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“I’m going to be an aunt?” Tia asks, clearly happy at the idea.

Tia doesn't have a family and from what I can tell, not much of a social life. Her job at the tattoo parlor means everything to her and she devotes all her time and energy to it. If she isn't there, she’s either in bed or on the sofa downing coffee while she draws in her notebooks.

“Maybe.” I bite my lip to keep from smiling. I don’t want to get too excited about this. I really want it. I know it’s soon, but I don’t care. I’m ready. Nothing would make me happier than having Beau’s babies. Lots of them.

I take the test from Jenna, who looks as excited as Tia. “How did you manage to sneak out and get this?”

Jenna ducks her head a little. “I might have had a few extras in my nightstand.”

“What?” I yell.

“Shh!” Jenna covers my mouth. “We haven't told anyone yet. We didn't want it to overshadow your day,” she says before removing her hand.

“That’s crazy, Jenna. There is no overshadowing. This is awesome. We get to celebrate it together!”

Jenna’s eyes fill with tears. “I’m so happy. I never thought I’d get this, then David comes storming into my life and changes everything.”

“You’re going to be a great mom. I’m going to have a brother or sister.” I smile at her, feeling my own eyes water.

“David is so excited. You should have seen him.” At that, a tear slips free. Beau and his dad have been spending more time together. I love it. I love how close this whole family is becoming; it’s something I’ve always wanted from a family. “If you're pregnant, too, our kids will grow up together.”

God, I hope I am.

“Let’s do this, ladies. The suspense is killing me,” Tia says as she pushes us into the bathroom. I open the box and pull out the test. Tia reads the directions out loud as I walk over to the toilet. I stop when I realize this isn't going to be so easy.

“I’m going to have to take my dress off.”

“We got this.” Tia tosses the directions on the sink counter. Both of them come over to me and bunch up my dress. I hover over the toilet and take the test. Then I set it on the counter.

We all stand there in silence. The seconds tick by and feel like an eternity. I watch as two lines come into view. I can't help it. I squeal in delight. Tia and Jenna are practically jumping up and down, then I hear the door to our room burst open.

“Dove!” Beau shouts, and Tia slams the bathroom door, hitting the look.

“Fuck,” she whispers. Not even a full second later the bathroom door shakes like a bull just hit it.

“Dove!” Beau bellows again.

“You can’t see her! She’s in her dress!” Tia yells through the door. “You big brute.” She adds that with a smile. She enjoys poking him at times.

“I heard her scream,” he growls.

“I saw a spider!” I say hurriedly. I want to tell Beau about the baby, but I don’t want him to see my dress. I can’t tell him through the door either because he really would knock it down to get to me.

“Open the door, sunshine, and I’ll kill it.”

“Sorry, big guy. Already got the little sucker,” Tia says before I can respond.

It's quiet for a few moment. “Beau?” I finally call out.

“I’m here.” He lets out a deep breath and I know he’s running his hands through his hair.

“I’ll meet you at the end of the aisle,” I tell him. “I love you.”

“I love you, too. Don’t make me wait or I’ll come for you.” With that, he’s gone. Jenna opens the door and pops her head out.

“All clear, but we’re going to have to call a door company tomorrow.”

I step out and see that Beau busted the door off the hinges. I can’t help but laugh and get a little turned on at the same time. I love my brute.

Tia just shakes her head. “Let's do this before he breaks some more shit around here.”

I give myself one last look in the mirror before heading out. We're getting married outside in a somewhat small ceremony.

I watch as Tia then Jenna exit out the back doors. I stand there alone for a moment waiting for the music to start to signal me to come out. When I hear a noise behind me I turn to see the dog trainer there. He opens the door and all three of my puppies come running in. I smile at that.

The trainer nods at me. I turn back when I hear the music start. I take a deep breath before I go out the door, the puppies trailing behind me. My eyes go straight to Beau. The look on his face makes me pause for a moment, wanting to take it all in. Love and possession fill his eyes. He goes to step toward me, but his father stops him by putting his hand on his arm. I fight back a giggle as I make my way toward him. Red and pink roses are everywhere. Nothing seems to be untouched by them. When I’m within arm’s reach, he pulls me to him, taking my mouth in a deep kiss. I get lost in him, and once again everything melts away.

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