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I might have gone a little overboard in the beginning. Okay, I probably still go overboard, but I ripped down walls in our home to make one giant room with a bed in the center, cribs and an office off to the side. I knew Dove would go on bed rest and twins would be a handful once they got here. I wanted a space where we could be together all the time. Crazy as it was, I didn’t care.

That’s when I hired Nana. She’s not only a nanny but she has a nursing degree and specialized in pediatrics. Dove was reluctant at first, but she warmed to the idea after a while. If we were to ever need extra hands, I wanted to introduce that person into our children's lives as soon as possible and not later in life. I knew before the boys were here I’d want more children and it wasn't but a few years later Dove was giving me another little baby boy.

The boys love Nana like a grandma. She fits with our family and even babysits for my dad and his wife’s kid from time to time.

“You look so pretty, Mommy,” our youngest son says.

“Thank you, honey.”

I turn to see Dove standing in the doorway of the kitchen. She’s in a tight pink dress that has me fighting a growl. Her boobs have gotten bigger since having our babies and I can’t get enough of them. Her cleavage peeks out a little and the dress is too short for my liking since we’ll be leaving the house tonight for Valentine’s Day. I open my mouth to say something about the dress, but Dove cuts me off.

“Can you believe it? I fit into my old size.” She says it so happily I shut my mouth. She runs to me and launches herself into my arms. I catch her as she wraps her arms around my neck. I pull her close and give her a deep kiss.

The boys all make grossed-out sounds while Nana laughs. I bring my lips to Dove’s ears. “Don’t get used to it. I’ll be putting another baby in there tonight,” I whisper. She gasps in excited shock.

“Can it be a girl this time?” she says breathlessly. “Three boys and three boy dogs—Nana and I are overflowing with testosterone.”

“No promises.” I give her ass a little squeeze, then kiss her below her ear, before placing her back on her feet that were dangling almost a foot off the floor. I let her go and she gives the boys hugs and kisses.

“Mommy loves you guys. Be good little men for Nana.”

I give them a hard look behind their mom’s back that warns them they better be on their best behavior. The boys can be a little rambunctious at times, and Nana is about to pump them full of cookies loaded with sugar.

“Yes, ma’am,” rings out when they see my face. Dove turns to look at me, all smiles and sweetness.

“Come on, sunshine.” I take her hand in mine and lead her out and into our waiting car.

“Given any more thought to starting to build our house outside of the city?” I ask her as I stroke the inside of her bare thigh.

“We just got the boys all into their own rooms and beds,” she says.

“They’ve been in their own rooms for over a year now.” We had plans to build a house years ago, but Dove keeps putting it off. We even have the land bought and we’re ready to break ground.

I bring my hand to her chin and make her turn her face to look at me. “We can keep the city home, too. Use it when I work during the week, and use the house when we’re relaxing and enjoying the kids.” I know she doesn't want to move because of all the memories the penthouse holds. I want to keep those memories there, too. I would never sell that place.

Her eyes light up. “You’re keeping it.”

I let out a laugh. “Dove, you own the place, too. It would be up to both of us, and you know I’ll do anything for you. Plus, that place holds so much of us there.” I watch as her eyes water. I slide my hand up her thigh and lean in to give her a soft kiss.

“Okay,” she whispers against my mouth. “I love that you always know what I need.”

“I love that you always give me what I need.” My hand finally reaches the spot between her legs. I suck in a breath when I realize she doesn’t have panties on.

“Sunshine,” I growl. Her cheeks turn pink. Even after all these years and the dirty things I’ve done to her, my girl still blushes like a virgin schoolgirl.

“Happy Valentine’s.” She gives me a shy smile.

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