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“Yeah?” I asked.

“Pick a few options and I’ll talk to the concierge and get him to book something.”

“Alrighty.” I perked up and flopped off the inflatable toy into the water with a giant splash, then swam to the steps and climbed out.

His eyes were on me, heated, checking out my wet body in my baby blue bikini.

I squeezed water out of my hair and grabbed a towel, dried off quickly, and dashed inside to grab my pink laptop, feeling his eyes trail me the whole time. I hoped he always looked at me like this.

When I got back outside, he was talking to Aldo, the young man who was taking care of us. I smiled and met Aldo’s eyes. Almost instantly, there was a weird tension in the air that made Aldo’s eyes shoot toward his feet. My gaze flew to Tommy. He was gunning me down with a dark look that I didn’t understand.

Their conversation was ending, so the man muttered something in parting, then moved away, his head still bowed.

“Tia, cover up. Fuck,” Tommy grumbled.


“I’m in my bathing suit,” I defended, putting my hand on my waist, knowing this was my moment, the time to push, to get him to unleash some of his frustrations. “We’re in paradise. I was just in the pool and it’s a hundred degrees out. What do you want me to do, put on a fricking snowsuit?” I put the laptop down on a table.

He arched a brow in challenge and his eyes were on my chest. Oh. Erect nipples due to the air conditioning inside the villa.

I felt my belly go wobbly as heat surged inside my bikini bottoms. He looked like he wanted to spank me.

I wanted that, too.

I stared at him in challenge and huffily put the other hand to my waist.

“Come here,” he ordered.

I rolled my eyes and moved my arms to cross my chest.

He gave me a dark look. “Now.”

“How about you come here instead,” I volleyed with a snotty look.

He quickly separated the space between us and had me pressed against the glass of the sliding doors that led to our bedroom.

“That attitude need adjusting, baby girl?” His voice had dropped an octave.

“What do you think?”

It didn’t take much to get that look in his eyes. I’d suspected it wouldn’t.

“I think maybe.” His eyes danced with darkness. His hand cupped my left breast and his thumb skated over my still-hard nipple.

“How about you adjust it?” I suggested, breathily.

A dangerous gleam lit in his eyes and he wet his bottom lip with his tongue. I mirrored him and did the same.

“Get in there,” he demanded.

I reached behind me and yanked on the sliding door I was against, opening it enough to fit inside.

“Feeling bossy?” I asked, flirtily, backing away.

“Always,” he replied, not a glimmer of humor in his voice nor his eyes as he moved toward me.

I continued to back up. He advanced as my back hit the bed, then grabbed my ankles and yanked, making my body slide down. He then flipped me over, simultaneously hauling my bikini bottoms down enough to bare my ass. I gasped at the snap of his palm against it.

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