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Budapest and giving a very public, not-approved-by-the-PR-team statement.

But I don’t care. That fact alone makes me less than royal. But so be it.

The door to the bathroom opens just a crack, and Belle peers out. “Are you ready?” she asks.

“I’m naked and sitting in this chair,” I say. “Does that count?”

“Close your eyes.”

“You’re getting awfully bossy,” I tell her.

“Are your eyes closed?”


She’s silent for a minute before she speaks. “Okay, open them.”

“Holy fucking shit,” I say, my words punctuated with laughter. Belle, the woman I just called “brilliant, funny, and kind” in front of the whole world, is wearing the bright pink pony tail butt plug I gave her.

She’s bent over, so that only her ass and the tail are visible from the side of the bathroom door.

And she’s shaking her ass, the tail swinging from side to side in the doorway.

It’s ridiculous.

And strangely, really fucking hot.

I hear her giggle, and then she peers out from the doorway. “Are you laughing at my tail?” she asks. “This was a present from you.”

“Come out here so I can see it,” I tell her, still laughing and shaking my head.

“Your dick is totally hard,” she says, hands on her hips. “I knew you had a secret fetish.”

“I do,” I tell her, sitting on the edge of the armchair with my cock in my hand. “My secret fetish is you. Although now that I look at you, that tail does look really hot. Turn around so I can see it.”

A slow smile spreads across Belle’s face, and she turns around, arching her back to display her ass, the tail draped across her rear. “And? Do you like what you see?”

“On your hands and knees,” I say. “So I can fully appreciate it.”

She turns around to face me, her hands still on her hips, her perfect breasts visible to me. For a second, I think she might slap me. But she doesn’t.

She gives me a smug satisfied look and drops to the ground on her knees. Her eyes are on me the entire time. I stroke the length of my cock as I watch her place her hands gently on the ground.

Before crawling across the floor on her hands and knees toward me.

Wearing a pink pony-tail butt plug.

She pauses in between my legs, her face below my cock. Fuck, she’s breathtaking.

“Should I neigh or something?” she asks.

I laugh. “Please do not neigh.”

“Hey, you’re the one with the fetish.”

“I already told you what my fetish was, luv,” I say, reaching down to slide my fingers underneath her chin. She rises up, her hands sliding up my legs but not touching me. “You.”

“I’ve never been anyone’s fetish before,” she whispers, her hand replacing mine on my shaft. Her eyes on mine, she strokes my length, her touch whisper soft and the most erotic thing I’ve ever felt.

“Get used to it.”

When she puts her tongue to me, it’s the best thing on earth. She touches the tip of her tongue to the head of my cock, before licking the length of my shaft like it’s a damn lollipop. It’s only been a couple of days without her mouth on me, without being inside her, and I’m already to the point of exploding at her touch.

I thread my fingers through her hair, pulling her away from my cock the second she envelops me with her warm mouth. “No,” I tell her. “This isn’t the way I want you right now.”

She frowns at me. “Maybe it’s the way I want you.”

I can’t prevent the growl that escapes my lips when she says that. Little Miss Do Gooder telling me she wants my cock in her mouth…it’s almost more than I can take.

“You can’t always get what you want, luv,” I tell her.

“Says the prince who always gets what he wants.”

“What can I say?” I ask. “I’m royalty. And right now what I want is for you to stand up and bring your pussy over here so I can eat you the way I’ve been thinking about eating you.”

She looks up at me with an impish grin. “You think I’m just going to do everything you tell me to do?”

“I think you’re going to do this,” I say. “We’ll work on the rest later.”

Belle smiles as she stands, and I run my hands up her thighs, pulling her against me. My hands travel over her ass, and when they brush against the tail, she laughs. She stops laughing when I slide down, pulling her to my mouth.

When I taste her, I can’t help but sigh. She tastes like everything that’s right in my world.

She stands, her legs spread, while I take my time with her, my tongue exploring her pussy, savoring the taste of her wetness on my lips. “Oh, Albie,” she whispers, her hands against my head, pulling me tighter to her. “I missed this.”

