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I told him to keep her. Fuck it. No one needed to know. Pop had done it with Lisa and according to my brother, Lisa wanted to remain part of our family. I didn’t know if we could trust her. Dare tried to reassure me, but did so in a way that I knew he wasn’t 100% sure either.

“You fucked her; you like the girl,” I observed.


“What’s the problem?” I asked.

Dare was staring at the ceiling on my laptop screen. “The problem? What about this isn’t a problem is more like it. Do I really want to take on a girl that’s broken? I didn’t wanna go here.”

“But you went there, anyway.”

“Yeah. She’s…fuck…she’s gorgeous and she’s submissive in bed and can’t get enough. She begs me for it.”

I knew what that was like. How fuckin’ sweet it was to have her begging. I had that with Tia. Tia, who was right now crying in another room because I’d yelled at her for fucking up.

“She has nightmares, so I let her sleep with me. I called her Angel because she was trying to behave like an angel and because she has the face of one and now she’s decided that’s her new name.”


“Yeah, I know,” he said based on my expression, rather than an answer. “She won’t take off the collar they put on her because it gives her nightmares to have it off. She says she needs it on so they’ll know she’s mine and not try to take her back. She’s begging me to keep her.”

A collar? Fuck. I imagined Tia wearing my collar and my dick was getting hard.

I let out a long breath. “So you fucked her and now you feel bad ‘cuz you don’t plan to keep her?”

“Fucked her repeatedly, bro. Can’t seem to stop. It’s feeling like a relationship.”



“So,” I shrugged, “we change the plan. You wanna keep her, you keep her.”

“It’s wrong,” my brother said.

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“It feels right, though.” He looked at me with a whole fuckuva lot of emotion. He had it bad for this girl already.

“I know,” I assured him. Boy, did I fucking know.

“Pop’ll be laughing his ass off at me right now,” Dare said as he scrubbed at his jaw.

“For sure,” I replied. I heard the door open. Tia was in the room with me, holding a coffee and a plate of food. She waved at my brother on-screen.

“Hey,” he said.

She put the plate down and leaned over and kissed my cheek. Timidly. I grabbed her hand and pulled her back, making her land on my lap. I kissed her and gave her a look to tell her we’d talk when I was done. She gave me a shy smile as our eyes locked.

Fuckin’ loved this girl.

My brother cleared his throat on screen. I knew he wanted to ride my ass for it. I lifted Tia off my lap and smacked her ass playfully.

She waved at the screen and I watched her go.

“So, what if as she gets well in her head, finds who she used to be again, and she doesn’t want this?” Dare asked.

“Or what if she falls for you and does?” I volleyed.

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