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With a guttural growl, he rocked his hips, prodding his wide crest where she needed it most. Pulse thundering in her ears, Paige surrendered to the innate feminine force taking over her body and answered Austin’s primal masculine call by rocking her hips, meeting his thrusts. Hot nectar spilled into her panties as a low, grizzly roar rumbled from deep in his chest.

Suddenly, Austin tore from her lips. “What the fuck are you doing?”

An inky wave of shame slid through her. Paige closed her eyes and dropped her chin to hide her embarrassment.

“Look at me,” he ordered, tugging her head back.

Self-preservation screamed No!, but Paige was so lost beneath Austin’s spell, she couldn’t refuse. Tucking that disturbing reaction away to dissect later, she slowly lifted her lashes. Instantly seized by the hunger blazing in his smoky eyes, she dragged in a ragged breath and shivered.

“Go home, little girl…while you still can.”

“Make me.”

Paige dragged her tongue over his swollen lips before kissing him with all the hunger he was forging inside her.

His expression turned dark and dangerous.

If anyone but Austin looked at her that way, Paige would turn tail and run. Despite her grandpa’s slanderous remarks, she wasn’t afraid of Austin. She only feared the addicting desires he was effortlessly conjuring inside her.

“I’ll never force you to do anything you don’t want, Paige.”

She was still struggling to process the fine line between pleasure and madness when Austin claimed her lips…urgently…brutally. Paige clutched his shirt tighter to keep from floating away while he trailed fiery kisses to her ear, nipped her lobe, then scraped his teeth and tongue down her neck. Mind swirling from every new and intoxicating sensation he bestowed, she tilted her head, granting him full access.

As his lips, teeth, and tongue laid waste to her hot flesh, his whiskers scraped and scored her throat and his hands…his magically gifted, calloused hands were everywhere…kneading her ass, cupping her breast, scraping, plucking, and pinching her nipples, while his steely shaft prodded her pussy.

White-hot flames licked her spine and spread through her limbs. He was searing her from the inside out. With a low, feral growl, Austin wrapped his wide hand around her throat and melded his mouth to hers, swallowing her keening cries and needy moans. Helpless to stave off the orgasm mounting inside her—much bigger and stronger than any she’d ever given herself—Paige surrendered. Bliss barreled down on her like a runaway freight train. She couldn’t have stopped the momentum if she’d wanted to. And God help her, she didn’t.

“Austin,” she mewled.

“This is what you do to me, little girl,” he growled, gripping her ass before bouncing her over his stabbing cock.

Each exacting crush to her clit sent sparks exploding through every cell of her body and filled the air with her musky feminine spice.

“Feel it?” His lust-laden snarl made her tunnel clutch. “Feel what you fucking do to me?”


Austin tugged the edge of her halter top aside and gazed at her rosy, distended nipple. The cool air kissed her skin but warmed again when he cupped her breast and issued a gratified groan. Kneading her heavy orb, he pressed his mouth to hers and drank in her whimpers as he rolled and plucked her aching tip. Lifting from her lips with a slow seep of his tongue, Austin dipped his head, sending his Stetson tumbling to the ground, and latched his mouth over her breast, pulling her aching flesh hard and deep. Paige jolted and pinched her lips together to keep from crying out as she drove her fingers through his soft black hair and gripped his scalp.

Sucking, laving, and scraping his way to her throbbing nipple, he lashed her pebbled peak sending a trail of lava straight to her clit. Like a summer storm, lightning splintered and the brutal orgasm building within thundered, gaining so much more strength and power, Paige couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Help me…please,” she panted wildly. “I’m on fire.”

Lifting his chin, he held her with a hooded stare and smiled as if watching her suffer somehow pleased him. Ever so lightly he captured her throbbing nipple between his teeth.

“Hold on, little girl. I’ll save you.”

Placing a hand over her mouth, Austin began thrusting his hips faster. Her pussy clutched the emptiness inside her, as she copiously wept into her panties. With his lustful stare still locked on her, he scraped his teeth down her breast, then nipped her glistening nipple. Catching her cry of pain in his palm, Austin quickly bathed the burning tip with his tongue.

The monstrous orgasm pressed in all around her.

Paige’s heart slammed against her ribs.

Her keening cries reverberated off his palm and vibrated her lips.

Her limbs grew numb.

Her fingers and toes tingled.

And as her pussy softened and expanded, Austin’s eyes narrowed.

His thrusts quickened, as fierce and urgent demand rolled off him in brutal waves.

Pulling from her nipple with a wet pop, he slammed his cock to her core with one final thrust, then stilled.

“Give it to me, little girl,” he growled, gnashing her nipple between his teeth and lashing it with his tongue.

Paige screamed against his hand as shockwaves sizzled through her, scorching her blood and blurring her vision.

Tunnel clutching and muscles straining, she bore down on his cock with a guttural groan

He ripped his hand from her mouth and Paige sucked in a greedy breath.

Strobes of light exploded behind her eyes.

Gripping her hips, Austin pushed her deep against his glorious cock and slammed his lips over hers as a mountain of ecstasy crashed through her. Clutching and quaking, she shattered in his arms. As wave after brutal wave exploded through her, he held her tightly and swallowed the screams burning the back of her throat.

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