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At first every month I’d take a test and they’d come back negative. Cupid said I was putting too much pressure on myself and the doctor said the same thing six months ago. Nothing is wrong with either of us, so I know it will happen when it happens. I’ve been enjoying the ride and being newlyweds.

In this last year so many of my dreams have come true. From marrying the man of my dreams, to working at the best restaurant in the city, to getting a handful of awards for my desserts. Even last month I signed a contract for two cookbooks. I have it all except this one small, yet very big thing. A baby.

“I’m pretty sure I haven't had a period since before Christmas.” I’ve been racking my brain, but my periods have never been regular. Often I never even get them or it’s only a few drops.

I think with the holidays and the whole book deal, it dropped off my radar for a moment. Then there were those two weeks we’d spent in Fiji for my birthday after the holiday madness. Now it’s our anniversary and I woke up not feeling so hot. Star and I already had plans to get together and dress up for Valentine’s knowing our husbands have plans for us tonight.

Not wanting to get Cupid’s hopes up, I’d kept my mouth sealed all morning. I think he knows something is up because he’s way too good at reading me. It’s almost scary how much he pays attention.

“They’re going!” Star screams as the tests start to pop. One by one “pregnant” shows on the sticks and tears slide down my cheeks. “Oh my god!” she squeals and Nick comes rushing into the bathroom.

“What the hell is going on?”

“I might be pregnant,” I whisper.

“Might?!” Star waves her hand at all the tests.

“I’m scared. I need to see a doctor.” I look to my brother. “Right now.” If anyone can pull that off besides my Cupid, it’s my brother.

“Alright.” He pulls out his phone.

In a matter of seconds he’s got Star’s gynecologists on the line and within twenty minutes he has me on one of her exam tables as she gives me a sonogram. She did tests of her own already that confirm what I know. She’s sure I’m pregnant but now she’s going to tell me how far along I am.

Star stands beside me, holding my hand. “Oh,” the doctor says, tilting her head as she moves the wand she placed inside of me around a bit more. With how early I probably am, she said this would be the best sonogram to do.

“Oh? What’s oh. You can’t just say oh!” I practically shout, getting worked up. I should have called Cupid after she did her test and confirmed it too, but the sonogram machine was right here and I was debating telling him tonight.

What could be a better Valentine's Day and wedding anniversary gift than this? We both want a big family and it’s something we’ve always talked about. It’s why he built that giant house for us.

I know we can always adopt and I have a feeling we will one day with how I grew up in the system and know so many sweet children need homes, but I so badly wanted to experience all the parts of motherhood.

“Right here.” The doctor smiles at me. “And here.” She runs her finger back and forth to show me. Both Star and I lean in.

“Is that twins?” Star asks.

“No,” the doctor responds.

“It’s triplets,” I say in utter shock.

“Yep,” the doctor confirms.

“Oh my god!” Star squeals again.

The door to the exam room swings open and I expect it to be my brother because Star shouted again, but it’s Cupid. Actually, it’s not that surprising with how I was acting this morning.

“I swear the bastard came the fuck out of nowhere,” Nick says from behind him.

I always forget we can track each other on our phones so I'm not sure why I didn’t think of it since I know he uses it all the time.

“I take it this is the father?” the doctor asks.

“Yeah.” I smile over at my husband.

“We’re going to go.” Star leans down and kisses my cheek before letting my hand go. “Love you.”

“Love you too,” I say before she slips out of the room and closes the door behind her. Cupid is there in half a second, taking her spot.

“Are you in trouble, sweets?” He tangles our fingers together.

“Yeah, we both are. It’s triplets,” I say, and his hold on my hand tightens as a giant smile takes over his face.

“You’re ten weeks along from the look of things,” the doctor tells us. She says some other stuff but I go in and out some. My mind is everywhere but I can’t take my eyes off Cupid. “I’ll give you two a moment and then we’ll go over some more things in my office. You can get dressed.” She steps out, leaving us alone.

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