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I'm barely aware when his strokes become erratic, his hips jerking against mine. Then he's coming, too, his release filling me with warmth as he grinds deep into me and breathes my name. When he collapses on top of me, spent, I feel as if I've been driven into the mattress. Man, it's a good feeling.

Khex groans and rouses himself a moment later, pulling out of my body. I reach for him automatically, because I don't want him to go. "Stay for a bit longer. Please. We've got time to do more."

He chuckles and gets up, heading for the lavatory. A moment later, he returns with a damp towel and cleans off his cock and then between my legs, before tossing it into the laundry chute and rejoining me on the bed. I move toward him, but instead of tucking me under his arm, he pulls me onto his chest. I sprawl atop his warm, hard body and he touches me, his hand moving from my head and then gliding all the way down to my butt only to start all over again.

And it feels good. I'm boneless and sated, and even though I'm still full of regret that we didn't have months of this, I'm glad for tonight. "We didn't use a condom," I tell him, sleepy from the warmth of his chest and his petting hands.

"I don't care about a condom," he tells me. Then pauses. "Wait, what's a condom?"

"Plas-film, kinda," I tell him, yawning. "To prevent diseases and babies."

"You don't have anything," he points out, squeezing my ass. "I don't have anything. And we can't have babies."

Right. "Well then, I'm glad we didn't use a condom. I liked you coming inside of me."

"Good," he says, voice soft. "Because I liked it, too. I plan on doing it over and over again."

Seems like I'm not the only one with high hopes for tonight. I smile against his chest, my eyes drifting closed.



I make a mental note for the future—Ash sleeps like the dead after sex.

It's charming, though. I stroke her back, careful not to wake her up as she snores on my chest, sprawled over me. Here she'd talked a fierce game about making love all night, only to pass out after a few orgasms. Lucky for her, I find this adorable instead of infuriating. I doze off and on through the night, my hands on my sleepy mate as she snores on my chest, oblivious to the universe. I keep my movements small, not wanting to wake her up or startle her, and even though my bladder is indicating I need to hit the lavatory soon, I keep waiting, because I want Ash to stay right where she's at.

She's feeling comfortable and secure enough to sleep on my chest. There's no way I'm taking that away from her.

It's sometime mid-morning when Ash mumbles something in her sleep and shifts. I can tell when she wakes up, because tension floods into her body as if she's suddenly realizing where she is.

"Morning, sleepyhead," I say.

Ash sits up, a confused look on her face. She swipes a hand over her mouth, wiping away drool and frowning down at me. "You're still here."

"I am," I agree, hauling her forward so I can kiss her, morning breath be damned. I kiss that soft, slightly-less-sweet mouth of hers once, twice, and after three kisses, she pulls back and gives me another confused glance that makes me chuckle. "You seem surprised."

"Shouldn't you be leaving?" she asks, dazed. "Your ship…" She glances over at the wall comm and reads the time on it and then grimaces. "Oh shit. Oh shit, I made you miss your flight! Khex, I'm so sorry!"

She leaps off of me as if burned, her knee digging into my bladder and making me grimace. "It's fine," I tell her. "Let me hit the lav and we'll talk."

Ash runs her hands down her face, her look frantic. "Sure. Talk. Yeah."

I head into the lavatory, do my business, and then wash my hands and rinse my mouth, because I'm hungry for more kissing. Breakfast can wait, as long as Ash is naked and willing. I've waited this long to get my hands on her and I'm not waiting any longer.

When I head out of the lavatory, she's pulling on a tunic. Well, that won't do at all. I immediately pull it back off of her, and she squawks, giving me an indignant look the moment her head is freed. I drag her back to the bed, grinning, and when she falls backward, I move over her and immediately start kissing my way between her thighs again.

"Khex," she pants. "Khex, wait…shouldn't you be leaving?"

I lift my head, frowning up at her. "I'm trying to lick your cunt. Why are you trying to get rid of me?"

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