The Company of Fiends (Tempting Monsters 2) - Page 116

Jude grunted and then his mouth found mine, tongue stroking in as he pulled slowly out. The branches shook as he thrust back in, as I trembled and moaned. The ground rolled in time with my pleading whines, my twisting hips.

"You'll bring the trees down when you come if you aren't careful," Jude rasped, laughing as I shuddered and a few old, brown leaves floated down to us.

I doubted that. I might've discovered my stronger gifts, but the trees would only let me have my way so long as it pleased them too. Still, I drew Jude's kiss back and settled in my own skin, releasing my connection with the woods in favor of finding it with the fae in my arms. His wings brushed up and down my sides, a cool and ticklish sensation.

"Christ, you feel so good." He bucked his hips, his brow furrowing. I smiled and clenched on his pumping length, sighing at the pound of pleasure it created for me too, as Jude let out a shout, his fingers digging into my ass. "It's a good thing you already proved I can stay hard, or I'd humiliate myself every time I fuck you."

"It's not humiliating if you know how to use your hands and mouth," I gasped. The tree had grown moss for my back, and it was silky-soft as Jude started to bounce me on his length.

"Ahh, clever girl," Jude murmured.

His hand fit between us with a determined press to my clit as he fucked me eagerly. Even without drawing the woods into our frenzy, the joy in my head was echoed through the trees, the birds and wild animals crying out with us. The sun flashed through the leaves and Jude's shadow, sounds and colors growing brighter as his demanding fingers drew me to the edge.

He roared, his rhythm erratic and his weight pressing me into the tree, while the rough and ragged strike of him inside of me brought on my own release. I had no idea what fanfare the woods made on our behalf, too lost in my own pleasure, arching and rocking and grinding into Jude until the wave finally crashed softly on the shore inside of me, a last tremble running down to my toes.

Jude sighed, kissing my shoulder, and for a moment our hearts beat together, pounding through sweat-sticky chests. He pulled away sooner than I wanted, and I whined as he slipped free of me. But then he was sinking to his knees, the thigh wrapped around his waist now gently draped over his shoulder. My mouth was open in an O of surprise, and Jude's eyes were pale and blue again as he gazed up at me, his smooth cheek stroking against my inner thigh.

"Hands and mouth, you said, yes?" he asked.

I bit my lip, bracing my heel on the forest floor, combing the wild strands of silky brown hair back from his face. "Oh, yes. Preferably in tandem."

"Don't be afraid to offer direction," Jude said.

I wouldn't have hesitated, but in truth, he was a natural.

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