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Zerina’s gaze skittered from Hades to the door.

“Don’t leave,” he murmured soothingly.

She wasn’t a fool. He knew she was about to run, and he was trying to coax her to stay. If she did, Zerina knew herself well enough to know she couldn’t give herself without giving her heart. Hades had steadily become entrenched already. To give him access to her body would result in giving it all to him.

She was of the light. To think that she would be trapped down here forever because she had fallen in love with Hades wasn’t a decision she could make lightly. She didn’t even know if he wanted eternity with her, or simply the here and now.

Biting her lip in indecision, she trembled when he reached out, taking the bottom of her gown in a hard hand, twisting it around his wrist and tugging her closer.

“I don’t know …”

“Don’t think, Zerina. Don’t you want to feel what I can give you? Let me give you a sample of what I can do to you.”

Hades leaned forward. She had prepared herself to withstand the touch of his hand on her again. What she hadn’t expected was it wasn’t his hand he used.

He pressed his face against her pussy, twisting the gown tighter over his wrist and holding her in place as he delved his tongue into the crevice between her thighs.

She braced her hands on his shoulders, afraid she would fall from the rapid flicks of his tongue on her clit. He was no longer trying to coax her. He was taking possession.

The unbelievable pleasure was more than she could withstand. When he curled his tongue, stroking her from her clit to her opening, she had to choke back a cry of ecstasy. When he darted his tongue into her opening, she could only shudder, beyond having the willpower to leave the library.

Hades parted her thighs wider with wide shoulders, before lifting one of her legs over his shoulder. He didn’t just make her come; he sent her over a precipice, and like an avalanche, she would become buried in a storm of sensations she wouldn’t be able to find herself again when it was over.

She involuntarily arched her back, allowing him to delve deeper into her channel. His hands at her hips held her steady.

“Hades,” she moaned, unable to stop herself from calling out his name.

He held her with bruising strength. She might be standing over him, but he was the one in control.

Like everyone in his domain, she found herself at his mercy. He licked, stroked, and sucked with a voracious appetite that sucked her into thinking he wanted her as badly as she did him.

Zerina wanted to reach out and comfort the soul deep within him. She almost touched his cheek, yet she was afraid to show how much she was beginning to care for him.

For all his arrogance, Hades seemed lonely. Her gentle soul wanted to soothe the god who humans believed to be a monster, demon, or the nightmare their reality had portrayed him to be. They couldn’t be more wrong.

He kept them at bay, stopping them from taking over the earth. In return, he was given a castle where laughter was seldom heard, and servants who trembled before him.

Her ecstasy building, she bucked against his tongue as he relentlessly massaged the walls of her pussy. Desperate cries came from her throat as her orgasm exploded within her. She would have crumpled to the floor if he hadn’t been holding her.

Paralyzing euphoria had her staring down into his face as he gently removed her leg from his shoulder, unwinding her gown from his wrist and letting it fall back down, covering her.

Unable to believe what she had just let happen, she took a step back. The dark god tried to reach for her, but she shook her head at the desire in his eyes. Zerina knew if he touched her again, she would become his lover, totally possessed by Hades until he was ready to release her.

She took another step backward. “I can’t. I won’t.”

Running was the only answer. She wouldn’t give her freedom to the dark king. She was Moirai; they needed the light to survive. Darkness overshadowed light, just as Hades would dominate her until nothing was left. She couldn’t let him use her until there wasn’t anything left to return home.

Home was her mother, father, and her sisters. She imagined their faces before her as she ran, using their strength to help fight the longing that had her wanting to throw herself into his arms. She couldn’t give everything she held dear to the dark king.

Every step she took had her becoming deathly afraid that she had run too late. He had already captured her heart.

Chapter 13

“Zerina!” His commanding voice didn’t have her turning around.

“I need to go!” she choked out as she ran out of the library. She almost fled to her bedroom, but she knew Jinx would be waiting for her.

Turning in the other direction, she fled down the hallway, ignoring Tartarus inquiring gaze. She kept going to the doorway that led underground, staying to the path that took her to the pool.

Zerina didn’t stop until she came to the boulder beside the water. Gasping for breath, she tried to calm the emotions that were still pounding from the climax Hades had given her.

Her body was wound so tightly she felt like she would break into a million parts. Feeling hot and restless, she needed to cool off. More importantly, she needed to wash off Hades’ touch, feeling as if he had never let her go.

She stood up from the boulder, looking around and seeing she was alone. She then took off her gown, laying it on the boulder before wading into the water.

Keeping to the shallow side of the pool, she made her way to the waterfall. Using her foot to find the narrow step she had discovered when swimming with Jinx, she found the smooth ledge where she could sit and feel the spray of the waterfall without it hitting her directly.

She sat until the fire from Hades’ touch eased. Then she walked along the ledge until she was directly behind the waterfall. There, she could stand without the full force of the water hitting her, and she could see she was still alone in the cavern.

Water fell, hitting her head and wetting her hair, turning it into a silky mass that reached the curve of her bottom. Raising her hands, she lifted her hair until she could feel the water hitting her naked back.

She was lost in thou

ght as she let the water run down the front of her body, caressing her breasts and running from her flat waistline, to the mound of her pussy, down her legs to puddle at her feet. Then she looked up to see Hades directly across from her, staring.

Meeting her eyes, Hades waved his hand.

Zerina could only stare as he walked naked into the water.

To say his body was magnificent didn’t give it justice. Broad shoulders led down to a powerful chest that tapered down to the defined muscles of his abs. Her inventory of Hades’ body stopped at his rock-hard cock that rose to his waist. Licking her lips, she tasted the water that was coming from above.

He came to a stop when the water came up to his thighs. “You look like a siren standing there.” His voice was so low she could barely hear it, yet there was no mistaking the desire in his eyes. “Gods and humans think I’m dangerous. Zerina, you’re the dangerous one. I can’t get your taste out of my mind. That’s twice you’ve lured me in and left me wanting more.”

“I didn’t lure you in—”

“Yes, you did, with every glance or word you have. It may not have been deliberate, but you have. I can prove it to you. Call for me, Zerina. I’m not going to touch you again until I know it’s what you want. Call to me.”

“No.” Zerina stood behind the waterfall as if it was made of steel instead of insubstantial water.

He brought his hand to his cock, stroking it unashamedly as he watched her reaction. She felt her nipples tauten as her breath escalated.

“Call me, Zerina.” The low timbre of his voice tugged at the muscles in her pussy, sending them strumming in need. “When you call me, do you want to know what I’m going to do to you?”

Fascinated, she watched Hades stroke his cock, the tip growing an angry purple color, his eyes fixated between her thighs. She felt an invisible hand glide up her thigh, cupping her firmly.

“That isn’t fair.”

“You’ve played chess with me; you know I don’t play fair.”

“I am of the light …” she began.

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