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“Would any of them be you?” Zerina shook her head. That Morgana thought her threats would motivate her release showed how insane the woman was. “I’m sorry, but I agree with Jinx. My family and I are safer with you in Hades’ cell.”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” she hissed, a drop of spittle landing on Zerina’s gown.

Brushing it off, she walked out of the cell, making sure she closed and locked it behind her.

“That old witch scares me,” Jinx mumbled as if she was afraid of being heard.

“Don’t be,” Zerina said, wearily continuing her walk through the tunnel.

“Can we please go back now?”

“No.” Forging ahead, her foot scraped a rock. Feeling the slippery wetness of blood, she didn’t look down. It was too dark to see clearly, anyway.

When the tunnel came to an end, she saw Maxi digging the same hole he had been digging when she had first seen him.

“We’ve been walking in a circle.” Jinx’s statement had Zerina lowering herself down next to Maxi as he continued to dig.

“You really don’t know the way out, do you?”

“I told you I didn’t.” Jinx stared at her sorrowfully.

Maxi ignored them as they rested.

The sight of a dark cloak had her raising her eyes to see Grimm above her.

“Hades wants you to return to your room.”

Zerina didn’t speak as she turned to the side, as if giving the reaper the cold shoulder would work. It didn’t. Seconds later, she found both her and Jinx returned to her room.

Furious, she started storming from the room.

“Save yourself the trouble. The door is locked. Hades told me to inform you that, until you’re ready to obey and stay to the areas he designated to you, you will remain in your room.”

“So now I’m his prisoner?”

“You’ve always been his prisoner. You fooled yourself if you believed any differently.”

Unable to take her fury out on Hades, she went to the portrait closest to her, trying to knock it off the wall. When that didn’t work, she went to the one on the opposite wall.

“What are you doing?” Grimm watched her as if she had taken leave of her senses, as Morgana had.

“I want them out of my sight!” she yelled.

“You’re being a little melodramatic, aren’t you?”

Zerina’s vulnerable eyes met his. “Grimm, you’re a cousin of the Moirai. I know we have met only a few times, but I’m asking you to take them from my room.”

Grimm hesitated, as if he was listening to someone talking in his head. Zerina knew who he was talking to. Then he waved a hand, removing the portraits from her room.

“Jinx’s, too. I go in there sometimes.”

Grimm waved his hand again. “Satisfied?”

Zerina didn’t know if Grimm or Hades was asking, but it didn’t make a difference.

“I won’t be satisfied until I can leave this place.”

“After your bath, I’ll send for dinner.”

“Send it to Jinx’s room. I’m not hungry. After my bath, I’m going to bed. I’m tired.”

“You tired yourself needlessly. You have no chance of escaping Hades.”

“That’s what I told Morgana.”

“Don’t try to go near Morgana again. Hades made allowances for your anger today. Tomorrow, he might not be so understanding.”

“Hades understanding? He doesn’t understand anything that deals with me. Don’t worry; I’ll stay out of Hades’ sight if he stays out of mine.”

“You’ll change your mind. Hades can be persuasive when he wants to be.”

Zerina gave a mocking laugh. “He won’t fool me twice. If you’ll excuse me, I’d like to take my bath now.”

With a wave of his hand, Grimm disappeared.

“Do you really mean you’ll stay cooped up in this room until Hades releases you?”

Zerina walked across the thick carpet. “He’s never going to release me.” She swayed with tiredness. “Jinx, do whatever you can to save yourself. Maybe he’ll let you go if he sees that I don’t need you anymore.”

Zerina heard her sniffle.

“You hate me now?”

“No, Jinx. I just don’t think it’s fair that your freedom is denied because of me. You’ll die down here without the sunlight. Your hair doesn’t glitter anymore. If you stay for me, then a part of me will be like Hades, and I don’t want anything in common with him.”

“That’s why you didn’t let me change your clothes; you were worried about me?”

“Yes. You’re my friend, Jinx. No man, even Hades, will come between


“I’ll stay longer, just until I’m sure you no longer need me.”

“Jinx … go. Save yourself. He might let you come back.”

“He won’t. I’ll wait a few days longer, then I’ll ask.”

Zerina knew it was no use arguing further. The fairy had always been stubborn. She had to be to survive.

She ran her bath, then dipped her hand into the water to make sure it was warm. After taking off her gown, she sank down in the water. Raising the foot she had scraped in the tunnel, she saw it was already healed.

Leaning her head back, she sank under the water to her neck. Hades had healed her hurt foot, but he hadn’t removed the soreness from having sex with him. Her core was still sore, and she had seen bruises where he had held her hips.

When she finished, she wrapped a towel around herself before returning to her room to find Jinx sleeping on her bed. She had circles under her eyes and her skin was pale. Plus, the shimmer of glitter on her skin was gone.

Her vision blurred at the sight of her friend.

“I can make her better.”

Zerina clutched the towel to her at the sound of Hades’ voice behind her. “How?”

“I can send her home.”

“What do you want in return?”

“That you don’t confine yourself to your room and stay out of the tunnels.”

“That’s it?”


Zerina bowed her head. “Then send her home. She’s dying.”

When Jinx disappeared from her bed, Zerina instantly felt alone.

She turned around and saw that, not only was Jinx gone, but so was Hades.

She was alone, with no one to turn to, in the last place on earth she ever expected to be. Her mother had always said she would be there for her, but even she couldn’t help her now.

She straightened her shoulders regally. Her fate might be resting in Hades’ hands, but she was going to take it back tomorrow, and put it exactly where it belonged—in hers.

Chapter 18

Destiny watched the bitch who had nipped at her laugh at something Rocque said as two of his male pack members cleared the table of the meal they had eaten. She had taken a chair when she had entered the cabin, listening as they talked about the devastation that was taking place among the humans.

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