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“I need you to pull down your pants for me.”

Sage’s stare locked with mine at Sawyer’s request.

“So the first guy who gets to see my girl’s ass is you? Awesome.”

He arched an eyebrow. “Your girl?”

Fuck me.

How did I keep putting my foot in my mouth? Why did it feel so good to call her my girl?

I couldn’t keep up with my rambling thoughts that crossed my mind at warp speed in a matter of seconds. There were moments in life when you just know you’re royally fucked, and I truly believed this was mine when it came to Sage and me. It was one of those instances I’d recall later and be like yep…

This was where I came to terms that having Sage in my life as my one and only didn’t freak me the fuck out. If anything, it made me happy.

Again, who I am?

“Rather me than the on-call physician,” Sawyer remarked.

Sage countered, “I thought you were a med student?”

Sawyer didn’t hold back the satisfaction in his expression as he smirked at Aspyn. “Talking about me, I see?”

Aspyn smiled. “Only in your dreams.”

With nothing but amusement in his eyes, they fell back on Sage again. “I am, but I called in a favor.”

She nodded and stood, lifting her dress. The only reason I resisted the urge to cut off Sawyer’s hands for touching her in a way I hadn’t yet was that he was completely professional. Watching him in his element was a sight, and Aspyn’s face literally melted as he tended to her friend. Slowly, and carefully, he poked the needle into her skin. Once he finished injecting her with the longest needle ever created, her face instantly felt the relief.

“Thank you.”

“On that note…” I walked toward my bar, needing to shove this emotional bullshit out the door. “I’m going to make us a drink.”


Alcohol always fixed everything.

I was fine. This was fine. No big deal that I want to wake up next to Sage every morning and go to bed with her every night. It’s totally dandy. I don’t sound like a pussy in my own thoughts or anything.

Get. Your. Shit. Together.

On my way to the bar, I thought about the last time I was here with Sage.

The first time we technically hung out, I almost threw down with her ex-boyfriend, the second she’d kneed me in the balls, and the third, I gave her an allergic reaction by death of a Band-Aid and fingerbang.

What’s next? We have sex, and she gets knocked up?

I internally laughed at the thought. Handing Sage and Aspyn their drinks and then Sawyer, I sat next to Sage and put her hand on my lap.

“You alright?”

“I am.” She smiled. “Thank you for handling that.”

“I’m good under pressure.”

“I see that.”

I kissed her hand.

“You guys are just like the cutest thing ever,” Sawyer chimed in a mocking tone.

My stare snapped to him. “Says the man who showed up with his one-night stand.”

“I never said I was keeping her around for only one night.”

“Keeping me around?” Aspyn interrupted. “What am I, a dog?”

He chuckled, winking at her. “I mean, you do love me fucking you from behind.”

“Because I have a great ass.”

“That you do.”

Before I could continue to bust his balls, his phone started ringing.

“It’s Cain.” He answered, putting him on speaker. “Hello?”

“Bro, what the fuck do you do when you put numbing cream on your dick to last longer, and she gets it in her mouth?”

I answered for him, “It depends on the numbing cream you used. I recommend Adam and Eve.”

Everyone looked at me.


“I didn’t use that,” Cain replied. “I don’t know what the fuck I used. All I know is that Lively can’t feel her throat or mouth.”

“Doesn’t sound like an issue to me,” Sawyer responded. “Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can.”

We all laughed. At least these chicks could take a joke and understood our humor.

Fuck. Now they fit in with us? Are they our perfect match?

What happened next occurred so fast, I never had a chance to say no.

The worst part…

I didn’t want to.

“Bro,” Cain declared in a sarcastic tone, “I said that to her, and she didn’t appreciate it very much. But since you dick fucks are together, I’m not booked next week. This is the perfect time for you guys to come visit and stay with us for the week.”

“Oh,” I mocked, “you’re an us now?”

“I don’t know, Ashton,” Cain mimicked my condescending tone. “Is Sage there with you right now?”

I punched Sawyer in the arm. “You fucking told him, asshole?!”

“Dude.” He punched me back just as hard. “I had to. You freaked me the fuck out. I had to tell someone.”

“Aww…” Cain drawled out. “Hi, Sage. Is Aspyn there with you too?”

Both girls sat there with sassy smirks on their faces, loving the fact that we were outed. All our truths were spread on the table, no secrets. The confidence they exuded was hot as fuck too.

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