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“Morning, Hannah,” Tidas calls out.

“You spent the night with him!” my mom squeals and I glare at Tidas, who is smiling. I’m going to murder him.

“I love you, Mom, but I’ve got to go.” I quickly hang up before she starts asking about weddings and babies and really scares Tidas off.

“You look good in my clothes, babe.”

“I need to get to my shop.” I tilt my chin up.

“You have one client this afternoon. I’ll take you in and hang next door till you’re done. We’re spending the weekend together.”

“You’re so bossy,” I complain, but also really I’m turned on. Damn it.

“You like it. Besides I want you in my bed and we still need to wrap up some of the Fall Festival plans.”

This sounds wonderful, but for how long does he want me there?

“Fine.” I pretend to be annoyed. “I guess I’ll spend the weekend with you, but I want bacon and waffles for breakfast.”

“Deal.” He grabs me, lifting me off my feet, and I wrap my legs around him. “All you ever have to do is ask, babe. I’ll give you whatever you want.”

He should be careful. I'm starting to think all I want is him.

Chapter Fourteen


“Okay, explain this to me again because it makes absolutely no sense.” Valerie is leaning back in one of the chairs of her shop with her bare feet propped up on my lap.

I’m rubbing her feet as she eats the lunch I brought her after her last client. I should be listening to her, but all I can do is look at her bare legs and wish they were wrapped around me.

“Tidas.” I look up, and she blushes. She knows exactly what I’m thinking, and as soon as she’s finished I’m going to give it to her.

“You’re the one that grew up here. You should know the story.” I tickle the bottom of her foot, and she giggles. God, I love that sound.

“Focus. We need to finish planning the details of the festival. It’s right around the corner.”

“So according to the historian—”

“You mean the town gossip?”

“Yes,” I say. “ According to the historian of Hollow Oak, when the town was founded, they had an abundance of men but not enough women to go around. So each year at the harvest, they would have a town wedding with all the eligible brides. So that they could be kept warm through the winter.” I wiggle my eyebrows at her, and she rolls her eyes, but I see her try and hide her smile. “I think we should bring back the tradition.”

“You think we should force all the eligible women to get married?” Now she’s looking at me like I’m crazy. “The town’s divorce lawyer?”

“First of all, no, I didn’t say they should all get married. What I mean is we should have a ceremony celebrating it. It’s an interesting story, and why not make this Fall Festival something to talk about? Give neighboring towns something to come watch. We could maybe do a reenactment.” When she hums like she’s thinking about it, I keep going. “And secondly I’m not just a divorce lawyer. I do estate planning, family law, anything the good people of Hollow Oak need. I actually hate doing divorces.”


“The only reason I teased you about it so much was to see that fire in your eyes.” She tries to pull her feet out of my lap, and I hold them tighter. Not to mention I thought she was a bride going into the store to pick out a gown. That shit didn’t sit well with me that first day I cast eyes on her. “Finish eating,” I order because I’m ready to eat her.

“You never cease to amaze me, Tidas Combs.” She smiles then goes back to eating her sandwich.

“There’s a sewing competition every year, right?” She nods and then thinks about it.

“Yes, but it’s usually quilts, though.”

“Let’s ask for entries for dresses. The ribbon winners can be in the celebrations.” I shrug like this is an easy solution. “I think it would be fun.”

“It’s not your worst idea.” She smirks after she takes the last bite of her sandwich, and I reach over and take the box out of her lap and place it on the table beside me.

“Are you done?”

“With being sassy or eating?”

“Both,” I growl just as I push her legs out of my lap and kneel in front of her.

“Tidas, what are you doing!” she squeals as I spread her legs and pull her ass to the edge of the seat.

“Eating your pussy, what does it look like?”

“B-but the door,” she moans when I pull her panties to the side and bury my face between her legs. “It’s not locked.”

I hum against her wet lips and then lick between them as I inhale. Without telling her to, she grabs the hem of her dress and pulls it up higher so I can have more of her. I throw one of her legs over my shoulder, opening her up. She moans louder when I slide my thumb into her pussy and then rub circles at the opening.

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