me closer to his torso. “What if you’re the right girl?”

“Leo, what do you—”

“There you two are!” Ashton barged through the double glass doors from the porch and we pulled away from one another.

What just happened?

It was obvious Ashton was drunk as shit. “What are you guys doing up here all by your lonesome?”

“None of your business, jackass.”

“None of my business?” he scoffed out at Leo, pointing at me. “Wanna have a threesome with us or go play truth or dare?”

“I mean when you put it that way.” Putting on my best allure, I seductively strode over to him and gripped onto the front of his shirt. “How about you get naked first? And I’ll follow your lead.”

“I feel like you’re playing with my emotions and I’m very torn on what to do.”

I leaned in close to his mouth, rasping, “You are too…”

“Handsome, attractive, everything you ever wanted?”

“Nope. You’re too—”

“Sexy, mouthwatering, hot as shi—”


“And there goes my hard on.” Ashton gestured toward the door. “Let’s go play my game, you dirty, dirty cock tease.”

Leo hid back a smile, shaking his head while we followed Ashton back down to the party.

“I found them!” he announced to a couple of people that were sitting around the fire, waiting for us. “We can start now! Mila’s first!”


“Yes,” he adamantly responded. “Truth or dare, Mila.”

Before I answered, I made my way toward the swing Leo made for me and sat down with a new drink Sawyer gave me in my hand, anticipating what was to come. Who knew when Ashton was involved. He was definitely the prankster of the group. The one that was the most amusing to watch and listen to. Ashton had no filter, said and did what he wanted without thinking of the consequences. He was a goofball, but it worked for him.

Case and point, a random blonde with huge tits was hanging off his neck, ready to play his game.

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