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“How many biker clubs does this bitch know?” Hennessy asked, running his hand over his bald head.

“Stud and Cade aren’t here because of Penni. They’re here because of the cartel,” Viper explained, his mouth twitching at Hennessy’s aggravated expression.

Cade took a step forward. “The cartel is responsible for my wife’s father and her sister’s death. If they’ve targeted you, you’re not going to get away from them alive.”

Jackal looked at the grim faces in the room. All this shit for nothing. Hennessy’s club wasn’t big enough to deal with the fallout from the cartel and The Last Riders. One was bad enough; two was the end. Hennessy’s fixed stare said he knew it, too.

“The Blue Horsemen are willing to help. Fat Louise deserves justice for her family being killed. She risked her life to save her sister from her husband’s cartel and bring her back from Mexico.”

“We’re willing to help, too.” Viper nodded.

Hennessy’s surprised gaze swung to Viper. “Why would you help?”

“Two reasons: Shade found out the reason you took Penni as hostage was to get drugs back from one of your members who had bought them from the cartel behind your back. Shade said you had no idea that the member had commissioned the drug sale.”

“I didn’t, but DJ was like flesh and blood to me. I couldn’t leave him high and dry.”

“Instead, another of the Road Kingz killed him,” Shade remarked, going to the small fridge and taking out a bottled water, giving it to Hennessy.

“Yes, I made sure he didn’t have any money to buy drugs for himself. I thought he was clean. When I found the drugs in his room and saw he was high, he admitted what he had done. Then I set up the buy with Striker. Since then, it’s been one cluster-fuck after another.”

“The Silva Cartel is extremely dangerous. Not only do they have a lot of manpower, but they have the Unjust Soldiers to do their dirty work in the States,” Lucky commented, leaning against the wall. “If we’re going to do this, The Last Riders, Stud’s club, and yours will have to take precautions. Not only will they try to attack the clubhouses, but anyone who is connected to them. That means the women or any assets the clubs may have.”

“Shit. They’re that strong?” Jackal should be worried about the Predators, but it was a blonde his thoughts shifted to.

Lucky looked at Viper who nodded his head. “I dealt with this cartel once before,” he admitted. “It was six years ago. I was involved with a task force to stop them from smuggling women out of the United States. We arrested the smugglers but couldn’t lay our hands on the cartel. I’d like to even the score for those women and Fat Louise.

“With your help, we could lure them to Treepoint and take them down once and for all. Viper’s on top of the security here, but can your clubs handle the fallout?”

Stud, Ice, and Hennessy stared at each other.

“So you’re going to use the Road Kingz as bait?” Hennessy asked Viper.


“If my club helps, then you let us leave without any blowback for Penni?”


“Then let’s fucking get it on, brother.”


The sound of laughter hit her when she entered Shade’s home. Sex Piston’s little boy and Beth’s twin boys were sitting on the floor, playing with John. The women were in the kitchen and in the dining room, making a picnic, and Fat Louise was sitting on the rocking chair, watching the children.

“You look fabulous,” Penni complimented. The woman glowed with happiness. She looked like she was pregnant with a small basketball.

“I look huge.” Fat Louise smiled, patting her pregnant belly.

“It’s not much longer, is it?”

“Three more months.”

“Enjoy. Lily didn’t sleep the first four months with John.”

“I keep telling myself that.”

“I’m going upstairs to change.” Penni waved at Sex Piston, Crazy Bitch, Killyama, and Beth as she went up the steps.

She hurried through a shower then slipped on a pair of faded jeans and a flowery top that swung as she moved. Picking up her cell phone, she saw a message she had missed from Lily and a call from Grace.

Sitting down on the side of the bed, she dialed Grace’s number.

“What’s up, girl? If you’re calling me to tell me you can’t come back to work yet, I’ve told you to take—”

“Oceane passed away.” Her friend’s voice was husky and held a wealth of pain.

“I’m so sorry, Grace. I’m packing my suitcase. I can be there in—”

“No, stay in Treepoint. My dad isn’t handling it well. I need to concentrate on him right now.”

“What about you? You’re important, too.”

“I’m fine. Ice stayed and helped me, but we both agreed that Dad and Dax wanted to be alone. I’ll stay here for a couple of weeks before I come home. My dad’s so angry, Penni.” Grace’s voice dropped. “I’ve never seen him like this.”

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