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The tall, dark man easily stepped around the men standing in front of him. Hennessy’s gleaming white teeth were bared in an unwelcoming snarl.

“What the fuck are you doing here, Jackal?”

“I thought I’d come for a visit.”

The Road Kingz’ president looked at the white do-rag on his head. A mirthless smile was Hennessy’s only response. The man had always been an asshole.

“We need to talk.”

“We don’t have shit to talk about. Get your ass off my club’s property before one of my men takes that white rag and shoves it up your ass.”

“I’m doing you a solid by coming here.”

“Really?” Contemptuously, Hennessy walked around him.

Jackal didn’t move as Hennessy lifted his black leather jacket, searching for weapons. Then Jackal received no warning before there was a hard shove to his back. Managing to catch himself, he moved toward the doorway that the men had moved away from so he could enter.

Jackal scrutinized the place as he crossed the threshold of the clubhouse. Damn, his brothers didn’t know how good they had it. The Predators’ clubhouse was like the Marriot compared to the Road Kingz’.

The large room was filled with broken pieces of furniture, empty beer and liquor bottles littering every available space. The lone trashcan was filled to capacity with empty bottles scattered on the floor. Jackal pictured the lazy bottom dwellers pitching the empties, too busy playing video games and smoking joints to take out the trash.

Hennessy didn’t give a fuck about Jackal’s opinion.

“You’re not going to offer me a beer? It’s been a long drive.”

The Glock Hennessy pulled out from his back showed the large man was fed up with Jackal’s attempt at small talk.

“I’d tell you that you have five seconds to tell me what you want, but you’ve already used three of them.” Hennessy pressed the Glock to his temple. “And don’t think I don’t know why you’re here. That bitch yours?”

“Hell no.” Jackal stared him in the eyes so that Hennessy could see he was telling the truth.

“You didn’t tell me you had a sister when we were in juvie.”

“She’s not my sister.”

“So if she’s not your sister or your bitch, why are you standing in my club?”

“She a friend of the Predators’.”

“Shit.” Hennessy snorted sarcastically. “You’re lying. The Predators don’t have any friends. I can vouch for that.” He lowered his weapon, replacing it behind his back.

“Technically, she is. Ice’s old lady is Penni’s employee. Ice is worried that his woman won’t get paid since she’s not there to sign the check.”

“Don’t make me pull out my gun again. This time, I’ll shoot your lying ass.”

Jackal sighed. “Ice has gotten soft in his old age. His woman and Penni are friends. Ice doesn’t want her upset since they found out her mother’s dying.”

No hint of compassion touched Hennessy’s chiseled features. “She’s not here anymore.”

Jackal arched his brow humorlessly. “Now who’s lying? I told you I was doing a solid. I didn’t take part when the Predators tossed you and DJ out of the club—”

“You didn’t step in, either, did you, brother?” Hennessy snarled.

“No, I didn’t. I would’ve if you would have been willing to cut DJ loose.”

“He’s dead.” Hennessy didn’t show any of the pain Jackal was sure he was feeling.


Hennessy shrugged. “It’s been coming for months.”

Jackal agreed. Some souls were doomed from birth. DJ had been one of them.

DJ, Hennessy, and Jackal had joined the Predators around the same time, each coming from a screwed up childhood, searching for some place to call home. Jackal had found it with the Predators. Hennessy could have, too, but he hadn’t wanted to leave DJ. DJ had nearly gotten them all killed during a buy. He had been weak, and the Predators had cut him loose. Hennessy had known DJ wouldn’t have survived without him taking his back. It seemed even that hadn’t been enough to keep him alive.

“I don’t want to butt into your club’s business, but Ice is willing to pay for her and make sure there won’t be any blowback to the Road Kingz.” Jackal didn’t know how Ice was going to keep that promise. Penni would drive to the police station as soon as she was released. The only reason Jackal hadn’t been arrested when he had kidnapped her was Shade had explained how the Predators had helped reunite Lily and her childhood friends.

“She’s not here.” Hennessy repeated. He had been the best poker player in the club when he had been a Predator.

“Penni was on the phone with Grace when her car ran out of gas.”

His face didn’t twitch at Jackal’s words.

Sighing, he nodded his head at the cell phone sitting on top of the trash can.

Hennessy furiously smashed his elbow into the face of the soldier standing next to him. “I told you to get rid of it.”

“I can see how you managed to take control of the Road Kingz,” Jackal remarked.

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