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“Woman, we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

“Yes, we are,” Penni promised as he shoved his disgusting tongue down her throat.

Not able to control her gag reflex any longer, she pulled her tongue from harm’s way. The teeth that her dentist had charged a small fortune for bit down, nearly ripping the offending invader from her mouth, but he couldn’t seek sanctuary.

She ignored the bloodcurdling screams that filled the bar as she pressed against his chest, engaging the trigger on her Taser.

Penni didn’t let him go until he was writhing in agony and had pissed himself. Then she stumbled to her feet, grabbing for her purse as she ran toward the door. She almost lost her balance in the flight but managed to right herself as she reached the door.

The humid air filled her lungs as she took a flying leap off the step. Then …

“No!” Penni found herself pinned within a pair of strong arms that refused to relinquish her struggling body.

“I didn’t know we’re having a party, Hennessey.”

Penni found herself surrounded by at least twenty men. She was under no illusions that she had found a savior. The arms that were wrapped around her roughly were covered in tattoos. The one who had two tear drop tattoos at the corners of his eyes had her wishing fervently Shade would miraculously show up.

The dark-skinned man came to stop next to him. “If Ricky and DJ are screwing around when they’re supposed to be watching for Striker, I’m going kick their asses. Cruz, you’re responsible if they screw up this meeting,” Hennessey threatened, coming to a stop, his eyes widening in surprise.

Penni saw the expression mirrored on their faces when the door opened behind her.

“What the fuck happened to you?” The man holding her—named Cruz—was obviously angry.

“The bitch almost bit off my tongue.”

“What did he say?” Hennessey questioned the man Penni guessed was his second in command from his appearance.

Penni tightened her lips. Damned if she would help the bastard explain himself.

The man who had tried to rape her jerked her out of Cruz’s arms. She wasn’t given time to react before she felt her cheek absorb the shock of landing on the ground.

“Fucking bitch! I’m going to kill you.” Boots kicked out at her out, one after another, as she tried to catch her breath.

Penni used her nails to crawl away from the attack until a large pair of boots had her looking up.

Hennessey stared down at her furiously. She refused to flinch as he picked her up.

Penni waited for the attack to continue. She was smart enough to realize the man holding her wouldn’t be as easy to escape from.

As soon as the dark man had touched her, Ricky had stepped back. The man who had her now was the one calling the shots. Yes, this man was the president. His towering height had her standing up straight, glaring into his eyes. Penni made sure to notice every detail she could use as a weapon, like the diamonds in his ears glinting in the light from the door.

The expensive jewelry could potentially be used as a weapon, but it would be one of the only ones. The president was easily as big as Max with a bald head that made his frown even more menacing. Penni knew he was the more dangerous one.


“Got her.”

“Sy, let me know when Striker gets here.”

“No problem.” The biker who answered took a seat on one of the bikes, looking like he was pissed about missing the confrontation brewing between the two bikers.

“He’s already shown up.” The man who had chased after her from inside of the bar glared at her with retribution in his eyes before his face filled with fear at the dark brown man who was unsettled by his answer.

“He showed early?”

Penni found herself handed back over to the stranger who had stopped her panicked flight. He carried her back inside the empty bar.

“Why’d he show?”

The twenty men who followed them in came to a stop at the sight of the body lying on the floor.

“DJ better be sleeping.” Hennessey’s growl had her attempted rapist paling.

“It was an accident …” Ricky stammered.

Penni wanted to place herself as far away from the body as she could. Unfortunately, the man in charge and his men blocked her escape route.

She didn’t flinch when Hennessey pulled out a gun from under his leather vest.

“Why is the only other black brother dead?”

“I caught DJ calling Striker, telling him to show up early. He was going to take the money and disappear before you and the brothers could get here. If I didn’t try to stop him, he would have taken off with our money.”

“He’s lying,” Penni found herself saying then found herself shoved into a chair. Cruz placed a heavy hand on her shoulder.

Ricky had taken a step toward her, but Hennessey blocked him before he could reach her.

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