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“Baby,” I caressed her face. “I’m sorry I’m so overprotective, but the idea of anything happening to you… I just needed to take that call.”

“Excuses,” she snapped.


“It was important.”


“Athena, you have no idea half the shit that’s getting unearthed that my father was up to. Shit me and my brother have to either clean up or worry about. Fuck.”

She pouted and folded her arms across her chest.

“I let you up, you gonna try taking off again? You’re being absolutely ridiculous, you know?”

She stared at me, huffing, and then something dawned in her eyes.

“I know,” she admitted. Her shoulders drooped. “Shit. I’m sorry. What’s wrong with me?” She thrust her hands through her hair.

I leaned over and put my lips to hers. “I love you. Please be patient with me baby. I’m tryin’. Love you more than anything.”

“Fuck me here. In the sand. Rough.”


He was right. It was way too soon for another game like this.

“No. Sorry.” I backpedaled. “Go call whoever that was back.”

“Fuck that,” he snapped and his hand went to his belt.

Arousal surged through me.

Was I addicted to the rush? Was it boredom as much as wanting to help him with his mood (which had been awful). I was being irrational. I knew it. Maybe I was about to get my period. Whatever it was, I was playing with fire.

I got up on my knees flipped and then started to crab-crawl away, giving him a sassy smile. I got up to my feet and then he grabbed me and took me down to the sand again.


Gripping her hips, I threw her into the sand, feeling her grunt as she hit the dirt, because I was instantly on her.

I grabbed the bikini bottoms; the fabric strained against the yank, audibly, as my tongue sought that pussy from behind. I began to write a love letter on that little slit, on her clit, spelling my love out with my tongue as she groaned out sounds that were pure sensation, raw reactions, flooding my tongue with her essence.

Mine. This was mine. Every inch of her. I had her. I had her submission and when I needed it, I got to subdue her, too. She knew when I needed either. Right now, I needed absolute surrender.

“Tommy,” she pleaded.

The sweetest fucking sound.

Yes. Surrender and this. Pleading for what only I could give her. I kept tasting her and she wiggled her ass against my face. I licked from her sweet cunt to that tight hole that was only mine, as no one had been there but me. All of her was mine now, but that part of her had never been touched by another soul.

“Who do you belong to?” I demanded, my voice guttural. I opened her ass cheeks and tickled with my tongue.

I squeezed the flesh of her ass with bruising strength at her lack of an answer.

“You. Forever you.” There was pain in her voice, but there was also arousal.

Fuck. She was perfect. Her skin was salty and sweet, like pineapple and also like a tequila shot’s aftertaste. She tasted like the best forbidden fruit and I was drunk on it. I fisted my cock and moved up her body, lining it up with that sweet, tight pink hole.

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