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“A smart man would patch her.”

“Jackal likes to keep his options open.” Penni circled her hands around his wrists yet didn’t twist away from his touch.

“Options are good.” A woman wearing a dress that was meant to be a beach cover-up smiled at him seductively. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Jackal could easily see her breasts and the naked pussy that was within easy reach.

Jackal felt Penni tense, and he lowered his chin to her shoulder.

“A man doesn’t need options when he has Penni. She’s a handful.” He tightened his arms around her. “She doesn’t need a patch; Penni knows who she belongs to.”

“What about them?” The biker nodded to the large group of bikers gathered around the parking lot.

“I can protect what’s mine.” Jackal stared at the biker who was measuring him up before his greedy gaze traveled down Penni’s body to where Jackal’s hands possessively rested on her belly. “We gonna have a problem?”

The biker got his message, shaking his head. “No problem. Like I said, you’re a lucky man.” He stepped away, unfortunately not taking the whore with him.

“My name’s Misty.”


“My name is Penni.”

Misty ignored her, her fingers tracing down the sleeve of his leather jacket. “I’ve heard of the Predators.” She dropped her hand down to his thigh. “Let’s go for a ride.”

Jackal pushed her hand away. “No.”

She pouted. “We could have a good time.”

“Fuck off.”

Her face fell. “Could have been fun.”

Jackal didn’t watch as she disappeared.

“Don’t let me stop you from having fun.”

“I am having fun; can’t you tell?”

Her infectious giggle had him smiling down at her.

“Smiling isn’t your best feature,” she commented.

“Max says that all time, but I tell him he’s just jealous.”

“I don’t think Casey would agree.”

Seeing Penni loosen up had him wanting to carry her into the hotel and lock the door. Jackal would rather be fucking her than forced to sit next to her while Hennessy and the Road Kingz tried to find out if anyone was hustling in large amounts of coke. Jackal thought they stood a better chance of getting arrested from an undercover cop.

The bikers became more boisterous as the day dragged on. When it began to get dark, Jackal walked with Penni into the park where a stage had been set up. There were at least thirty women waiting for the wet short contest.

“Want to join in?” He joked at her wide-eyed stare. Jackal knew it wasn’t the mostly shirtless male bikers crowding around the stage that had her attention. The women even made him look.

He ran a hand across the back of his neck. Jesus, it looked like a tit-fest.

“I thought it was a wet ‘short’ contest.”

“It is. That’s why they can’t wear anything else.”

“I didn’t know a thong is considered a pair of shorts.” Penni stared at him accusingly.

Jackal held his hands up. “Hey, it wasn’t my idea.”

“Most of those women look drunk. You’re gonna watch, though, aren’t you?”

He turned his head to where the women were waiting for their turn. “Damn straight.”

Laughing, he dodged the fist that was aimed at his shoulder.

“Don’t worry; none of them can hold a candle to you.”

She quit hitting him. “Like you’re ever going to see my boobs.”

Jackal watched her cross her arms in front of her chest.

“Afraid you can’t measure up to the competition?”

“Good things come in tiny packages,” she said stiffly.

“Yes, they do. Don’t worry; I saw the picture Casey sent Max. Believe me; you have more than enough for me. If you were up there, you would win my vote.” Jackal’s attempt to placate Penni backfired when Hennessy looked her over critically.

“He’s right; you should do it.”

“Not in a million years.” Penni glared at Hennessy with a mask of resolution.

“You would be able to see up there. You could spot Striker and tell Jackal where he is.”


“We’re never going to be able to spot him in this crowd.”

Jackal had to admit Hennessy was right.

“Penni …?” He stared back at her, letting her have the chance to let the truth sink in. She was going to have to do it.

“I’m not going to take off my top and show my breasts to hundreds of people! I don’t even have on shorts.”

“You’re wearing a thong,” Jackal reminded her.

“I’m not going out there in a damn thong!” She began walking away from them. The Road Kingz closed their ranks around her, not letting her go anywhere.

With remorse, he saw her angry eyes flick toward his. She expected him to put a stop to Hennessy’s order.

“Most of the men here are so drunk they won’t remember …” Jackal realized he wasn’t helping. “I’ll make sure no one touches you.”

“Don’t do me any favors.” She turned to face Hennessy. “Any of you assholes have a knife?”

Did she seriously expect him to give her a weapon she could use against them?

“As much as I want to use it on you, I want to cut off my jeans,” she explained.

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