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"Take your master here, little one."

It was all the warning I received before a blunt, slick cockhead was pressing at my cunt. I cried out, voice echoing in the grand room, as Hunter thrust inside of me, the force pushing me forward, my hands bracing on the stair above me, the carpet abrasive against my nipples. I wasn't quite ready for Hunter, but he eased himself in with commanding and careful thrusts, the slight sting of his cock stretching me a familiar stimulation.

Fingers tangled in my braid, twisting and pulling, bowing me in an arch that forced my gaze up to the ornate ceiling and bright chandeliers.

"Oh god, Hunter, yes," I gasped out, forgetting our roles briefly in that first decadent seat of his cock fully inside of me, the length and girth everything I'd remembered from weeks ago, my body eagerly adjusting, hips rolling back to try and take more of him. "Oh, I've missed this. You feel so good. Please, more."

I didn't think what the words might mean to him, an orc who'd been scorned and used by his last bed partner. They were stolen from my lips by the snap of his hips, my thighs pressed to the ledge of a stair, just honest and unintentional confessions.

Hunter groaned, his weight on my back, body flush with mine, holding me still and in place, his tusks scratching against my shoulder, tongue licking me.

"Please fuck me, master. Please, I need you. Please." Begging came naturally, the only thought available in my head when Hunter was buried inside of me but not moving.

His claws gently scratched my scalp, taking a firmer grip of my hair, and I moaned as he drew slowly out of me.

"You are so much more than I'd hoped for, Miss Nix," Hunter rasped, driving back in with shallow, gentle thrusts, wetting his cock on my rapidly growing arousal. "More than I deserve."

"No," I gasped as he slid out to just his tip again. I fought against his grip on me to force him deeper, my toes slipping against the stair, ass grinding backwards. "No, you deserve this. You deserve a pretty pet who wants your cock and claws and tusks. Bury yourself in me, Hunter. Every inch of you. Please, I need you."

Hunter roared, retreated, but then he was bucking forward, stealing my breath and sense in one thrust, filling me to the hilt, his balls slapping against my clit.

"Take me, then," he grunted.

I braced myself, mouth open on a slow wail as Hunter fucked me with all the abandon I'd fought for weeks to drag out of him. He was as brutal as he was thorough, shifting and twisting until he stroked inside of me so perfectly that the note of my voice raised. He huffed in victory as my nails raked through the thick carpet, my breasts aching from the frictious burn, thighs bruised from Hunter's pounding pushing me into the stair.

I liked the pain, Con had proved as much to me as a fact, but even more, I liked Hunter's selfishness, so rare from him.

"What a good pet. What a lovely, wet cunt," Hunter snarled, hips clapping into my ass, piercings rubbing at my front walls like playful little fingers.

"Your cunt," I panted.

"Yes, mine. Mine tonight. Oh, how I will use you, little one."

"My mouth is yours too. My ass."

Hunter's steady drumming pace stuttered briefly, paused, and then resumed with a harder snap that made me gasp with every collision.

The hand in my hair pulled free and dove under my hips to rub and circle my clit as I whined. My forehead touched the stair, and Hunter's knuckles rubbed against my back, his grip tightening on the silver bar. The leather straps pulled at my shoulders, and my body snapped backward, a bright cry on my lips. Hunter used the harness to fuck my body onto his, crude and rough and delicious, his hipbones bruising my ass and the jerk making my head shake.

I still loved it, loved the almost useless flop of my body under his command, the inevitable end rising up as he played with my clit and started the quick bloom of heat in my core. We both groaned as it spread to my cunt, making me flutter and clamp down around him, his thrusts deeper and quicker to keep me from squeezing him out.

There was no audience but Hunter and perhaps his servants, so the long, howling groan rising up from my chest was entirely involuntary, forced out of me by the swirling, smothering pleasure spinning through me. Hunter bellowed and snarled at my back, buried himself deep and nudged and ground out his orgasm inside of me, hot and silky and extending on and on till it started to run back out and down my thighs.

I was still in the throes of aftershocks when he pulled free, scooping me up off the stairs and thrusting several fingers inside of me like a plug. I yelped and squirmed, but Hunter's grip was steady, his march up the remaining stairs determined.

I reached a shaking hand up to his face, and he turned his head to kiss the tips of my fingers, his features still sharp with predatory intent. The door to his bedroom banged open, and I'd barely caught my breath before it gusted out of me again, my back landing on the mattress of Hunter's bed. His hands gripped my thighs, spread them wide, and then he was thrusting inside of me again, as hard as ever as I arched and shouted, his fucking immediate and relentless.

I reached for him and Hunter fell over me, snatching my hands up and pinning them over my head with the grip of one hand, the other sliding under my ass to hoist me up and put me at the angle that made our slick hips kiss and his eyes flutter shut on a growl.

"You must tell me if I hurt you," Hunter ground out, brow furrowing, forcing his gaze back to me.

"You won't. Don't stop, master," I said, wrapping my legs around his back to draw him closer. When he frowned at that, I added, "Hunter, you have no idea how good you feel, how good you make me feel. Please, don't stop."

His kiss was rough and clumsy, and he released my hands when I fought him. I wanted him closer, and I tore at the fine clothes he wore, ignoring the snap of a button as I pushed fabric away to hunt for skin.

Hunter could do more damage than Con, it was true, but he didn't want to hurt me and I healed quickly. A rough fuck was a specialty of mine, and with Hunter it was too full of pleasure, affection, to ever be a chore.

I managed to wrestle Hunter's chest bare as he fucked me, to push his pants farther down his hips so I could grab and scratch and grip at decadent flesh. Our breaths were rough and ragged, our kisses messy and biting. I didn't know if I was still his pet or simply his lover, only that we were fighting to claim one another at the basest level, teeth marking with bruises, nails and claws writing primitive names on one another.

My mouth found its way to Hunter's ear, teeth latching on the pointed tip. Hunter howled, his release sudden and surprising inside of me, hips snapping and driving me farther across the mattress. I soothed the nibble with my tongue and lips as he grew heavy, expecting him to settle. I whined as he pulled away.

He only took the time to finish undressing, another telltale rip of fabric sounding, and then his hands grabbed my hips and shifted me to the center of the bed, his shoulders falling between my thighs.

I gasped as his tongue thrust inside of me, mingling with our releases, forcing sticky fluid out of me. His hands pushed my thighs up and back, and my eyes widened as his coated tongue slid back to my tight hole.

"Oh god, yes, yes, yes," I squealed as his tongue breached my ass. "You meant it. Tell me you meant it that you would use me all night."

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