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I pulled out and slammed into her pussy. Soaked. Fucking beautiful, baby girl.

This little wife of mine needed to learn. She knows who the fuck she belongs to. She’s doing this… this goading for me. For me.

She wants me to show her. She n

eeds it.

I fucking love this girl more than ever. She wants to heal me. She spends every day looking for ways to do that. I don’t deserve her. I should’ve left her to her life. Instead, I took her and twisted her into this, this little goddess that spends her life trying to please me. I am never letting her go.

I need to do better, be better, for her. But, yet, even if I can’t, even if I continue to be a sadistic asshole prick, she’s proven she’s in this. I don’t know how I got so lucky given all my sins, but fuck if I’m not keeping what’s mine.

I rubbed her asshole and there was blood on my thumb. I wiped it on my jeans and slapped her ass again.

“Oh God,” she cried out. Pain and pleasure. Both right there in her cry.

“You wanna come?”

“Mm hm.” Her voice was muffled by the cushions.


“Please, Tommy.”

I put my fingers to her clit. “Naw.” I pulled them away. “You’re a naughty girl. Naughty girls don’t get to come. Naughty girls need to fucking learn.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yes. I’m sorry I smacked your face. I love you so much.”

She was slamming back into my cock, wiggling her sweet little ass for me. Fuck. I grabbed between her legs again and her pussy was so fucking soaked I could barely get a grip on her clit. I wiped my fingers on my jeans and went back again and worked it until she was screaming out my name.

I slapped her ass again, mid-orgasm.

And then I flipped her around to face me, glared at her, threw her over my shoulder and carried my naughty wife upstairs to our bedroom.


He took me into the shower.

“Wash me,” he ordered. “Wash me good, because you’re going down on me in less than a minute. I don’t give a fuck I was just in your ass and your pussy.”

My eyes went wide. He’d had me go down on him after he’d been inside me but never that way. No, I didn’t want that.


Shit. I hurried. I washed me, too. As soon as we were rinsed, I was being pulled out and backed up as he advanced, looking like a predator.

I slipped and nearly wiped out on the bathroom floor with the puddle we’d made from our dripping selves and he caught me, concern flashing briefly in his eyes, and then I was up in his arms and carried, then dropped on the bed. He was immediately on me, climbing my body, ramming his cock into my mouth. Holy shit. It still tasted a bit soapy. Too bad, though, because I couldn’t protest. He was straddling my face.

“Suck,” he ordered as I choked.

I grabbed his ass and tried my best.

But it didn’t matter, really. He wasn’t waiting for me to suck. He was fucking my face.

He had my hair suddenly, and it was a little too rough, but again, too bad. I tried to roll with it.

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