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“How dare you, Tommy Ferrano! You wish your love for me away? That’s mine! Poison or not, it’s mine. Don’t you ever fucking wish it away!” I was screaming in his face and tears were rolling down my cheeks. I think it was safe to say, I was having a bit of a nervous breakdown.

It turned my blood to acid to think that he’d wish what we have away for even a second.

“You got a death wish? Smacking me in the face, Athena?” His voice was controlled, dangerously so.

“What we have is everything to me. It’s all I have. All I w-want.” I sniffled.

His eyes warmed for a fraction of a second, then his jaw bulged again. “You need to be punished for that. You do not fucking hit me. You hear me?”

“Don’t ever say that again, then.” I sniffled, filled with bravado.

I went to move my arms but his grip tightened, and then he spun me so that my back was to him and he re-pinned my arms in one hand, ripped my shorts and panties down with the other hand, and whacked my ass super-hard.

I hissed at the sting.

He smacked it again. “What am I gonna fucking do with you?” His voice betrayed emotion.

He didn’t want to punish me. He sounded like he probably wanted to cuddle me. I didn’t want a cuddle. I wanted, no needed it to hurt.

“Fuck me. Show me who I belong to. Show me you’d never ever turn back time and let me be someone else’s.”

“Baby,” he sighed and kissed the back of my neck.

He was melting.

No. Not what I needed. Not what he needed.

Not at all.

“If you’d turned around and left without claiming me, maybe I’d have gotten back with Nick. He wanted me back.”

Tommy’s body tightened.

“Or some other guy. Some other guy fucking me, holding me at night? Taking what could’ve been yours? But it isn’t, because you walked away.”

His palm slapped the wall beside my head. “Shut up.”

“Make me shut up.”

He spun me around and the look in his eyes?

Uh oh.

Beast mode: Unleashed.


“I’m gonna fuck you so hard, baby girl. So fucking hard you’re gonna feel me for days.”

She smirked. I was also gonna wipe that smirk off her face. Her smirk evaporated. She knew she was in big fucking trouble.

“Big trouble, baby girl…”

I marched her out of the kitchen into the family room, throwing her over the back of the couch so her ass was up in the air, her elbows and face down in the cushions. And I whacked her ass five times right in a row. Hard. It wasn’t just pink. It was scarlet red. She kicked and cried, and after the fifth slap tried to scoot forward to get away, but I wasn’t fucking having it. I had her hair and held her down while I rammed my cock into her ass dry. Yep. I fucking did. Call me a fucking bastard. I do not give a fuck.

She screeched. “Tommy, no! It hurts.”

“You ever think of smacking your husband’s face again, remember this, little wife.” I rammed in again and she cried out.

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