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“He was so good in bed I’m just now hearing about it? And you woke up in your own bed the next morning?”


“Trust me, Lala, if he were that good in bed, you would have stayed the night. I would know, I wake up with my dick in chick’s mouths more often than not, just because they want me to fuck them again.”

“You know sleeping around doesn’t have to be your only personality trait.”

“But it’s my best one.”

She eyed me skeptically. “I know he was in medical school, you want to know how I know?”

“Please, enlighten me.”

“He knew all the things, just like Sawyer.”

“Huh, so your bar is set to what Sawyer sounds like? Interesting, considering he’s in pre-med just to get laid. The whole ‘I’m going to be a doctor’ thing, is a really big turn on for women.”

“Or maybe he actually wants to do something for himself. Like Cain does. Like maybe you should want too.”

“Oh, so now you know what Cain wants out of life too?”

“You’re missing the point, Leo. Women usually like men with ambition. It’s hot.”

“Women always like men who make them come. It’s hotter.”

“Fine.” She put her hands up in the air. “I give up. You win.”

“Now those are my favorite words.”

“You’re horrible. You know that, right?”

“It’s why you love me.”

“It’s why I shouldn’t.”

“Lala, we both know you would be devastated if you didn’t have me in your life.”

Before the last word left my mouth, she knocked me in the face with a pillow.

Starting a war, she wouldn’t win.


His eyes went wide.

“Oh, Lala, it’s on.”

I shrieked, about to jump off the couch, but I was too slow. He tackled me onto the cushion, going straight for my inner thigh.

“Leo, don’t you dare,” I warned as his finger dug into my skin. “You can’t do this! You can’t—”

“Try and stop me, Mila.”

I tried to shove his hand away. “You always do this. You always tickle me, it’s not fair!”

“What’s not fair? That you love it? Is that what’s not fair?”


He grinned, squeezed, and I lost my shit. Kicking my legs, flailing everywhere, my body shook uncontrollably from his assault.

I would not laugh. I could not laugh.

This only made him squeeze harder, twitching his fingers right on the muscle to the point of pain. It was like when you hit your damn funny bone, it hurt like a son of a bitch, but it made you laugh from the sting. I couldn’t take it anymore and I squealed, laughing hysterically and screaming all at the same time. His body firmly locked on top of mine, giving him the advantage to torture me unmercifully and with no remorse.

“Leo! You’re going to make me pee my pants!”

He pressed harder, my throat burned, and my voice sounded hoarse.

“You have five seconds to apologize for hitting me in the face.”

“With a pillow!”

“Four seconds, or I’ll really have no mercy on you at all. “Three… two…”

I fought harder and laughed louder.


“I’m sorry!” I screamed out, trying to catch my breath, and he finally stopped.

I breathed heavily, in and out, my chest rising and falling with my heart pounding out of my skin. My body warm all over with sweat forming at my temples. I swallowed the saliva that had pooled in my mouth.

With the back of his fingers, he swept the hair away from my eyes.

“You’re still horrible.”

“And you still love me.”

“I don’t know why.”

“Because I still push you on the swings.”

I giggled, feeling the weight of him on me. “You’re squishing me.”

“But I’m so comfortable.”

“You’re such an asshole in so many languages.”

“Feisty words for someone who just lost our battle.”

“I always lose the battle.”

“And yet you still try me every chance you get.”

“I can’t help that you’re a bully in your heart and soul, Leo Hawkins.”

“Well, Mila Love Lawrence, I guess that makes you my prey.”

“You know… this is probably why Cain thinks there is something more than friendship going on between us.”

He lowered his eyebrows and sat up. “Cain?”

“Yeah.” I followed his lead, adjusting my top that he wrinkled. “He said something to me about it.”

“What? When?”

“On the catamaran in Cancun.”

“What did he say?”

“He asked me if I ever get jealous of you and your flavors of the week.”

“Huh.” He jerked back.


“He asked me that too.”


“When you were with your douchebag.”

I asked without thinking, “What did you say?”

“I said you don’t usually sleep with them and we’re just best friends.”

“Good.” I nodded, looking for the remote. “So, how about that movie?”


Our eyes locked again, his demeanor quickly changed to someone I didn’t recognize.

“What did you say?”

“That we’re just best friends and that we love each other but we aren’t in love with each other.”

We stared at one another for a few seconds without saying a word. I bit my lower lip, suddenly feeling nervous.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

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