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Zeus took the first hit, but when her husband threw the second punch, he started hitting back.

Zerina watched in amazement as they fell to the ground. For a second, she thought of trying to break them apart, but then she decided to leave them to finish it on their own.

Muttering, she pressed her hand to her armlet on her upper arm. Hades had given it to her so she would always have access to his entrance.

When the entrance appeared, she walked through, still muttering to herself about men’s egos. Once inside, she waved her hand, transporting herself to her and Hades’ bedroom, surprising the wraith cleaning the room.

She was dusting the large portrait hanging over the fireplace. It was the only one that remained in the castle. She didn’t even notice the rest had disappeared, used to keeping her eyes to the floor so she wouldn’t see them. It was only when the wraith that was now dusting her portrait with meticulous care mentioned it. She was the one who had given her the advice on how to deal with Hades.

“You cleaned our room yesterday,” Zerina reminded her.

“Hades hates dust.” Zerina saw the wraith shrug under the dark cloak. “Since he sent his concubines away, I don’t have much to do. I like to stay busy.”

Taken aback, she moved closer to the wraith. “He sent all of them away?”

The wraith glided away to plump the pillows on the already made bed. “He sent them away when he sent Jinx away, or those he could. A few of his concubines have permanent residences down here. He made other arrangements for them.”

“It wasn’t in his fire pit, was it?”

“No.” The wraith crackled with laughter. “If that is all, I will see to my other chores.”

Zerina waved her away, confused as to why Hades hadn’t told her that he no longer had concubines, that he hadn’t for a long while.

She was drying off from taking a bath when Hades appeared. Zerina looked him over critically.

“Did you heal your wounds, or wasn’t Zeus able to leave a mark on you?”

“My brother is too concerned with his looks to put up much of a fight.” He smiled down at her as he swept her into his arms and she wound her arms around his neck,

Instead of carrying her to their bed as she expected, she felt the room swim dizzyingly around her. Looking around, she raised a questioning eyes to see they were still in Hades’ bedroom.

“Did Zeus knock your sense of direction out of you?”

“Look around. Can’t you tell the difference?”

Zerina stared around the room, seeing her portrait was gone.

“I decided to have a do-over.” Hades carried her to the bed.

Zerina raised herself onto her elbows to watch as he elegantly removed his clothes. “A do-over?”

He grinned wickedly. “A do-over.”

Zerina looked down, seeing her towel was gone and she was wearing the same gown she had been wearing the first time she and Hades had sex.

His smiled curled higher. “That’s the do-over. This time, I’m going to do it right.”

“Really?” Zerina licked her bottom lip. “That would have to mean I am still a virgin.”


She shivered at the desire he wasn’t even trying to hide in his eyes or body.

“What if I don’t want to relive all of it, like … the pain?” She throatily whispered, lying back on the bed.

“The pain’s the best part.” Hades slowly lifted the hem of her gown, revealing an elegant thigh. Just as painstakingly slowly, he uncovered her other one until he teased himself by leaving her pussy covered.

“Maybe for you. Not so much for me.”

“It’s all going to be for you this time.” His stared down at her adoringly. “Have I told you how beautiful you look tonight?”

“Oh, Hades, you don’t have to …” She smiled at him with a watery smile.

He knelt on the bed beside her. “You are truly a gift from Mother. How could I not worship at your altar?” He tugged her gown higher, exposing her mound to his gaze. Then he splayed a hand out, covering her.

Arching, she felt the intensity of his touch within her, and he hadn’t even moved his hand. Then she realized it wasn’t his hand he was using. It was his tongue. She felt the imaginary tongue inside of her, brushing the walls of her pussy with slow strokes, going places he wouldn’t be able to reach. His touch wasn’t a scorching heat; it was a slow burn that was gently wooing her into relaxing and enjoying his seduction.

As he investigated her with his tongue, he dipped his fingers between her thighs, delicately parting the lips of her pussy to rub the pad of his thumb over her clit.

“I have held diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, yet none of them were more exquisite than what I’m holding now.”

He erotically licked the crevice between her breasts, nuzzling downward to bare her breasts. Then he moved her body, taking his time to lull her into wanting him instead of taking her in a heated rush. He built her desire that was never too far from the surface when he was near.

Clinging weakly to his shoulders, she gripped them when he started toying with her breasts. She wished she had the power to compel him to end his torment.

Lifting his head, Zerina realized she didn’t have to. He had read her mind.

His sleek body shifted until he rested between her thighs, her tight seam parting when he slid his cock inside her wet opening.

“I must be masochist to put myself through this again,” Hades groaned.

Zerina felt him shudder over her as he worked his way inside her narrow channel. The pain was there, as it was the first time she’d had sex with him, but this time was different. He was being gentle. So gentle it nearly brought tears to her eyes. He looked to be the one in excruciating pain as he angled his hips to stroke deeper.

She squirmed, trying to alleviate hers and his pain.

“Slow. If you don’t enjoy it this time, you’re not going to be able to blame anyone but yourself.”

Zerina moaned, biting down on his shoulder. Becoming impatient, she brought her hands to his ass, digging her nails in. Reflexively, he thrust, breaking through her virginity.

“Woman, I was trying to go slow.”

“You were going too slow. Do you think you can move faster now?” she taunted.

He pistoned his cock inside of her. “Like this?”

“Oh … yes.”

Zerina held on for dear life, twining her legs around his waist. Then she stiffened in shock when she felt him at her behind. Her eyes flared wide when she felt another cock thrust inside her clenching buttocks.

Her high-pitched scream had him covering her mouth with his. “Relax, Zerina. It’s not really in there. It just feels like it. Give it a second … Damn … so fuck

ing tight.”

Zerina didn’t have time to be embarrassed by the newness of what he was doing. It was always more than she could bear to be fucked in one opening. To be fucked in two was more than a goddess could handle.

She lost conscious thought, becoming a withering mass of nerves as he treated her with the debauchery that only he was capable off.

Pulling his cock out of her, he flipped her to her stomach. When she felt him at her ass, she realized the imaginary cock had only been a prelude to the real thing.

She tore the sheets off the bed when he pressed his cock inside her ass. Meanwhile, the imaginary cock resumed thrusting inside her pussy.

Hades pressed her deeper into the mattress with his chest while biting down on her shoulder, on the same spot she had on his.

Her scream filling the room would have had his concubines revolting if they had still been there and heard them.

“I love you, Zerina.”

She came out of the passion-induced daze to lift her head from the bed, seeing he was staring at her from her side. Turning, she narrowed her eyes on him, seeing his satiated grin. Climbing on top of him, she then stared down at him.

“Is that all you got, my dark king?” With a naughty grin, she took his hands, raising them over his head.

He stared back at her. She could see his surprise that she wasn’t panting in exhaustion, while his breathing hadn’t yet returned to normal.

“Zerina, I think we finally found a game you can win.”



The leaves in the majestic trees swayed when Mother appeared on top of a hill overlooking a grassy field. Moments later, others appeared behind her.

Giving them an approving nod, she turned forward, waving her hand again.

Zerina appeared with a doorway, her hand holding the door closed. Hades appeared several inches away from her, holding another door closed.

“Open them,” Mother ordered.

Zerina and Hades followed her command, opening their doorways.

From Zerina’s doorway, an ethereal soul walked through. Then, when Hades opened his, a dark soul burst out, stopping when Hades waved his hand.

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