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It was morning.

We’d had blueberry crepes with bacon. A beautiful room service breakfast with a vase of red roses. We also had sex with that spreader bar woven creatively through the headboard and my wrists attached. I was unable to move while he fucked me from behind, finishing in my ass, the vibrator pulsating against my clit.


“Awe,” I said with a pout, while packing our things.

“Hm?” he asked, zipping up the tuxedo garment bag.

“Our ice cream melted. I wanted some more. I liked it even more than the stuff from home.”

“There’s some in the freezer at the beach house for us,” he said and kissed my earlobe. “With your name on it so no one feeds it to the kids.”

“Woo hoo!” I exclaimed. “Though, I’d share it with the kids if they wanted some.”

“I know,” he said. “So there’s also some for whoever with no one’s name on it, too.”

“You thought of everything, Ice Cream Parlor Hottie Hubby.”

He winked and opened the door for me as we headed out to our limo.

We were stopping a few minutes later, though, in front of a market. The chauffeur exited and opened the door. Tommy stepped out and reached for my hand.

“Ooh,” I looked. “This place looks like a … holy crap. You’re taking me here?”

“Not me, no. This is Mercado Central. I knew this would be a fun thing for you and the girls, so we’re meeting them. You, Contessa, Luciana, Bee, n’ Lisa can shop till you drop. Here.” He handed me a wad of cash and a credit card. I squealed and threw my arms around him.

“You remember the pin?”


“Go wild,” he invited. “Nino’s guarding you girls. He has two helpers, but stay together. Me n’ Dare are meeting Zack for a quick meeting here and Ed n’ Sarah are takin’ all the kids to some water park.”

I gasped. “I wanna go to a water park, too!”

He laughed. “How ‘bout we stay overnight tonight in a hotel, the whole family, then tomorrow, you and the girls can take the kids again before we go back to the beach house. Buy swimsuits. Not a skimpy one.” He poked my nose. “Me ‘n the boys’ll play golf. Ed’s been busy with the kids a lot so he’ll be stoked. Guy loves golf.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“These guys leave day after tomorrow. Then I get you all to myself.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

“You’re the best husband ever, my husband.”

“Love you, baby girl,” he said against my lips.

He walked me to a restaurant where the girls were all sitting with beverages, Luc and Bianca giggling, Tess staring off into space.

Lisa spotted us first and nudged Bianca.

“First up, shopping shoes,” I said, pointing to my tall red-bottomed heels. These would kill my feet. Luc packed for me during the wedding when Tommy told her he was whisking me away to a hotel for our wedding night. I’d have picked shorts and a tank top with flip flops. Nope, my first day as a newly married woman was all glamorous clothing and high heels, so I’d even done my hair and make-up before we left the hotel.

It wasn’t a waste, though. My new husband kissed me breathless after telling me I looked gorgeous.

The girls got to their feet and hugs were exchanged.

“Good day, Mrs. Ferrano,” Luc greeted.

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