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“If I kiss you, are you going to bite me again?”

“Try it and find out for yourself!”

Jackal curled his lips up into a smile against the curve of her throat.

“No thanks. I’ll try my luck somewhere else.” He pressed a kiss to the hollow of her throat, flicking out his tongue to taste her. She tasted as good as she smelled, like peaches on a warm summer day.

She reminded him of when he had been a little boy and stayed with his grandparents for the summers in Georgia. They had an orchard of peaches, and he would help pick them. At that age, he had eaten more than he had picked, loving the velvet texture as he bit into one and the sweet flesh inside.

Sliding his lips upward, he nibbled on her earlobe. “Kiss me back.”

“Kiss my ass.”

“Don’t tempt me.” Staring into her eyes, he let her see how much he wanted her.

He was a Predator by name and nature. The brothers would mock him if they saw him appearing vulnerable. Sometimes, however, the predator became the prey.

Risking the chance of receiving another scar, he lowered his mouth to her lips. It would be worth the pain to taste her.

It was a mixture of heaven and hell. While Penni’s warm mouth was better than any woman he had kissed before, the knowledge that he might never taste her again was torture.

Step by step, he had led her to discover that he could give her what she needed. He could handle the fire inside her.

Using his tongue to rub against hers, he then twisted hers, leading her into his mouth. Her passion built as she lifted her hips up, pressing against the bulge of his dick behind his jeans.

Jackal was the one who broke off the kiss, pressing his forehead against hers.

“What’s wrong?” Penni’s raspy voice nearly had him coming in his jeans.

“I have to catch my breath.”

“Have you caught it yet?”

He raised up enough to stare down at her. “I have the feeling I’m never going to be able to catch it whenever you kiss me.”

She strained at his hold on her wrists. Releasing her, he expected her to smack him, but unexpectedly, she pressed her hands on each side of his face. Her blue eyes stared at him as if she didn’t see his scarred cheek.

“You have to remember to breathe through your nose.”

“I know how to kiss.”

“It was just a suggestion.”

Clearly, his kiss hadn’t rocked her world. Jackal could understand why her many relationships had failed. Penni’s abrasive attitude was a cock blocker. No normal man wanted his ego ripped to shreds. Fortunately, he wasn’t normal, and his ego could take it. She might twist his guts into knots, but like the kiss, he would risk it. He wasn’t afraid of pain.

He wanted to start his motorcycle and ride until no one could find them. The loud noises from the crowd were a distraction he didn’t want. He didn’t want anything to take away from this moment …

“You’re going to have to save this for later,” Hennessy interrupted.

Jackal groaned, lifting his head. Licking his bottom lip, he imprinted her pliant image in his mind then helped her to straighten. She sat mutely, not butting in as Hennessy motioned for the Road Kingz to surround them. That’s a first, Jackal thought sardonically, not expecting it to last.

The dangerous tension spread among them. Cruz, as Hennessy’s enforcer, took his flank. Jackal was impressed as he maneuvered the Road Kingz so bystanders wouldn’t be able to see what was taking place from within the enclosed circle.

“If anything goes down, stick to me. Got me?”


He was so proud when Penni didn’t show the fear she must be feeling.

Cruz stepped in to allow Striker to enter the circle then closed ranks, preventing prying eyes from watching.

Jackal stood in front of Penni, his hand riding low at his back, under his jacket and on the handle of his Glock. Any move that threatened Penni, he would drop Striker, regardless if Hennessy’s life depended on him.

“Where’s my money?” Hennessy demanded.

“I don’t have it.”

“Then there better be smack in that duffle bag.” Hennessy raised his T-shirt, showing the Glock tucked into the waist of his jeans.

“How do I know you won’t kill me as payback for DJ?

“You’re lucky that you’re not already dead.” Hennessy’s unfeeling voice had Striker’s eyes flickering over the men surrounding him.

“I didn’t lay a hand on him. I went to take a piss, and when I came out, Ricky had killed him.” He leaned sideways so that he could see Penni. “The bitch will tell you that I’m telling the truth.”

Hennessy turned so he could keep his eyes on Striker and Penni.

“That true?”

Jackal knew Hennessy was playing with Striker. Penni had already told him Ricky was responsible for DJ’s death.

“Tell him!” Striker demanded urgently.

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