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“Looks like we’re in for another fisting good time tonight,” he drawled as he stood and stepped into his bedroom.

Peeling his jeans off with a hiss, Austin didn’t bother climbing into bed. He simply grabbed a towel from the bathroom and sat down on the edge of his mattress. Wrapping a fist around his cock, he started stroking fast and hard, filling his mind with images of Paige—on her knees before him, lush lips parted, soft, wet tongue extended, looking up at him with a pleading stare.

His balls churned as he pictured feeding each hard aching inch into her silky mouth, watching her full lips stretch into a thin, tight line.

“Yesss,” he hissed, gripping harder and stroking faster. “Take all of me, little girl. Suck me down to the back of your throat. Mmm…suck it harder. Show me how bad you want my thick come showering your sinful mouth.”

Austin could feel her soft hair in his fist, her beaded nipples between his fingers and thumbs as he rolled, tugged, and pinched them. Smell her musky feminine arousal that always made his mouth water. Hear her kitten-like mewls and whimpers as she writhed on her knees, trying to relieve the mounting pressure off her swollen clit.

You ever had a man’s tongue on your hot little pussy?


While Paige’s shy, quivering reply spooled through his brain, Austin tossed his head back and groaned, “Ah, God…”

The fact that he’d be the first to put his mouth on her virgin pussy, the first to taste and coat his tongue with her hot, slippery spice, and the first to lave, nip, and suckle her pebbled clit sent chills sliding down his spine.

Austin’s cock grew impossibly thicker and harder.

He rode the razor’s edge between torture and bliss, welcoming the pressure of release squeezing in all around him and humming in his ears.

His strokes turned harsher, faster.

The muscles in his arms bunched and burned before faltering as waves of ecstasy rolled through him and dragged him under.

Lights exploded behind his eyes as Austin tossed back his head and roared Paige’s name while thick streams of come jettisoned onto the towel.

Panting, sweating, and heart racing, Austin flopped back to the bed with an irritated groan and waited, like always, for euphoria to bleed out and emptiness to seep in.

He didn’t have to wait long. The familiar hollowness came quickly, accompanied by a litany of questions he couldn’t answer.

Questions like, Why the hell can’t I get her out of my head…both of them? Why am I still jacking off like a teen simply thinking about her? How the hell did I let her crawl so deep inside me?

A scoff tore from the back of his throat.

“I already know why,” he drawled bitterly. “Because I don’t want to. I don’t want to lose her. I don’t want to break this fragile connection we share. It’s…special.”

Simply stating that fact out loud sent tendrils of fear sliding through him. Austin had spent years building an impenetrable fortress around his heart. Yet, somehow, one innocent beauty with an enormous heart—that hadn’t been broken, tarnished, or jaded yet—had found a flaw in his construction and slipped through his walls. Paige had touched his heart. That was both frightening and strangely reassuring.

Frightening because Austin had sworn to never love again.

And reassuring because it confirmed he still possessed the ability.

Though he knew openly pursuing a relationship with Paige wasn’t the smartest thing he’d ever done, Austin wasn’t about to give up simply to appease his dad or Raymond Nelson.

“They’ll have to find a way to get over their shit,” he muttered.

Rising from the bed, Austin tossed the towel in the hamper, then took a long, hot shower before turning in for the night.

Like always, his internal alarm clock went off at five a.m. After a quick breakfast with his dad and brothers at the main house, Austin strode to the barn. Rumor and Glutton, who was nursing as always, were doing fine, so he saddled up Star, a sturdy chestnut-colored sire, and galloped out to the fields to check the fence line.

Each day bled into the next, essentially a rinse and repeat of the one before it.

Though his routine wouldn’t change, Austin was ready for the weekend.

After scrubbing the day’s dirt and grime from his body, he stepped out from his long, hot shower, no more relaxed than when he’d stepped in. He was still climbing the walls. He was tired of spending night after night talking and flirting with Paige via texts. Tired of trying to convince her to sneak out to come see him. Tired of jacking off and still waking up to sticky sheets.

He had to see her.

Knowing, since it was Friday night, she’d likely be at the Hangover was eating at his self-control like a pool of piranhas.

“Fuck it. I’m going!”

Austin tossed on some clothes, grabbed his keys off the dresser and his Stetson from the hook by the front door, then strode to his truck. Yeah, it was a dumb, dangerous decision, but he wasn’t about to turn back now.

As he climbed into his truck, Austin scrubbed the illusion of holding her in his arms and dancing with her again from his mind. He might not be able to touch Paige but he could visually get his fill of her. And that’s exactly what he intended to do…all night long.

The minute he stepped through the door, an unwelcome déjà vu kicked him in the balls. Paige—wearing a sexy, V-cut gauzy flowered dress with a short flowing skirt and cowboy boots—was shaking her little ass on the dance floor, smiling and laughing with some guy Austin had never seen before.

The impulse to knock the prick out was instant and visceral. Not because she was dancing with the young, handsome cowboy. But because the was looking at her as if he’d already stripped her bare and was mentally fucking her brains out.

Another sultry sway of her hips tore Austin’s attention from the horny cock-bag to Paige’s sexy backside. Those pretty red flowers tempted him like a red cape to a bull. His inner bull snorted and prepared to charge when the stranger noticed him eyeing Paige and moved in behind her…blocking Austin’s view.

As a feral growl rumbled up from deep in his chest, Bubba clapped Austin on the shoulder and held him with a knowing stare.

“You’re getting to be quite the regular around here. Come on, lemme buy you a beer.”


As they made their way toward the bar, Bubba squeezed Austin’s shoulder and leaned in close. “He ain’t worth it.”

“I know.”

Deep down he did, but that didn’t quell the jealousy pumping through his veins.

“The other day, I told you to be careful for more than one reason.”

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