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“Well good morning, Erin.” I turned to see Seth Hunter coming in the door. He sat his briefcase in the spot at the head of the table. My rightful spot.

I forced myself out of my funk and with an obligatory smile I said, “Good morning. I haven’t had a chance to see you and thank you for this opportunity.” Seth was wearing a dark blue designer suit with a light blue tie that had dark blue stripes. The suit made his eyes look even bluer than they had looked the first time I met him. Looking into them was like staring into the deep end of the ocean and I had to remind myself to be careful and not get lost there. He was the best looking man I’ve ever seen and would have to see every day, knowing he was completely off limits. This task of mine was getting more complicated by the minute.

“We’re thrilled to have you,” he said. I saw his eyes move over me quickly taking in my new business suit and lingering on my hair. He did it almost with complete discretion and not in a lewd way at all. It was as if he was sizing me up for the job and the look he gave me afterwards was an appreciative one. “Pick any seat you like,” he said. “I’m the only one who gets a little territorial about where I sit.” He laughed, so I did too. I wasn’t laughing on the inside though. I suppose it was good that he was so arrogant; it would help me to remember what I was here for when I wanted to get lost in his eyes. When this was all over, I would show him territorial.

Seth sat down and as his staff entered one by one he greeted them with a, “Good morning!”

They all greeted him back with smiles and “Good mornings” of their own. As I watched their faces and listened to their voices, I thought I heard genuine respect and admiration for the man who was decades younger than most of them. As the meeting went on it was easy to see that they actually trusted him and liked working with him. I let that little niggle of doubt seep back in, the one that said, “What if he doesn’t know what his father did and I ruin him in the process?” As quickly as it arose I tamped it back down. If I was going to do this, I’d have to be tougher than that.

“Okay, it looks like we’re all here. By way of first order of business, I’d like to introduce our newest executive, Erin Summers. I hope you’ll all welcome her and do your best to make her feel comfortable here.”

They all smiled at me and most of them uttered a friendly, “Welcome aboard.” Seth went around the table and had each of them introduce him or herself and say what they did for the company for my benefit.

“Okay, Charles if you’d like to begin with your weekly departmental report.” Charles Landon had introduced himself as Director of Sponsored Charity Events. It was a title I was unfamiliar with. Everyone turned their attention to a middle aged man sitting on Seth’s left. Mr. Landon cleared his throat.

“We need to work up a response for the Children’s Miracle Charity event that Brooks and Stafford are pushing us to be a part of.”

Another man, a Ronald something said, “Brooks and Stafford are currently our most lucrative clients. Their business has kept our business in the black for the past several months now. I think we should bend over and kiss their…”

“That’s fine, Ronald,” Seth said with the traces of a smile on his lips. “I’m sure everyone here is privy to what you think we should kiss… except maybe Erin, but she’ll come to know you. Go on, Charles.”

Charles cleared his throat and said, “I gave you the proposal Seth, have you had a chance to look that over yet?”

“No,” Seth said. “But now that Erin is on board that’s something that she can probably help me with.” He looked at me and I nodded and smiled. Mr. Landon went on to give a rundown on his department and what was happening there. It seemed that he was in charge of strictly charity events. It was a complete department and it was the first corporation I had worked for that had that. I gathered that rather than give haphazardly to this charity or that, Hunter designated areas of need based on the community and recommendations of their clients and Mr. Landon’s department took it from there. I hated to admit it, but I was slightly impressed. I told myself to reserve judgment until I found out if they did good work, or if it was just strictly for tax write-off purposes.

Next, a woman that Seth called simply “Bev” gave a rundown of magazines, television news shows, radio shows and newspapers that wanted to schedule Seth for an appearance or interview. “That talk radio station 540 FM that does the “Wake up Manhattan” show has called three times this week.”

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