“I missed all of this,” I say, sliding my fingers inside her. She’s so wet for me, so ready, that it makes me groan.

“I missed this clit,” I say, leaning forward and taking it in my mouth, sucking on it as I stroke her inside until I hear the hitch in her breath that means she’s close.

I look up at her. Her eyes are closed, her head tilted back, her breasts moving with each breath she takes. She looks like perfection. “I missed this pussy,” I say, stroking her gently, feeling her body respond to every movement I make.

I kiss her abdomen, running my hand over her skin, trying to memorize the surface of her. “I missed this stomach.”

She makes a little whimpering sound, half a moan and half as if she’s trying to say my name, but I don’t stop. I run my palm up farther, caressing her breasts with my hand, watching her nipples harden underneath my fingertips.

“I missed these breasts,” I say.

“Albie,” she whispers.

“And I missed this ass,” I tell her, gripping a handful of her cheek, my fingers pushing against the plug, and she moans, the sound coming from low in her throat.

“Albie, you’re going to make me…” Her voice trails off, but even if it hadn’t, I wouldn’t let her finish.

“No,” I say. “You’re not getting off that easily.”

Belle whines, biting the edge of her lip as she looks down at me. Her pussy throbs around me, and I know she’s close. “Please?”

She knows begging is my weakness. There's nothing on earth as fantastic as hearing Belle woman beg. “Please what?”

“Please make me come, Albie,” she says, her voice breathy.

“I don't think so, luv. Not yet."


There she goes with the please again.

I slip my fingers from her. "I don't want you to come that way, luv," I tell her. "I want you to come on my cock, the way I haven't been able to stop thinking about."

On the bed, I pull her down on top of me. When she slides onto my cock, it's pure heaven. "You're so wet and ready for me," I say, my hands traveling across her waist, gripping her hips as she rocks slowly on me, the way I know she likes.

But she doesn't need time to warm up. She only rides me slowly for a few minutes, before she's gathering momentum, her head lolling back and her breasts bouncing in the air as she fucks me at her pace.

I love the fact that she's taking control, taking her pleasure from my cock as she rides me. I love the fact that she loses herself, closes her eyes and then opens them abruptly, needing to look at me.

And I can't get over the fact that she's fucking me, with that bright pink pony tail sticking out of her ass.

It's almost enough to make me laugh, except for the fact that she's so damn sexy doing it that I couldn't laugh if I tried.

Instead, I lose myself in her, in the sounds of her moans as she rides me, in the silky smoothness of her skin under my fingertips.

In the sensation of that damn pony tail swishing against my leg as she moves.

"Fuck, Albie," she says, her hands stroking my balls as she rides me.

And then even that hot pin

k tail isn’t funny anymore. "Do you feel that, luv? How ready I am for you?" I ask, my voice tight as her touch sends waves of heat rushing through my body.

"Oh God, yes," she gasps. "I want to feel you come inside me, Albie. I want all of you in me."

"Not yet, luv," I say, my voice strained. "I want to feel you come on me first."

She looks at me with heavy eyes, desire contorting her features as she grinds against me. "Can I?"

"Tell me how good it feels to be riding my cock again," I order.

She moans. "I missed your cock," she says. "I felt empty without you."

"Tell me how good it feels with this inside you," I say, sliding my hand around to press the plug against her ass.

Belle groans, grinding her clit against me harder, losing her rhythm as she rides me, her movements no longer controlled but erratic. "It feels so good to be filled up," she says, her words punctuated by short gasps for breath.

"Your pussy is so swollen and wet," I say softly. "I can tell you want to come, my love."

"Please," she whimpers.

"Come with me."

She throws her head back, saying she loves me and crying out my name as she comes with a vengeance. The moment her orgasm begins to rip through her body, it triggers mine. My balls clench and I let go.



I lay on my side, my head tucked into the crook of Albie's arm, the way I've gotten comfortable, my finger tracing lazy circles on his chest. "Can we stay like this forever?" I ask.

