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“Maybe it’s because you sneaked up behind me. Maybe it was because you keep telling me you love me. Or maybe because the demon inside me just doesn’t want to feel what you arouse in me.”

“I do?”

“A few.”

Zerina gave a broken laugh. “I’ll take that. I’ll take anything you give me.”


“Anything.” Her lips turned seductive. “My dark king, my body and heart is at your disposal.”

Hades groaned, burying his face in her midnight-black hair. “Are you trying to tempt me to show my dark side?”

She lowered her lashes, staring at him as she licked her bottom lip. “Is there ever a dark side when you make love to a woman?”

“Oh yes …” He slid the sleeves of her gown down her shoulders. He could have waved his hand to make it disappear, but he wanted to undress her slowly, suggestively.

Removing it, he positioned her in a suggestive pose that had her arms curling above her head and her thighs parted with one leg bent upward. No part of her body was hidden from his ravishing gaze.

“Show me, my dark king.”

Hades’ face sharpened into a taut mask as his body became hard and demanding. Impatiently, he removed his own clothes as he lifted her and turned her until she was on her knees before him. His chest pressed against her back as he brought his mouth to her neck.

Zerina trembled with desire when he opened his mouth to suck on her flesh. She bit back her whimper, her body already on the verge of climax before he even started to make love to her.

Hades ran a commanding hand over her buttocks, cupping it. He released her neck, trailing kisses to her shoulder then down her back, grazing his teeth along her buttocks before she felt him sliding down between her thighs.

With his tongue, he parted the flesh of her pussy, as she gripped the grass she knelt on.

“Open your legs wider.”

Zerina immediately did as he wanted, feeling the warm wetness slip out of her as his tongue found the mark he was searching for.

He circled her hips with his hands to move to the front of her body so he could part the lips of her pussy even farther, giving him more access to her. He clamped down on his hold of her, keeping her steady when she wanted to push back on him.

Gasping, she reminded herself to take deep breaths. Each stroke of his tongue had fire blazing a path inside the sheath she wanted filled.

“What do you want?”

The bastard had read her mind.


“What part of me.”

“You know what part I want.” She quivered when he blew a puff of air on her clit.

“Say it.” He twirled his tongue around her clit, nearly making her see stars in the bright blue sky.

“Your cock. I want your cock.”

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

She could feel his laughter against her flesh. That he could find it amusing while they were making love started a spark inside of her that had nothing to do with desire.

Before he could react, she raised up, knocking him back, then spun around on her knees as she pushed him to the ground.

“Who’s laughing now?” she snarled, pasting a mock smile on her lips. She planted her hands on his chest, keeping him from rising.

“You know you only wanted to be on top.” Hades raised his hands over his head, mimicking her earlier pose.

His cock was already hard, his length gouging into her belly. Being given access to his body was as heady as his strongest wine.

Delicately tracing the length of his cock, she marveled how warm it was to her touch.

Bending her head, she parted her lips to take the tip into her mouth. Hades groaned as she then slipped farther down on him, enclosing his head within her sucking mouth.

Feeling exploratory, she lowered her hand down his length to the heavy sac that was growing tighter as she lowered her head even more.

Hades tugged her down by her hair until she was afraid she would gag. Calming her fears, though, she relaxed, following his mute instructions without experience. Lifting and lowering her head at the pull of her hair, she was soon rhythmically moving her mouth on him.

His plunges took over the rhythm as he arched to reach the back of her throat. Hades was a dominant lover who couldn’t allow her control for long.

Lifting her mouth, she ignored the tugging on her hair, placing kisses on one of his hips.

“Which are your favorite concubines, Hades? The ones who are completely docile?” She kissed the sensitive underside of his cock. “Or assertive?” She didn’t give him time to answer, swallowing his cock to the back of her throat while squeezing the heavy sac in her caressing fingers.

He bunched his fists in her hair, not letting her pull away again as he used his hips to fuck her.

The first time he had plunged his cock in her mouth, he had taken her inexperience into account. Now he made no such concessions, wanting to use her until she lost consciousness.

Jerking her head back as soon as the thought formed in his mind, Hades bit back a grunt as he levered himself up to position her once again on her knees.

He parted her as he poised his cock over her entrance. “I don’t haven’t a preference. I just enjoying fucking.”

Zerina silently screamed in her head, climaxing at his first plunge inside of her. She didn’t want him to have that power over her. She had already been too easy of a conquest. He had already branded his name on her heart and soul; what else could he take?

“I … want … it … all.” He punctuated each word with a hard thrust.

In her mind, she saw the vision he was giving her of him pounding his cock into her wet slit. The erotic sight of watching him fuck her had her moans escalating to shrieks of pleasure.

He brought his hands to her thighs, pulling her farther back on his cock. “I will tell you one thing. None of them feel as good as you.” His raspy voice had her twitching in another climax.

She wanted to sink down onto the grass, but Hades held her upright as he moved harder within her. He used his strength to pound inside of her.

The now familiar sensation of an approaching climax had her pleading, “I can’t come again!”

She heard teeth clenching as he sped up his strokes. He was merciless, driving the sensations into spiraling knots that twisted tighter and tighter.

“You haven’t given in to me yet,” he grated out.

“What do you want!”

“I want what you want. What you keep denying me. Tell me!”

“I’m yours!” she sobbed. “I’m yours!”



She knew she was damned by her admission.

Hades strokes didn’t stop, but they did ease, growing slower as he angled his cock to hit another spot in her spasming pussy.

Her orgasm wasn’t as intense as her other ones, but it was more fulfilling, finally giving her the satisfaction he had been denying her as he stroked his climax alongside hers.

When he pulled out, Zerina collapsed onto the grass, and Hades sat down next to her, running a calming hand over her body, every touch claiming every part of her.

He thumbed a pink nipple. “This is mine.”

“Yes.” She didn’t have the strength to argue.

His placed his hand over her pussy. “This is mine.”


Satisfied, he started to lie down next to her.

Reaching out, she took his hand before he could pull it away, placing it over her heart. “This is yours, too. This is a part of me, too.”

He pulled away to stand up. “You just won’t stop, will you?” He waved his hand, dressing himself, then reached for her.

“You wanted me to admit I was yours. Does that mean I’m only yours when you’re fucking me?”

“Don’t press me, Zerina.”

She bravely reached out, shoving him. “Does it mean I’m only yours when you’re f

ucking me?” she yelled.

“No! Your mine all the time!”

“That’s what I thought.” Zerina bent down to grab her gown, pulling it over her head. Giving him a triumphant look, she ran a hand through her hair to untangle the tumbled mess. “I’m ready to go now.”

“Do you know how close you are to receiving a spanking?”

Interest sparkled in her eyes. “Maybe later. I’m a little sore right now.”

At the sight of Hades’ desire rekindling, Zerina warily took a step back.

“Don’t you come near me.”

He held out his hand. “You don’t want to explore? I don’t know when we’ll be able to come back.”

At his cajoling expression, she reached out and took his hand. They didn’t talk as they walked through the sacred valley.

When they grew tired, they rested underneath large trees on a carpet of grass. Hades leaned back on a tree and pulled her head to lie on his lap as they sat and contemplated the exquisite beauty surrounding them.

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