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We had only stepped into the hallway outside the dining room but for some reason I still didn’t trust the situation. If he hit me again, I was going to rip his hands off.

As Kerstan closed the door firmly behind us I looked around the room seeing if there would be anything I could use to protect myself.

“Lieve –”

“Amity,” I corrected firmly.

He chuckled and dug his hands into his pockets. “Amity; there are some things you must understand. Once I trade a girl I cannot get her back. Betje is out of the question. As for your name, if you wish it, I will address you as Amity in private, but in front of the others, you are Lieve. I don’t want them to start to riot over simplicities. Because you are mine for the time being, they will already resent you for not having to out and work. Do we have an agreement?”

Of all the things I wanted back more than my own identity was Betje. It would be the only way I knew she would be safe and sound. When I get out of this shit hole, I’ll find her.

I stuck my hand out to confirm our agreement. Kerstan gave me a half smile as he took my hand in his and shook it firmly. As I attempted to pull my hand away, he pulled me against him with a sudden jerk.

“When I’m fucking you, what do I call you then?” he whispere

d into my ear.

I closed my eyes as my body reacted to the softness of his voice and the strength that he used to keep me against him with one hand. Oh God, how is that I hate him but ... parts of me wants this? Stop reacting! I mentally screamed at the “come fuck me” senses that were tingling deep inside of me.

Kerstan finally let me go and gave me an amused look. I knew he could see my nipples standing at attention because I couldn’t exactly hide them. I also couldn’t hide the beginnings of the pool in my panties, so I turned and ran.

Back to my room.

Away from Kerstan.

I locked the door behind me tightly and laid down on my bed. I slid my hand into my panties and immediately began to rub with my clit. The small amount of dominance he had just shown had thrown me into pure fucking mode and I had to cum, STAT. I slid my fingers in and out of myself, rubbing my clit faster as I felt it starting to tense up. When I finally came, his gorgeous face burned into my memory and wondering what someone who owns a place like this was sexually capable of, I felt myself die a little on the inside.


I didn’t leave the room until the next day. Most of the girls had been sent out on “dates” and I was too embarrassed about having finger fucked myself to thoughts of our “pimp” to even look at any of them.

“Are you okay, Lieve?” a small voice asked once the room was almost empty.

I had been lying on my side staring at the wall. I can’t say that I was ashamed of myself really, I mean like I said before, different circumstances presented, I would’ve fucked him already, but ... This shit is getting too weird for me.

“Lieve?” the voice asked again.

With a heavy sigh I turned on my side and sat up. Crossing my legs underneath myself I looked at the young woman sitting at the end of my bed. She was looking at me with concerned doe eyes; light brown to be exact. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail and her face was flawless.

“What’s your name?” I asked her.

“The name I was born with was Helenka,” she said quietly. “My new name is Minikin.”

“And where are you from, Minikin?” I asked.

“The Czech Republic,” she replied proudly.

“Well Minikin, don’t expect to be my friend. Or talk to me again after this conversation is over for that matter. People that I get close to, even just a little close to, tend to disappear,” I said tiredly.

“Why do you keep saying my name like that?” she asked in confusion.

“Because I don’t want you to follow my lead and ask to do by your birth name. Kerstan is not one for games or jokes or anything that seems pleasant or joyful really, and he’ll take that as a sign of rebellion. God knows what’ll happen to you then.”

Before this is over, I’m going to make him tell me what Betje did to him that was so offensive that he sold her. And I want to know to who, I thought darkly to myself.

She looked at me like I was lying, or maybe like I was full of myself. I wasn’t sure which yet, but it was her ass that would be handed off to someone else; not mine. With a shrug, I reached under the bed and felt around until my hands clasped around the cigarette box holding my last smoke. I shook out the lighter and tossed the empty box onto the bed before lighting my cigarette and inhaling deeply.

This was a clusterfuck and I hated it. In no way shape or form, did I want to be having any desires for Kerstan that weren’t murderous, but the way he ... My body shivered at the memory and I turned my attention back to Minikin.

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