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The one you saved,


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I bring the letter to my nose and I can smell a faint trace of lemon and rosemary. She smells clean and fresh, which is unlike anything in this cold place.

Taking a deep breath, I lift up the photo and look at it. It takes me a long moment to let my eyes focus and when I can see every detail of her face, I stop breathing.

“Holy fuck,” I whisper as I look into her eyes.

She’s looking up at the camera like how I would look down at her if she was in front of me. Her dark blue eyes stare at me through the image and all I can think is, this is the face she’d make right before she asked me to fuck her.

Her full lips are parted and I can see the bottom one is damp. She must have just licked them before she snapped the camera. I look down and I can see a hint of her cleavage and the swell of her breasts behind her sweater. The whole thing is so innocent yet my cock is swelling to the point of pain.

I lean back on my cot and hold the picture in the light as I slide my hand inside my jumpsuit and to my cock. It’s hard and hot as I wrap my hand around it and squeeze it to the point of pain.

I shouldn’t be doing this. I shouldn’t jerk off to the sweet photo of her that looks like it belongs in a church bulletin. But everything about how pure and good she is makes me want to fuck her more.

The tip of my cock leaks cum and I use it to lube up my shaft. I’m angry as I jack my arm up and down quickly because I hate that she’s done this to me. She broke open my insides and made me want something I never knew was possible. It’s all her fault that I’m so fucking hard up that I’m having to beat my cock off just to find some semblance of release. How dare she put me in this state where the only relief is my hand.

I grunt because it’s not enough and I don’t like the way it feels. My hand isn’t a soft cushion like her body would be and it’s pissing me off.

With a growl I roll over on my stomach and shove my pillow against my dick. I put her picture down on the mattress so that she’s under me and I hump the pillow. I pretend the best I can that it’s her under me as my cock sinks into the soft cotton. It’s nowhere close to her warm curves, but it will have to do. And it’s better than my gritty hand that’s stained with dirt and feels like sandpaper.

“Lizzy,” I whisper as I hump and hump, feeling my cock swelling more with each thrust. “Sweet, sweet Lizzy.”

I keep my eyes on hers as my balls tighten and hot cum boils up inside me.

The cot scrapes across the floor and the coils of the springs groan at my weight. But I keep thrusting like I would if I were on top of her until I find the release I’m so desperate for.

My sticky cum spurts out onto the pillow and all over my cock. A smear of white cream runs down my shaft as I roll back over on the bed and try to catch my breath. I lie there for a long time, but my cock doesn’t soften. I’ve just fucked myself ragged and it’s not enough, and it’s all her fault.

I hold the picture up and then bring it to my lips as I close my eyes. What has this girl done to me?



I never thought I would be on a first-name basis with my mailman, or mailwoman I guess? But I walk outside to check the mail just as Emily pulls up and I wave at her.

“You doing okay today?” she asks when she hands me over a few things and then reaches into the box beside her again.

“Yeah, I’m doing great. Do you want me to take in Mrs. Honey’s?” I ask, and she smiles at me.

“I was going to see if you wouldn’t mind. She told me yesterday she wasn’t feeling too great and to just run her mail up on the porch for her.”

“No problem,” I say then wave goodbye to her.

I walk into my house to drop off my mail, but I guess when I go to set them on the side table I’m not paying attention and they fall to the floor.

“Shoot,” I sigh as I kneel down and pick them up. That’s when I see a letter marked from Rocco.

Before I know what I’m doing I tear it open and unfold it right that moment.

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