"Hole up in this hotel and live on room service?" Albie asks. "I think that can be arranged."

"It's like your own private kingdom."

"I’ll be the master of my hotel room," Albie says.

"Is your father going to disown you?" I ask.

Albie pushes my hair away from my forehead, his touch gentle. "No," he says. "He asked if I loved you, you know. I went to tell him and your mother, before I left."

"Did he flip out?" I ask.

And the better question: Did my mother flip out?

"He doesn't know we're here exactly," Albie says, chuckling. "But he asked if I was in love with you and I said yes."

"That’s it?”

"He said he was young and headstrong and stubborn once, too," Albie says.

"When he was with your mother.”

"It was his way of giving us his blessing."

"You know that my mother is not going to give us her blessing," I note.

"No more talk about our parents or tabloids or scandal or the paparazzi standing outside the hotel downstairs or –"

"There are photographers outside?" I squeal.

"We just caused a rather large scandal, you know,” he says, tilting my chin up to bring my lips to his.

Then I don’t care about the scandal. I don’t care what his father or my mother think.

I don’t care that he’s royalty.

I only care about this moment with him.

Albie rolls me over, pinning me underneath him, his hands pulling mine over my head. “No more talk,” he says, pressing his hardness against my leg. “Unless it’s you telling me you’re mine.”

“I am,” I whisper. “I’m yours.”

He kisses me with bruising intensity, his tongue finding mine. He kisses me like he possesses me. He kisses me like he owns me.

And I like it.

I want to be his.

Pinning my hands over my head with one hand, he uses the other to roam my body, marking me with his touch. The heat from his palm flows through my skin, sending pleasure through my body to my core.

“All of you, Belle,” he whispers, turning me over onto my stomach before I even know what he’s doing. His hand runs down my back and over my rear, and I know what he’s doing.

The anticipation of it makes me wet.

Every cell in my body feels awake, on edge, with the knowledge of how exactly he wants to claim me.

He palms my ass cheek, before pulling back his hand and returning it to my rear with a loud smack.

“Yes,” I whisper.

“I want you on your knees, Belle,” he says, bringing his hand down on my ass cheek again. The slap brings tears to my eyes, but only for a moment before I rise to my hands and knees and his fingers find their way between my legs. “You’re so fucking wet again. You love being spanked, don’t you?”

“Yes.” I barely choke out the word, but not because I’m in pain. It’s because I’m so aroused. And the thought of having his cock in my ass again, of giving myself to him in every way including that one, only makes it more intense.

“Do you trust me, luv?” he asks, his fingers stroking my pussy lips but not entering me, only teasing me.

“I trust you,” I whisper.

“Good,” he says, standing up and walking away. “I want you to touch yourself while you wait for me.”

I mutely obey, touching myself as I look over my shoulder to watch him open the box of sex toys he’d brought. He turns around with the gold dildo in his hands. “Have you used this on yourself yet, luv?”

Arousal rushes through me at the sight of it. “No,” I answer honestly.

“Did you think about it?”

“Yes.” I thought about using it. I thought about pressing it against my entrance, thrusting it inside while picturing Albie’s cock inside me.

That was before I’d had the real thing.

“I want your ass, Belle,” he says, walking toward me. “Do you trust me completely?”

“Yes.” The word comes out breathy as my fingers move more quickly over my clit.

He presses the tip of the dildo against my pussy. “Do you know what’s special about this being gold, Belle?” he asks, as the head of the cock enters me.

“No,” I moan. The initial shock of the cool metal against my skin gives way as he enters me, heat rushing through me.

“Metal conducts heat,” he whispers, thrusting it inside me. He’s right. It warms almost immediately, the sensation different from anything I’ve ever felt before. "It vibrates, you know."

“Oh my God,” I gasp, as he turns it on.

“But you’re not going to come, luv,” he says. “You’re not going to come from that. Not until I say you can, do you understand?”


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