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“Good day,” I tipped my head and smiled. “Oh, and a fabulous hat. I need a fabulous hat, too. You guys, if it’s okay with all of you, we’re staying here in San Jose for the night at a hotel. Waterpark tomorrow?”

Everyone readily agreed, but it’d mean more shopping for overnight supplies. We were a ninety plus minute drive away from the beach house.

All of them were dressed fabulously with hats and shades and sensible but stylish shoes, clearly prepared for a day of shopping.

My first day as Mrs. Tommy Ferrano was spent shopping with my cousin, my new sisters, and Lisa, who we didn’t joke about being my new stepmother-in-law. Joking was done, but cautiously with both Tess and Lisa being in mourning. But, I’m pretty sure that the day… shopping and laughing with other girls about silly stuff… it was a good day for them both, too.

Married Life


The beach house had been quiet for a whole five minutes. Everyone pitched in and cleaned and tidied before they left, so I wasn’t left with the sort of mess you’d expect after having eight extra adults and seven children.

“There’s enough food left in here to feed us for a month,” I announced, looking into the refrigerator.

It was nighttime, dark, and there was nothing to do but lounge for the rest of the evening.

“Good, because we’re gonna need lots of fuel,” he said, as I shut the door. I felt the hard, hot wall of him behind me.

“You hungry already?”

“Mm hm.” His mouth was against my throat.

I felt his erection at my lower back.

Oh. Hungry, but not for food.

He lifted me up into his arms and carried me upstairs, eyes intent and not at all playful.

I swallowed hard, feeling my heart pick up pace.

We were in our room and in front of the tall, freestanding mirror. He set me on my feet, then was behind me, holding my hair in a fist gently, passionately kissing my throat. My head rolled back.

“What are we doing?” I asked the mirror innocently.

He lifted the hem of my sundress, pulled it over my head, and tossed it. And then I heard and felt him working his fly behind me. He hooked his thumbs into my panties at my hips and hauled them down and dropped them to the floor. His pants landed on the floor, too, then he kicked them away.

His cock nudged between my legs, making me sidestep to open for him. As I kicked the little lacy thong off, he abruptly drove inside, hooking an arm around my waist, catching me by absolute surprise.

“Ah!” My head rolled back against his chest.

“Eyes on mine,” he barked and slapped me right between the legs. I jolted and my eyes met his in the mirror. His whisky irises were intense, on me, commanding me. No Ice Cream Parlor Hottie here. This was my Dominator.

“Arms looped around my neck,” he ordered, driving in and out slowly, deliberately, but his pelvis hitting my backside with purpose each time.

I lifted my arms high and clasped my fingers together behind his neck. He craned it to kiss my temple, worked my clit with his fingers on his right hand, and yanked both cups of my bra down, one at a time. He then plucked at my nipple with the fingers on his left hand.

My eyes drifted shut as I let the sensations wash over me.


nbsp; An abrupt slap on my pussy both stung and sent jolts of pleasure through me at the exact same time.

“Eyes on me, baby girl.”

“’Kay, Tommy.”

“Such a good girl, my little wife.”

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