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“Are you trying to get me high?”

“Will it put you in a better mood?”

“Babe, if you want to put me in a better mood, let’s go to my room.” Jackal gazed at the cleavage exposed by her blouse.

Penni lowered her lashes. “You don’t want a rematch?”

Jackal popped the brownie in his mouth. “Rave, give me that bottle of rum.” Taking the bottle in his hand, he spun Penni off the stool, steering her through the throng of brothers and bitches hanging around.

“Why do you want to go to your room so early? It’s only ten.”

“I’m not spending my whole night off with the brothers when I can spend it fucking you.”

Penni took a step backward after he closed the door.

He didn’t bother with the lamp; he could see her well enough from the light left on in his bathroom.

She loosened the ties at her throat, showing the lacy peach bra that had teased him throughout the night.

“Haven’t you had enough of me yet?” she teased him, taking off her top and letting it slip through her fingers.

In the two months they had been together, Jackal had discovered Penni wasn’t shy. She enjoyed sex as much he did. She could play shy, but then she turned into a vixen without blinking an eye. She could flirt one day then be standoffish the next day, making him work to get her in bed. She had crumbled any preconceived beliefs he’d had about women. When Penni had made her mind up that she wanted him, there had been no half-measures; she had given herself fully and expected the same from him. But his favorite act was what she was doing now: baiting him, showing the sexy attitude that could bring him to his knees.

She took her time wiggling out of her jeans before bending over to show her breasts that were almost spilling out of her bra.

“Not yet.” He huskily groaned when she walked to the new bed he had bought last month.

She had refused to sleep over until he had bought it, joking that his old one had cooties. Jackal hadn’t wanted her to be reminded of the other women he had been with when he was fucking her. Therefore, he had paid for the bed, but Penni had picked it out. It was fancy for his taste, but she had insisted, so he had given in.

Ice had laughingly said Penni had him by the balls, and he’d admitted she did, especially when she gave a performance the way she was now, gripping the metal post at the corner of the bed.

“Are you hard?”

“You want me to show you?”

“God, yes.” She licked her bottom lip.

Jackal set down the bottle of rum on his nightstand before turning on the lamp. Then, removing his clothes, he stepped over them, reaching for her.

The tsk-tsking sound had him clenching his hands to keep from jerking her to him. Penni crouched down by the bed, giving Jackal a view of the peach panties covering her pussy.

“Who gave you that move?” he asked.

“Sherri. You like it?”

“Yeah. She give you any other pointers?” Jackal’s hand went to his dick, rubbing his thumb over the head.

Penni pranced forward before dropping down in front of him. Brushing his hand out of the way, she circled the head of his cock with her mouth. As she twirled her tongue over him, unbelievable pleasure tore at his restraint.

She flicked her tongue down the length of his cock, gently taking each of the nine balls along his dick into her mouth before releasing it.


“Don’t you trust me?” She laid the side of her face on his pelvis, her hand sliding up and down him.

Jackal jutted out his hips, silently demanding for her to take him into her mouth. “If I didn’t trust you, you wouldn’t be so close to my dick.”

She chuckled, her golden curls dancing in the light from the lamp. Jackal used the opportunity to twine his fingers through her hair, holding her steady.

“Babe, you’re driving me crazy.”

“It’s supposed to be sexy.”

“Who told you that?”

“I read it in a magazine.”

“Can I borrow it when you leave on Monday?” Jackal was already resenting the two weeks she would be gone when Mouth2Mouth left for Canada.

“I’m going to bring you a big stack of magazines. They’ll keep you busy while I’m gone. Besides, you might learn a thing or two.”

“Like what?”

“Like, there are hundreds of ways we can have sex besides the two you like.”

“Babe, I like what I like.”

Penni fell to the floor, laughing. “I love when you joke around with me.”

Jackal sat down on the floor, leaning back against his bed. He grabbed one of her feet, slowly dragging her closer to him. She stared at him, startled.

“If you want something different, I can do different.” He took her other foot in his hand, pulling the lower half of her body up to his.

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