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“Mm,” I agreed and ran my hand down the front of her bikini-clad body (this one pink and white) sliding my fingers into the waistband.

Her body jolted in surprise.

“Stay still. Watch the sky,” I told her.

And then I worked her clit with my fingers, feeling her breath quicken, her body tighten. I watched her toes curl down at the bottom of the lounger. She tried to reach back for my cock.

“No. Stay still. Be good.”

“I can’t touch you?” she pleaded, breathy.

“Right now, I make you come. You can make it up to me later. Repeatedly. Legs wider, baby. Drop your feet to either side of the chair.”

She did, putting the tablet on the patio, and leaned back, giving me better access. Fucking beautiful. I listened to her breath quicken and then slipped my free hand into her bikini top and rubbed her nipple. She arched her back and chased her orgasm by bucking her hips, seeking more from my fingers. I twisted her nipple harder and she came, beautifully, letting out a melodic cry.

The sky was mostly orange now and the water was tranquil, with the glow of the remnants of the sun shimmering a path straight toward us. She was liquid, totally loose. She sighed contentedly. I slipped my hand out of the bikini bottoms and shoved my fingers in her mouth.

“Suck my fingers clean.”

She didn’t hesitate.

Fucking beautiful.


I made her dinner. Bacon and eggs. She lounged, looking loose and happy about it from the couch. It wasn’t often I offered to cook, not beyond Sunday mornings, anyway. And then we watched movies and I fucked her twice, once in front of the TV on the living room floor and the second time with her back against the wall, her body impaled on my cock in the master bedroom.

I slept straight through the night.

Whether it was the fucking or the counseling I had no clue, but woke up the next day thinkin’ it shouldn’t feel like a luxury to get a full night’s sleep. I was a man of means, of power, and something as basic as seven hours of sleep felt like a treat. Ridiculous.

What was not ridiculous? Waking up with Tia using my ass as a pillow. I was on my belly, a rare sleeping position for me, and I felt the weight on me and knew it was her because her long hair was all fanned out over my back. I slowly turned over so her face was on my cock, which was waking up with her.

She was smiling as her eyes opened, likely feeling it harden under her cheek.

“Good morning,” she said, stretching, pushing her legs straight out and flexing her toes.

“Don’t move,” I ordered. “Say good morning to him, too.”

Her smile widened and her hand stroked me over my underwear.

“That’s who I was talkin’ to.”

“Properly,” I ordered.

She pulled the waistband down and licked from tip to base and back up again, eyes on mine. Her hand cupped my balls. Fuck, yeah.

“Gimme that pussy.” I crooked my finger. She sat up.

“No,” I corrected, catching the length of her hair in my hand. “Back down there. Gimme what’s mine while you suck me off.” I kept my hand on her hair as her eyes went wide and she swiveled so we were in 69 position.

And then I had Tia for breakfast while she gave me some world-class head.

“Costa Rica sure makes you horny,” she teased.

“You make me horny,” I corrected.


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