His Curvy Teacher - Page 13

Being distracted by her mouth, my hands moved downward, running along her curves. Once I was at her hips, I gripped her and grounded my own against hers. It didn’t take much for her to feel my arousal pressed against her stomach. Just her breathing alone turned me on, her mouth set me on fire. How in the hell was I supposed to stop now?

A soft moan vibrated through her against my lips before she was the first to pull away. Panting, she looked at me with haze-filled eyes. She was flushed and out of breath, she was fucking gorgeous.

Listening to her react to my every touch made it impossible to think straight. I didn’t even care where we were. The moment my lips weren’t occupied with hers, I was already placing them against her neck. Any taste of her that I could get, I would. Before I could enjoy myself too much, her hands began pushing at my chest rather than pulling.

“We can’t do this, not here,” she groaned softly as her pushes grew weaker. I was sure of it, she wanted me just as much as I did her.

Knowing that I had to get Olivia to the babysitter and still had work waiting for me, I barely managed to pull myself off of her. “Okay,” I managed to agree. “I’ve already waited this long, I can wait a little more.” Trying to cool down, I forced myself to take a step back. “This weekend, come to the bar.” Licking my lips, her taste still remained on my tongue. “I don’t think I can wait much longer after that.”

She was as red as her hair as she managed to nod at me. “Okay, this weekend,” she repeated.

It took more strength to watch her get in her car than it had taken to suffer being next to her the entire day without even touching her. Forming the best smile I could on my face, I listened to her car come to life and watched her drive off. I didn’t know how long I stood there before I heard Olivia call for me. Apparently, she had woken up, and even through her sleep-filled voice, she was asking to go home.

Even after getting in my car and driving back, I couldn’t stop thinking about how the next few days would turn out. I just hoped that she would show up instead of forcing me out of her life once again.

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